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Nneka - The Uncomfortable Truth

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Nneka - The Uncomfortable Truth

  • Uncomfortable - Goldfinger
    "Uncomfortable I wish i was comfotable Cuz I could show you lovable I d sit another hour with you Sympathy I need a little sympathy u asked me what i wanna be I want a little time with you If i could"
  • Uncomfortable - Reef
    "And they'd came saving grace Without warning Tell what it is you need to know Am I safe? Am I learning? Am I giving all of these things that you want to have? Come to me I say, cos I'm drowning All"
  • An Uncomfortable Routine - Curl Up And Die
    "I stick to my sheets like failed reproduction Soaking up on slowing down and the only thing worse than being alone is when I'm not alone. I am in love with what I've lost. I do not want what I have got. I"
  • Ahi Estas Tu 2013 (ft. Nneka) - Chambao
    "The passion Life Déjate llevar Por las sensaciones Que no ocupen en tu vía Malas pasiones De esas preguntas que te haces sin responder Dentro de ti está la respuesta para saber Tu eres el que decide"
  • My Truth - Robyn
    "If I dont say what you want to hear if I dont dress in what you want me to wear if I dont think the way you do I cant help it cause thats my truth If my humour makes you bored if my religion isnt"
  • Keep Me In Your Shake (feat. Nneka) - Tricky
    "Can stop me talking’ Can stop me barking Keep Me to his Keep Me In Your Keep Me In Your Shake Shake, Shake, Shake Can I To control my mind O, the can this thing to … To keep me under the bandage Keep"
  • Truth Hurts - Truth Hurts
    "(R. Kelly) Yo, yo, Truth (Truth) What (R. Kelly) Let me in Yo let me in Bitch (Truth) Now see I try to keep the peace But your lies is killin me Yo ass is in these streets On them bogus late night creeps You"
  • Uncomfortable (What You Want Is Now) - House Of Heroes
    "Dew on the grass Cold hands Blue dress Remember that? Do you miss the moon? I do All the stars above? I do, I do Don't breath the air It's contagious Once again, do you mind it's now? Do you care it's"
  • Truth - Trees
    "I have to come to terms with the true definition of I I have to re-evaluate myself with myself my own proof of worth for nobody else If the Truth be known I'll always be alone to think I thought"
  • Truth - Neil Finn
    "Remember who we are Supple and new If I lose my way You tell me the truth for all its worth Lifting up your hand, show me, i rescue What i said Truth is worth more than pride Truth is worth more than pride Everything"
  • Truth - Vaughan Penn
    "You only want what you can't have You can't have another piece of my soul Another part of me You take exactly what you want Even when it's not mine to give you And it's not yours to take away You're"
  • Truth - Staple
    "Absolue truth, absolute reality, its those thigns that dont change, those things that dont fade away, no matter how much you dont believe them, no matter how hard you try to wish them away. For there is"
  • Restless - Nneka
    "I'm restless, in my dreams I long for you I'm careless with the things I own because of you Speechless for all that we had is what we disregard now Feel emptiness You have had enough, But this time I"
  • Truth - Amos Lee
    "Well my woman, she showed up With your number on her hand Well I thought that I might call you up So we could deal with this man to man You better tell me the truth son, yeah Well he showed up down at"
  • Truth - Jo Damita
    "(Chorus) Truth gonna set you free If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything Truth gonna set you free It could set you free if you just believe I know that you know it's time to walk in"
  • Truth - George Fox
    "she always said it was difficult to be jealous of something that wasn't really there, I thought I knew love but I was simply trying to convince myself of it trying to justify and prove myself finding"
  • Truth - Sacrifice
    "Is it reality when I say there is no future Left for the young? Oblivion has just begun, Can this be real? You've left wounds that cannot heal Problems to solve with with no way to resolve The truth of"
  • Truth - Janet
    "How did I get here Think I know what I did Always worked real hard Maybe I missed something I'm not into pointing fingers Showin who's right or wrong I just wanna keep it real Cause maybe I was doin"
  • Truth - Janet Jackson
    "How did I get here Think I know what I did Always worked real hard Maybe I missed something I'm not into pointing fingers Showin who's right or wrong I just wanna keep it real Cause maybe I was doin"
  • Truth - Sophie Zelmani
    "I don't wanna find out the truth I don't wanna find out the truth, but only truth satisfy I want it so much to go away I want it so much to go away, but with the truth it will stay You will fall heavy"

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