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No Ceiling b

  • Ceiling - Burn Season
    "My burning sky is ash and grey, (Ash and grey) This tired face can't wash away, (Wash away) That I'm stuck in feeling everything, while watching time controlling me, Its hard to let go when im left,"
  • No Ceiling - Eddie Vedder
    "Comes the morning When I can feel That there's nothing left to be concealed Moving on a scene surreal No, my heart will never Will never be far from here Sure as I am breathing Sure as I'm sad I'll keep"
  • Glass Ceiling - Metric
    "Only know what I'm told, only know what I'm told Fast asleep daydreaming Start to push, break your own glass ceiling Can't count, catch the pieces falling Who let it end up on the ground How am I gonna"
  • Hotel Ceiling - Rixton
    "I can see it coming round full circle my friend. On the TV they said they had reported you dead. It was my fault 'cause I could've sworn that you said, It was easy to find another for your bed. How does"
  • Heavy Ceiling - Deep Puddle Dynamics
    "(Slug) Where those two walls and that ceiling meet Where you'll be peeling me from when the dreams become abilities The trilogy of growth, I'm at the second level Where every word is special and I'm lost"
  • Red Ceiling - Armsbendback
    "I feel better when I'm awake Now let's look at this situation and let's see what it is that is making me so sick of all that you are saying shut up Shut up cause no one cares you do this to yourself just"
  • The Ceiling Speaks - Twelfth Night
    "The Ceiling Speaks I am the ceiling you are the floor above me rising into real I am deceiving you are the honesty I pray that I could feel I am confusion you are the thought that heals clarity of vision I"
  • Song B - Mumm-Ra
    "You are a saint i like to tell you how i'm feeling You do the same and a part of it's appealing make or break do you think that you're healing make a little hole and climb out through the ceiling. I can"
  • Gold On The Ceiling - The Black Keys
    "Down in the waves She screams again Roar at the door My mind can't take much more I could never drown They wanna get my They wanna get my Gold on the ceiling I ain't blind It's just a matter of time Before"
  • Ceiling In My Room - The Monkees
    "by David Jones, Don DeMieri & Robert Dick I'm a millionaire Without a care in the world, I have played the game, I've made the grade, I've shown them all. I'm a teenage idol just starting a tune, No, it's"
  • Guts On The Ceiling - Insane Clown Posse
    "Oh, you'll never guess what's up My mucking head blew up My chins in an old man's backyard I gotta sneak threw his yard To find the fothermucker And he's gotta pitbull dog And it's sitting on my chin like"
  • Footprints On My Ceiling - Social Distortion
    "Everybody wants a lover Nobody wants to uncover What may lay deep beneath a sometimes painful past Wanna go without a care Pull Gardenians from her hair I think of a time we didn't have a care in the world Capitvated"
  • Dancin on the ceiling - Lionel Richie
    "Man what in the world is happening down Something's going on that's not quite clear Somebody turn on the lights We're gonna have a party It's starting tonight Oh what a feeling When we're dancing on the"
  • Dancing on the ceiling - Lionel Richie
    "Man what in the world is happening down Something's going on that's not quite clear Somebody turn on the lights We're gonna have a party It's starting tonight Oh what a feeling When we're dancing"
  • Guts on the ceiling - ICP
    "Oh, youll never guess whats upMy mucking head blew upMy chins in an old mans backyardI gotta sneak threw his yardTo find the fothermuckerAnd hes gotta pitbull dogAnd its sitting on my chin like a frog"
  • Living On The Ceiling - Blancmange
    "Hey You keep me running round and round Well, that's alright with me Up and down, I'm up the wall I'm up the bloody tree That's alright with me Yeah, that's alright with me Well, it feels alright to"
  • Ceiling - Page France
    "Your mother's voice was bleeding through the ceiling As we rolled around along the kitchen floor We could see your father in the backyard kneeling Funny your mother doens't kneel much anymore But I pushed"
  • The Ceiling Fan Serenade - Race The Sun
    "give it to me straight, doc symptoms show me something i've had before that i could never name to cure tell me there's some kind of human error 'cause there's no sign of her only in slumber when it's time"
  • Face to the ceiling - Darin Zanyar
    "It started like a game, baby (do you wanna play?)Whispering those words, get all overAnd my vag(?) to the top, that you might feelStraight from my heart, so what's the deal?20 years from now while we still"
  • Dancong On The Ceiling - Lionel Richie
    "Tryin to figure out just where you are You tried to play the game of love, didnt get too far You told yourself youd be nobodys fool You want a good reason why love is so cruel, baby Oh, oh, round and round Loves"

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