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No chetnie

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No chetnie
  • Dejw No Chętnie
    "mówiłem ci że kocham, że kocham że dzisiaj mi się śniłaś, ej, śniłaś w tym śnie cię całowałem namiętnie czy mogę dziś na żywo? no chętnie! Czy bolało, gdy mi spadłaś z nieba pierwszy raz? Czy spojrzałaś"
  • No Motiv No Hope
    "Saw you on the corner yesterday and it was bad Everything you stood for made me irritated and sad Nothing that I could say to you would turn you around I just gave up up all hope for you And then I turned"
  • No-Man No Defense
    "you have climbed and the climb left you blind. too much to think about, too little to do. but you pull through, you always pull through. it goes slow, answer questions you don't want to know. too much"
  • No Angels No Angel
    "this miss untouchable it's all in your mind call me innocent color me pure I'll be anyhow you want to paint me I'll give you fragile and I show you demure a picture perfect there's no mistaking I'm good"
  • No Secrets No Secrets
    "Secrets (secrets) are no fun Secrets (secrets) hurt someone Let me tell you how it all began A little secret got out of hand I ran into him just by chance At this party we were talking then we started"
  • No Doctors No Doctors
    "got blood on my walls rock and roll in my balls hole in my socks got a mouth full of rocks came in the room said take off your clothes so I punched that doctor right in the nose gave him a kick straight"
  • No Echoes No Sorrow
    "(lyric wideo)"
  • Piosenki dla Dzieci No to co?
    "Rzecz to pewna, rzecz to znana, Że się trzeba śmiać od rana. Choćby nawet z trudem szło, No to co, no to co? Choćby nawet z trudem szło, No to co? To nie czary, to nie cuda, Wszystko się chętnemu uda. Choćby"
  • Vanna Bonta No No No
    "No No NO (Intro) He says he's got a problem and I am the solution Why do my dates have to end up this way? Why can't I go out and not have to say no, no, no, no, no, no, NO. No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! 1. I"
  • Warrior Soul No No No
    "They said you couldn't break away The liars they can't stop you They say that you are just a pain So what man you inspire And then the world comes crashin' down And you're the toughest thing around How"
  • Frank Zappa No no no
  • Hole No No No
    "Just do it baby Well I f**king will You got nothing left but time Time left to kill Just do it baby You got nothing left There is nothing left of you but What I possess No My Messiah's lost Rose up from"
  • La Mafia No, No, No
    "No quiero que te vayas Quiero que te quedes Pues quiero que mi digas Lo mucho que mi quieras Quiero que t sepas Lo mucho que te quiero Y nadie me lo quita De aqu del pensamiento Quiero que te sepas Lo"
  • En Vogue No, no, no
    "(Can't Come Back)Last night, woke in bed In a cold cold sweat (so sweaty, so funky) Dreamin' of bad things to be (or not to be) Haunting things like homelessness (all the lonely people) Without a job,"
  • Hombres G No, No... No.
    "Estoy tratando de expicarte que ya no Que no te esfuerces en llamarme, no, no no. He sufrido tanto por tu amor, y no me crees he cogido un catarro por dejarte mi jersey *Por eso NO, NO NO, no te quiero"
  • Destiny's Child No no no
    "Boy I know you want me I can see it in your eyes But you keep on frontin' Won't you say what's on your mind Cause each and every time you need me You give me signs But when I ask you what's the deal You"
  • Kiss No, No, No
    "Yeah, I'm down and out, but don't count me out Listen here babe, gonna show you what it's all about It's time for love, and you're welcome to it It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it So here I am,"
  • Deep Purple No No No
    "Really hate the running really hate the game Looking at them all I wanna be unborn again Their suit is getting tighter although they're getting thin The flies are crawling on their face and trying to get"
  • Ann Lee No No No
    "C'mon Gimme some company I've got all dressed up now Let's go out and have a laugh c'mon Mmm should'a known no no no no no! no no no no no! You just go alone oh oh no no no no no! Hm mm mm mm mm Out to"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs No No No
    "Well I'm frozen like a soldier Don't know where it stays all over the place Time froze like an ocean Don't know the taste of a never ending ache No No No No I'll hurry when I'm home I'll hurry when"

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