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No home entropy')

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No home entropy')

  • Entropy - Bad Religion
    "Random blobs of power expressed as that which we all disregard Ordered states of nature on a scale which no one thinks about Don't speak to me of anarchy of peace or calm revolt Man, we're in a play of"
  • Entropy - Todd Rundgren
    "Consider the riddle that is man From his perch at the top of darwin's ladder Though the rules he little understands Plays at life as if it really mattered When before all our eyes A parading of lies And"
  • Entropy - Wolfsheim
    "A melting star run through my fingers Blood red furrows on the sea Was it wind that never lingers or, was it you who never came Standing on the store A distant call Golden waves appear and take me home Cover"
  • Entropy - Informatik
    "No not today Can't agree why do we Endure all this suffering When we're to blame Comes to me so easily Life is the discovering Gone out to sea I swim alone No life guard To save my soul The waves high The"
  • Snowblind Entropy - Luxt
    "Crumbling rust and rain, The stains reveal the years to me. No fears come close to entropy. The slowest choking of beauty. So metaphorical the paint, And tearing paper cries. Such wettened eyes revealing What"
  • Entropy Reigns - Kelley Polar
    "All the things I tell you might be true Is it charm or is it Beauty you use to enthrall? But I don't care after All the lovely things you say to me Are they lies or are they Secrets that I might reveal? All"
  • Entropy - Run Level Zero
    "nights endangered 50,000 suns blazing down gazed over crowds slowly turning blind being, ever changing lust soon to be denied trembling hands, exploding it's a war against time it's a war against me it's"
  • Entropy Reigns (In the Celestial City) - Kelley Polar
    "All the things I tell you might be true Is it charm or is it Beauty you use to enthrall? But I don't care after All the lovely things you say to me Are they lies or are they Secrets that I might reveal? All"
  • Entropy Within - Anata
    "Under fire, we're at war! Information is colliding With our great intentions And distracting our flow of energy We are enslaved By fear, rage, pain and jealousy Incarnations of chaos Rule our mind, kill"
  • No Home - Element Of Crime
    "I am the cockroach under your feet I'm the disgusting bad man, the dirt in the street Give me a cigarette and I'll leave you alone HO HOME ho home Here is my ragged coat, there are holes in my shoes I"
  • No home - Coal Chamber
    "No home. This is not any form of home. Home is where the heart is. No home no heart. No home no heart. This your viewing room. Your room no view. Nothing seen nothing heard. Your home no heart. Shut up"
  • Home sweet home - Home Made Kazoku
    "Kore ga H.O.M.E. S.W.E.E.T. H.O.M.E Ore no jimoto wa kitto ore no naka ni tsune ni tomo ni aru taisetsu na basho ni Ano michi, kono mici, dono michi, ikou ga kaereba ki no au dachi ga matteru Machigainaku"
  • Entropy (ft. Bleachers) - Grimes
    "Everything I've ever known is wrong Oh, what's the matter with me? Did I even want it? Did I rest to sum that's how it had to be? Throw a ball, it's bouncing off the wall That's how harm you first Did"
  • Paradigm In Entropy - Bleed The Sky
    "Forgiveness is for the weak Throw down your broken cross Desire irrelevance Pursuit of faith is lost Count your blessings For they are too few Immortal fallen child It's time to choose Look in my eyes I'm"
  • HOME - Jack Savoretti
    "Out of sight, out of mind In the darkness there's no light Day ago, now I know What it means to stay in faith I won't give up, I won't give in I'll give it everything This feeling is real I wait for my"
  • Home - Three Days Grace
    "I'll be coming home Just to be alone 'Cause I know you're not there And I know that you don't care I can hardly wait To leave this place No matter how hard I try You're never satisfied This is not a home I"
  • Home - Iggy Pop
    "I work so hard, man, so don't trip me up Shakin' a leg like the tail o' the pup I'm payin' dues till I register heat Sure hope I don't end up on the street Home, boy Home, boy Everybody needs a home Home,"
  • Home Party - Home Made Kazoku
    "Mina OERUKAMU hora, muri agero omate nashimo oretachi ga itashi masu Atsumare! oto no naru ho ni oide Pump Up The Music Pump It Up! It's a Ho ho ho! HOME PARTY! C'mon! Ho ho ho! HOME PARTY! It's a Ho ho"
  • No Life, No Home - System Shock
    "This corner is my home This darkness is my own I am awake but wake me not There is no life - there is no home Whatever brought us here? Whoever runs the show? It's never ending We're all alone The sky"
  • Home - hania rani
    "Home, I feel like home Though nothing is as was before No words to say, no place to go Home, I feel like home With empty heart and freezing hands With every start and every end Cause there's a place,"

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