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No pakong 888 buwat besok pgi yg akan kluwar tgl 17 juni 2020


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No pakong 888 buwat besok pgi yg akan kluwar tgl 17 juni 2020

  • 888 - El Kapuczino
    "Zlewam się z powietrzem jak smok, kiedy robie ruchy Blokuje stres by odlecieć stąd, kiedy robię ruchy Ruchy, ruchy, kiedy robię ruchy ruchy ruchy ×2 Wbijam się na kartel i zabieram sobue paczkę zabieram"
  • Sunshine 888 - Crazy Ken Band
    "Walking in the Sunshine Purin purin no Hip Line CHIRA mi Fureta totan ni yubi no hara ni biribiri Aa hachigatsu no umi wa KURAGE ga ujauja Kanden Shock wave riku de umi de Kubisuji kara warui ase ga"
  • Naitara akan - Kadokura Yuki
    "Anta ga sukiyanem nakitai hodo ni Tsumetaku sarete kono mati ni hitori hokasaretemo Soredemo sukiyanem omoide dake ga Pke no naka de shiwakutya ni imadewa nata kedo Osaka no yuuyake wa kanashii ne Kono"
  • 17 - Mandy Moore
    "Some people tell me, that you're not my kind And i believe them, but i can't get you out of my mind Some people tell me that i should stay away Maybe I will... some other day 'Cause it feel right And"
  • 17 - Julia Michaels
    "i had a dream we were riding in a drop top down the block taking our time doing whatever we want you put your hand on top of my hand and just like grease we were summer loving had our first kiss and we"
  • 17 - Sex Pistols
    "You're only 29 got a lot to learn But when your business (mummy) dies she will not return We make (like) noise it's our choice it's what we wanna do We don't care about long hairs I don't wear flares See"
  • 17 - Zhavia
    "i grew up in Norwalk hanging by the donut shop didn’t have a car so we used to have to walk the block I was only 6 years old I was running cold bare feel when the storm started coming mama worked 2 jobs couldn’t"
  • 17 - Kingdom Come
    "I need your lovin' this I know Seventeen, you drive me wild You're just so lovely this I know Oh, I want to make you mine Slip into my hands I want it , I want it, I want it Ohh, say it, say it, say it Don't"
  • 17 - Cross Canadian Ragweed
    "Sirens wale and a flashing light Nothin' better to do on a Tuesday night But give me hell Where you headed, what are you out for Don't see much of you 'round here anymore I guess it's just as well Once"
  • 17 - Milburn
    "Put on the TV Flick through the stations In the truth or a miss interpretaion He doesn't care all he cares about he's going out tonight He tucks his shirt in and does his hair nice He's got to run to"
  • 17 - James Rick
    "A little girl came up to me, acting young and shy A look of curiosity was flashing in her eyes She had seen my face before and thought she knew me well So I said "Shall we talk some more, you'll come to"
  • Slide (ft. YG) - H.E.R.
    "you always wear them glasses you don’t wanna let no sucka look you in your eyes, huh better show off them eyelashes you love what you do whit a passion oh that shit attractive I fuck whit you girl all"
  • PROUD ft. (YG, Offset) - 2 Chainz
    "true University i pull it up and murk a beat momma’s house was filled up with bags of Hercules as soon as I finish passing I put the seat down or my momma gonna curse my damn ass out only child no sisters"
  • I Don't (ft. YG) - Mariah Carey
    "Said me another lie Whisper in moment in time Given you everything that you needed I was even down to repeated Said, that you always be mine I mean nothing but lies I was so … - I admit it Having this"
  • This Side (feat. YG) - A$AP Ferg (ASAP Ferg)
    "On this side kids do drugs On this side kids gang bang On this side better know your codes On this side damu hang On this side we talk slang On this side we the hat gang In the Bronx that's the mac game That's"
  • FCK 2020 - Scooter
    "i don't give a penny fuck 2020 posse united we stand first we save the rave then we save the world! We got the power! A nightmare came true The worst year ever No everyone succed Teh every one is insane Insane,"
  • 2020 (#zostańwdomu) - B.R.O
    "to był huczny sylwester ja tańczyłem za ręke z nią wbiliśmy na imprezkę gdzie niejeden pewnie kreskę wziął potem my byliśmy na mieście trochę wypiliśmy na mieście krzyczeliśmy: TO BĘDZIE NASZ ROK! ale"
  • Don't Tell 'Em (ft. YG) - Jeremih
    "Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion Girl I guess that must be you Body like the summer, fuck you like no other Don't you tell 'em what we do Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em, you ain't even Don't tell"
  • Summer 2020 - Jhene Aiko
    "And it feel like sometimes i cry Cuz i feel so good to be alive And there’s not a doubt inside my mind That you’re still here Right here by my side I can’t wrap my head around what’s happening I can’t"
  • 17 Magazine - Relient K
    "Talked to my sister late last night. And she gave me some advice. And what she said was right. Talked to my sister late last night. I said I've got her on my mind. She said it's good I know my kind. And"

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