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No sleep wiz

  • Wize Up! - Pato Banton
    "All you people with the power of authority controllers of the children's destiny. I know you've got a lot of work to do and you can't bite off more than you can chew. But this is all I really want to say"
  • Feelin' Myself (ft. Miley Cyrus, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa) - Will.I.Am
    "I'll be everywhere, everybody know me Super, super fresh, what a dope styling Hunny on my wrist, couple karats on my neck Givenchy, keep the chickens in check All these car keys, drive them chickens to"
  • No Sleep - Huggy Bear
    "no sleep till the location is found no sleep till that man is out of town no sleep till i can't hear the sound of your voice your voice telling me there is no choice no sleep till that man is found no"
  • No Sleep - Mya
    "(Man) Hello? (Mya) Hey w'sup baby? (Man) Nothin', chillin' (Mya) What you doin'? (Man) Just got out the shower (Mya) Oh, word? Well, I'm in town and I'm tryna see you tonight. (Man) Let's make it"
  • No Sleep - Jebediah
    "You got your very own Watergate There aint no easy way out And if you wanna be social oh yeah You better scream when you shout I'll take you out where you wanna go Yeah we can buy us some thrills It's"
  • No Sleep - Primer 55
    "Well I'll never, give up again. You know well I'll never, betray myself again. I toss and turn because I can't sleep. Can't concentrate because I can't think. Well I'll never, let go again. You know well"
  • No Sleep - Sam Roberts
    "No sleep I haven't slept for a week And I'm cold Yeah I'm so cold She's right I should do somthing with my life But I'm old, I'm old I'm getting old Those eyes She said they don't recognize me Those lips They're"
  • No sleep - The Cardigans
    "It's way too late to think of Someone I would call now, The neon signs got tired. Red eye flights help the stars out, I'm safe in a corner, Just hours before me... I'm waking with the roaches The world"
  • No sleep - Beastie Boys
    "Foot on the pedal - never ever false metalEngine running hotter than a boiling kettleMy job's ain't a job - it's a damn good timeCity to city - I'm running my rhymesOn location - touring around the nationBeastie"
  • No Sleep - Slutbox
    "Bloodied by the mind rape - cannot look back gotta fight back - Revenge is bitter sweet -could have killed me but you scarred me instead - Sleepless and disgusted - your eyes remind me of my faith -"
  • 2 Be Wiz U - Miyavi
    "A-yo soko no boku chan , zenzen kodoku nante hedemo ne- mite- na tsura shite tuyo gatte mitari but... I know the feein' buddy (it's just "hitori yogari") Hontou wa dare ka ni dakishimete hoshii right ?"
  • Wiz - Candlemass
    "Thunder and lighting, action, come fire, come rain The wizard is playing god in his armchair again Cyberlike snake eyes they burn The man with the black cat will show us what tricks he has learned Abraxas,"
  • Sleep - Conjure One
    "I know it's late; I shouldn't call at this hour. But it's my fate; I need lips to devour. My nervous system is shot all right; I won't sleep unless you... Sleep, with me, tonight... Deep, with me, tonight... I"
  • Sleep - Modwheelmood
    "Take some wine to open your eyes Take the time What's up with you my friend? I think it's all the same I wish that I could help you I wish that I could help you with your mind Well, come on It's been"
  • Sleep - Marianne Faithfull
    "It is safe to sleep alone In a place no one knows And to seek life under stones In a place water flows. It is best to find in sleep The missing pieces that you lost Best that you refuse to weep Ash to"
  • Sleep - Taking Back Sunday
    "(Yeah) Well, we assure you the procedure is safe and routine Dramamine sends haunting dreams (Dramamine sends haunting dreams) With an incessant drip, signs pockets like a palsy 'cause you have to work"
  • Sleep - My Chemical Romance
    "Some say, now suffer all the children And walk away a savior, Or a madman and polluted From gutter institutions. Don't you breathe for me, Undeserving of your sympathy, Cause there ain't no way that I'm"
  • Sleep - Bananarama
    "My lover, my angel Each time you layed with me Falling from your lips With each kiss You're betraying me Don't tell me you made me You played me for a fool Lies come tumbling down now Like a waterfall"
  • Sleep - Amanaska
    "A sign drawn in the sand And a touch of a stranger's hand I wonder what it means Time spinning round and round in this space Then it's gone without a trace I wonder where it goes Deep in the night when"
  • Sleep - The Notwist
    "I was late for the wrong reasons all borders and no light god is a nothing phantom and a pocket light cause it's late for the one reason The sun was up all night and I put my arms around you but to hold"

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