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No time for love lake this

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No time for love lake this

  • Red Lake - Lake
    "Search my pockets for a dime Got to make this call on time This date I got to make it Calling numbers on the phone Everyone is not at home This feeling I cant shake it. Hazy lights and hazy streets A"
  • Lake - Aqualung
    "This house is full of secrets. This house smells of ghosts. Dreams that never woke, Dreams that never woke. Nightmares never spoke of. Outside the water's black, This one we won't throw back. A lifetime"
  • China Lake - David Baerwald
    "We've done this every Labor Day since 1969 We all go up to China Lake to spend a little time In a Minnesota summer beneath the Minnesota sky We celebrate the newborns and remember those who've died At"
  • Morning Lake - Thaurorod
    "Far from home And days of childhood I was searching my way in the rain The lights died out Blinding my narrow trail How I long for my childhood and home No shackles are binding me No shades are following"
  • Black Lake - Bjork
    "Our love war my womb But our bond has broken My shield is gone My protection taken I am one wound My pulsating body Suffering being My hear is enormous lake Black with potion I am blind Drowning in this"
  • Swan Lake - Blackalicious
    "Sittin on top of the bay, watchin the tide It's time to break the tension away, come take a ride As you enter the dimension of the crew SoleSides It ain't nuttin goin on but a party Now brothers wanna"
  • From Silver Lake - Jackson Browne
    "Did you see our brother? He was here the other day But he only came to say that he was leaving Did you see his lady? She was looking where he'd gone But she wasn't letting on that she was grieving She's"
  • Lake of fire - Bathory
    "Twinkle bright Aldebaran, the star of solitudeSomewhere there is a lake of fire, pity all the foolsSorry are the desolate, the unfree and obedientFor this is not the spring of love, it is the winter of"
  • The Enchanted Lake - Angelo Branduardi
    "ANGELO BRANDUARDI "fables and fantasies" The Enchanted Lake Close by Jacob's fountain Starts the strange tale I will tell Where fair Madelaine met an enchanter Who addressed her in a tongue few men"
  • Lake Of Fire - Burning Point
    "Look at me now, I'm bleeding the river runs red, no more dreaming the dream is over, we lost the war the sun is rising, the last time, nevermore Remember these words: fragile is the life hold on to the"
  • Lake of tears - L'
    "My peth into the shadows It seemed so well defined A labyrinth of darkness With no joy for me to find The peth that leads to you Is so hard for me to find And with every step I take I hope the gods are"
  • This Time Love - Clay Walker
    "(Pat Bunch/Randy Boudreaux) Oh love you know I'm so afraid to fall 'Cause remember the last time You backed me against the wall Oh like a fool I trusted you I was a little too naive But this time love You're"
  • Crystal Lake - Skylark
    "Eagles upon the Lake. Land of Fantasy. I couldn't believe. Far from human mind. Look at the land of the Bright Angels. Nothing is here, except our souls. Fight to be free in the darkness...tomorrow"
  • The Lake - King Diamond
    "Every Sunday morning Way just before dawn A little girl is dancing On the mansion lawn She calls out a name Dagon of the sea Appear from the darkest deep And hear my need Down by the Lake There's a shadow"
  • Lake Pontchartrain - Ludo
    "I'll tell it like it happened, it was Darius and Noland and me Just a few po' boys trying to get up outta Missouri Took 55 to Louisiana, stopped by the highway to eat They both had crawfish, strictly chicken"
  • Frozen Lake - Buffalo Tom
    "I'm between the lines just one more time Read it in a book I almost looked In the frozen lake she comes and takes Give up my whole world she's just a girl In my frozen mind I'm stuck in time I can't get"
  • The Lake - Aqualung
    "This house is full of secrets. This house smells of ghosts. Dreams that never woke, Dreams that never woke. Nightmares never spoke of. Outside the water's black, This one we won't throw back. A lifetime"
  • Lake Michigan - Broadways
    "Lets go down to the lake and take a swim in toxic waste. I dive in the buildings soar so high, i can not see the sky - theres something strange about this big city, i thik i could do without this big city"
  • Kareelia Lake - Randi Laubek
    "If I were blind - would I see clearly through gods, religions, space and time If I were deaf - would I be listening to other tears and joys than mine If I were dumb - would I be wise and have so much to"
  • Saylor Lake - Drop Dead, Gorgeous
    "You're all the f**king same worthless and waiting for a saviour that was there all along you're all the same poison with perfect lives and cruel intentions a trail of blood... you've f**king built"

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