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  • Sydney - Halifax
    "So tell me now, what do I have to do To say things that will get through to you I'll cross my fingers and I'll pray for you To somehow see this side Call me more convinced. Say there's a way to cure this"
  • Yang Yang - Yoko Ono
    "Yang yang holds on to a giant phone, Yang yangs soft voice goes on and on, I hate you, I hate you, where did it go wrong? Yangyang goes talking to himself on the phone. Yang yang sends his men pebbles"
  • Sydney Song - Eskimo Joe
    "See me come and see me go In my fancy resturant All the time you never know No, I can't pay for any of it Don't like the way you use your tongue To get one up on me Oh man, can't you see. How do you think"
  • Yin Yang - Ana Torroja
    "Yin yang menos es ms polos opuestos que nunca se juntan yin yang vienen y van lneas paralelas que nunca se cruzan bien mal madera o metal puntos de vista que no se preguntan tal cul azcar o sal los"
  • Yin Yang - Kacper HTA
    "ty pytasz mnie czym jest fake love ja pytam cię czym jest hate ziom samotność czuje tak mocno ze nie wyśpiewam tego tak ej kom hej, joł z nadzieją nie widze tego co się śmieją oni kur*** są ślepi, wiec"
  • Ying-Yang - Chambao
    "Nada va a obligarme como he de actuar, lo nico que es mo, es mi libertad, t me dices ciega que sea racional, yo creo en el instinto que es ms natural, porque la razón puede limitar. Djate llevar por el"
  • Sydney - Les V.R.P
    "Dj tout petit il aimait smurfer Et c'est pour ca qu'on l'a nomme Sydney Sur le pick-up de sa grand-mre Il faisait du scratch sur Yvette Horner De la salle a manger jusqu' la kitchenette Il faisait la navette"
  • Sydney - Taxiride
    "I belive my fate is tied to you my love Nothing Lies between us Waiting for eternity to fall down like a blanket on our heads She's leaving me behind Don't talk to me that way You've had your time to"
  • Ying Yang In This Thang - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Chorus 1) Get to the floor, aint no time run Ying Yang in this thang, let me ya twurk sum' - (repeat 2X) (Chorus 2) Ying Yang in this thang, (Ying Yang) - (repeat 4X) (Chorus 3) Pop that pussy like"
  • Fuck The Ying Yang Twins - Ying Yang Twins
    "Hey! I went to school with them pussy ass niggas They aint worth shit, Man I remember when that nigga used to be ridin? in that fucked up ass pontiac And that shit was god damn sittin? outside He had"
  • I Wonder (Departure) (Live In Sydney '77) - Abba
    "This park and these houses, old streets I have walked Everything dear, will it be here One day when I am returning? My friends will get married, have children and homes It sounds so nice, well-planned"
  • Ying and The Yang - Pitbull
    "Intro: Pequeno one. Pitbull (that's right) Mami I just wanna see you do one thing right quick. Just follow me baby. (that's right) Get nasty, get freaky (get freaky) Get nasty, get freaky (get freaky) She"
  • Man woman (Yin & Yang) - Lazyboy
    "Man women boy women girl Women without a man is nothing Without her man is nothing Women have their faults Men only have two Everything they say and everything they do Men who have pierced ears are better"
  • Sydney Tonight - Watashi Wa
    "yesterday i packed up all my things threw them off the coast to rest in peace i met a man who took all my empty dreams and brought them back to life and gave them back to me where did that life go that"
  • Sydney Tonight - Watashi-Wa
    "Yesterday I packed up all my things Threw them off the coast to rest in peace I met a man who took all my empty dreams And brought them back to life And gave them back to me Where did that life go That"
  • Sydney Girls - Remedy
    "(Anderson/Wells) Don't you, look at me that way You got me tongue tied but I got a lot to say Don't you, bend down to get that book I might be arrested if I take a second look Oh my oh my, makes me wanna"
  • Que Yang - Rainie Yang
    "Chun tian man man yi dian dian fa ya Kuai le kai shi dou you le xiang xiang Cheng shi guang he zuo yong de mo yang Xing fu kai shi zhu zhuang Ye li man yuan de mo li hua xiang Yue guang sa luo kan bu"
  • Yang Kumau - Kris Dayanti
    "Seringnya ku berpikir sampai pernah Tak jua kutemukan jalan keluarnya Jika memang bukan ini sudah tamatkanlah Karenaku tak mau waktuku terbuang Jangan memaksakan ini Jika memang bukan ini Karena sesuatu"
  • Yin Yang - Zazie
    "Que dire ceux qui me voient. Fondre en larmes, rire aux clats. Que a va, que a ne va pas. Peu importe, le vent tournera. Que dire ceux qui me croient. Incapable de filer tout droit. Le slalom est le"
  • Yin Yang - Adam & The Ants
    "Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni/Boz Boorer I got Utah dust Inside my boots Peroxide Covering my roots Know what it's like to love And like to be loved I tell you it's such a thrilling thing That's just the Yin"

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