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No way no way

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No way no way

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No way no way
  • Kelly Price No Way
    "Ain't No Way Mmm, ain't no way For me to love you If you don't let me (Oh no, no, no) And ain't no way For me to give you all you need If I can't give all of me I know the way ain't easy But I'm giving"
  • Burning Heads No Way
    "No class, no job, i'm just a victim and society's a slob No ass, no head, rather go home jack off instead No mind, no kind, my brain is jelly and my memory is blind No way, no way, cannot live in this"
  • Dream Evil No Way
    "It will outlive us all booth you and I No rules without exception this one can not die Regardless of genres expression shape and form It sometimes just catches it's breath before the storm It is only"
  • Fifth Harmony No Way
    "I know you don't want me anymore by the look on your face They say when it rains it pours, you can tell by my face Oh and I know, and you know that we've been here before I think I know how it should"
  • Korn No Way
    "Lately things won't go my way. Lately everything is grey. It feels like something. It feels like.. nothing So I came too far. To end up this way. Feeling like I'm god. Feeling there's no way. So I came"
  • Great White No Way
    "I get up in the morning, just to work all day. I never had no vacation, and what's a holiday? I'm tired of workin' 9 to 5. Sombody give me a break. Caught up in this rat race, I've got no time to waste. I"
  • 702 No Way
    "Everything you do is gonna hurt you (you should know that's) just how things are boy you can't have me (don't mistake me) for the average girl I don't come easy (you gotta work for it) can't be wasting"
  • David Gilmour No Way
    "(Gilmour) There's no way I'm gonna let go There's no way Because it's my show I'm hangin' on For a little while I won't go down easy That's not my style I'm all tied up Tied up in a knot And I can't decide Just"
  • Krokus No Way
    "I, see you cryin' I, see you dyin' You, keep on tryin' To stay, in my life But there is no future In our dream A man on the run I'm ready to scream I'm dealin' with danger Don't believe what you read Try"
  • Me And My No Way
    "You say you wanna stay No way, no way, no way Go, you better go your own way Hey, dont need you one more day 'Cause Ill be fine Without you Hey baby Did you really think that I Would take you back"
  • Agent 51 No Way
    "Back in the days when I burned out I wondered to myself just why I never got it figured out I'm a hero on a mission in a protoplasmic sphere In another couple minutes I'll up and disappear Naivete is the"
  • Subb No Way
    "You always said that you loved me, and I really thought that it was true Maybe sometimes you were mean, I never thought I could lose you When you broke up I cried for weeks, I had hard times getting"
  • Make It Pop No Way
    "Hey! What you wanna say? I’m just a foot away Show me what you got I, I know that you are good Don’t you be misunderstood You won’t be taking my spot Don’t get it twisted I existed way before you Ahhh We’re"
  • Me & My No Way
    "You say you wanna stay No way, no way, no way Go, you better go your own way Hey, dont need you one more day `Cause Ill be fine Without you Hey baby Did you really think that I Would take"
  • Valentine No Way
    "Cool it baby, I know just what you're thinking of Funny how ya keep on talkin' crazy when we're makin' love So busy with these little games you play I can't wait to hear what you say Chorus: No way Don't"
  • Black Moon No Way
    "(feat. Steele) No way I'ma sit back And listen to you gay niggaz chit chat Hey mister big cat, I lay where ya click's at No joke, if it's broke, Buck'll fix that Bud like a six pack, chicks love to"
  • Pearl Jam No Way
    "Here's a token of my openness Of my need to not disappear How I'm feeling, so revealing to me I found my mind too clear I just need someone to be there for.. me I just want someone to be there for.. me All"
  • Jasmine Guy No way
    "Turn the other way so there's no wayThat i can be your partnerI got so much to do before my timeThere's moments where i can be lostBut today i finally feel free ( yeah ohh )Turn the other way so i can't"
  • Bazzi No Way!
    "when I hop up in the Wraith it’s a high speed chase push the pedal to the floor I won’t quit, no way you can’t stall us no matter wha they say I won’t quit, no way yeah /4 I’m the same old kid with the"
  • Faith Evans No Way
    "You promised not to let me down You promised that you'd be around You said I'd never hurt again Me believe you? There's no way You promised that you'd hold my hand You promised that you'd be my man"

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