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No we won frejning to darkness

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No we won frejning to darkness

  • Won - Get Set Go
    "Won't Let Her Go; Ordinary World ('06); Trk 12 She doesn't close the door, as she visits the bathroom; the sound of flushing water, comes a little bit too soon; I wonder what she's doin', as she hums"
  • Won On Won - Cocoa Brovaz
    "Smoky Lah, me got flav Smoky Gunz, Cocoa B's Who wanna look like, wanna act like us Wanna be like, roll the trees like us Wanna talk like wanna walk like us Wanna flip like get ripped like us Wanna act"
  • Won - Bob Seger
    "You can cry if you want to, you can rage at the night You can blame all your wounds on the workd if you like YOu can drink from the bottle no ice and no glass You can lie in the mornin' and say it's our"
  • Won - Hank Thompson
    "WON'T YOU RIDE IN MY LITTLE RED WAGON Writer Rex Griffin Won't you ride in my little red wagon I'd love to pull you down the street I'll bet all the kids will be jealous When they see my playmate so sweet Hold"
  • Mama, Won - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    "Invisible like all the reasons Dark and cold like all the seasons Things are not as you would have them I'm no man and yo're no woman I guess I hope to see you sometime Though our paths will never intertwine"
  • It Won - The Rolling Stones
    "Baby it won't take long to forget you Time it passes fast It'll all be over in a minute You'll be in the past You can lose the love of a lifetime In a single roll You can gain a fortune in an instant"
  • I Won - George Jones
    "I WON'T NEED YOU ANYMORE WRITERS MAX D. BARNES, TROY SEALS You're my always and forever. You're the one that hung the moon. After all these nights together I still get lost in your perfume. And if I"
  • Darkness - King Diamond
    "For 13 days.. we have trained and trained We're learning to walk again, we're learning to stretch our skin Every time THEY bring us back to life Little jars come down from the shelves Every time we feel"
  • Darkness - Angels & Agony
    "We knew it would end one day Never thought it would be that soon We could talk for days and nights Always fear it would cross our way We talked about how life could end Would anything lie behind The black"
  • Darkness - Rage Against the Machine
    "Greed! Causing innocent blood to flow Entire culture, lost in the overthrow They came to seize and take whatever they please Then all they gave back was death and disease My people were left with no choice"
  • Battle We Have Won - Eric Johnson
    "Everywhere are hearts and empty hands, With no one there, to understand, Future dreams, you're searching for a clue, That sun don't shine, you never mind. Don't get too discouraged in this life, It's"
  • No War Can Be Won - Virus
    "Training children, trained to kill Teaching hatred, no free will Breeding perfect killing machines (You greedy f**king bastards) Fathers take them on the hunt Video games of gore and blood Desensitizing"
  • Sister Darkness - Doro
    "I see you after midnight When the moonlight mirrors in my eyes And I do what I like And I do what is right Slowly come alive We dance with the shadows Unlike anything in this world We will use up the"
  • Sister Darkness - Doro Pesch
    "I see you after midnight When the moonlight mirrors in my eyes And I do what I like And I do what is right Slowly come alive We dance with the shadows Unlike anything in this world We will use up the"
  • Everybody Won Heaven - Nine
    ""redrum" "everybody won heaven? " "redrum" "everybody won heaven? " "redrum" "everybody won heaven? " "redrum" "everybody won heaven? " "redrum" "everybody won heaven? " "redrum" "everybody won heaven?"
  • Won The Battle - Robert Cray
    "The fighting's over This time I won I yelled the loudest Had the biggest gun She packed up all her bags And walked right out the door Looks like I won the battle But lost the war She was speechless Once"
  • Won, Part 2 - Pacewon
    "This is a story, of a man Unlike any other man, for this man is the.. WON! Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo (WON!) (Pacewon..) All across the world from the UK to Canada Never have you seen"
  • Smile, You've Won - Lydia
    "Once because we always were there. I'm impressed you've never seemed so scared, and you still don't know. But I found comfort in this bottle and you out of site, out of mind and nowhere close to being,"
  • You Won - Keith Urban
    "There was a world outside my door I wasn't in touch with anymore There was a way I used to feel I knew what was and wasn't real You built a bridge, I tore it down I felt safe on shaky ground And I was"
  • Love Won - Gene
    "Now weve entered New Britannia Lord dont tell me Love wont work Ive seen my face Of course I know my place Yes, I started life retarded Voices told me "take your chances" So I run through all the things Ive"

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