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Nobody ever know

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Nobody ever know

  • Nobody - Donna Summer
    "Hey you, over there come on down out of my sky I've been a long long time waiting wonder why some people say say they say that love comes only once some people say say they say that love comes only once but"
  • Nobody - B5
    "No one I've ever known, can't compare to you Girl you showed me a love thats so true You are the one, and there is nothing I won't do for you (ooh) I'm so glad you're mine, she brighten up my life."
  • Nobody - Nobody's Angel
    "When you love me When you hug me Nobody nobody ever miss me Nobody nobody's baby is so real Nobody can make me feel the way you do (baby i can't figure it your kiss is just like honey) It's just the"
  • Nobody - Her Majesty
    "we've been through the obvious just do what you're supposed to do no,they are not at all like us and I am not all like you oh this is your creation are you proud of what you have become? I hear you are"
  • Nobody - Next
    "(Intro) This is a story Though the names have been changed The facts remain the same On this arista track next there gonna let u know whats going on listen You see you always hear about a no good"
  • Nobody - Shawn Desman
    "Oooh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Verse 1: When I think about my baby I think how lucky I am To have somebody who can love me Love me for who I am Girl for me you just are so perfect Just the way you are No"
  • Nobody - Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N)
    "Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N) No.1 Nobody Lyrics: g. gross, c. capek Music: g. gross, c. capek, g. raschke Refrain: No, nobody does it better than you Nobody makes me feel like you do Cause you are the sun"
  • Nobody - Craig's Brother
    "When he was young so many looks he never caught so much love he hadn't bought Seen peering through the pane left out standing in the rain Soaking in his rearing only wishing to be dry It seems he never"
  • Nobody - Bed & Breakfast
    "Nobody'll make me feel this way again Yeah - I wanted you to be my friend Now I'm standing here facing the train I felt so lonely and useless Searching for the reason of life Waiting for someone to arrive When"
  • Nobody - Five for Fighting
    "Take off your shoes... Take off yourself Take off your rented mental health Take off your raincoat... settle down Take off your nightmare and your frown There is a place for you to go To see another"
  • Nobody - Sesame Street
    "*crowd cheering* Big Bird: Hi everybody, it's me, Big Bird. Well, I'm back and I've decided to stand right here and keep barking until Mr. Snuffleupagus finds me. BARK BARK ARF ARF. Gordon: Ah come"
  • Nobody - Canibus
    "You know this rap game is a lot like high school and high school is a lot like life You see in life, you got to do things to set yourself apart from your peers you need to identify the qualities that separate"
  • Nobody gotta know - Why Don't We
    "Take the time with me tonight You should come with me tonight We can feel the free tonight Nobody gotta know I've been missin', I've been crushin' on ya all night I should take you to the moon, that's"
  • Nobody Ever Told You - Carrie Underwood
    "Take off all the makeup, girl Shine your light, show the world Don’t be shy, don’t be scared You don’t have to hide under there Let’s throw away all the magazines Turn off the static on the TV Wish you"
  • Ain't Nobody Ever Loved You - Aretha Franklin
    "I've seen you hangin' out Lookin' like you know what life's about Laughin', jivin' with your friends Baby, that ain't where the world ends, oh yeah I'm layin' my love on you You'll be feelin' somethin'"
  • Nobody wants to know - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "Once I was hailed as a prodigal sonIn other words loved by everyoneNow it's so different wherever I goNobody wants to knowTried having meetings running aboutSame as I did when I started outNow though different"
  • Nobody Know - Alexis Strum
    "I've never been good As good as I should But why the hell, uh I'm thinking it's time to come out And tell the world That I'm your girl And you're my man Cos they figured it out now Guess you weren't"
  • Nobody Knows - Eric Carmen
    "(eric carmen/david smalley) When I see the way she looks at him Hurts so bad you know it's such a sin To see her love him, while I just walk on by Nobody knows What it does to me (nobody knows) No one"
  • Nobody Walkin' - Tim Buckley
    "I left my baby standing in the backdoor crying I left my baby standing in the backdoor crying She said "you got a home as long as I got mine" She said "you got a home as long as I got mine" And nobody"
  • Can't Nobody - Smokie Norful
    "Can't nobody do me like Jesus Can't nobody ever come and take His place Can't nobody do me like Jesus Nothing ever stays the same Everything changes Every time I call His name Lord I wonder who would"

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