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Nobody perfect, but theu need lerfection

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Nobody perfect, but theu need lerfection

  • Nobody Is Perfect - No Fun At All
    "Can't believe what I said Cause I know that we will last for a long, long time You heard what I said And maybe now it's time to slow things down So please don't believe what I'm saying Try to forgive"
  • Nobody But You - The Black Keys
    "Nobody babe Nobody but you, darlin' Nobody babe Nobody but you, darlin' On my mind Baby I need you, darlin' Baby I need you, darlin' Nobody baby Nobody but you, darlin' On my mind Baby I'm on my knees I'm"
  • Nobody But You - Don Williams
    "Who, by touching my hand Makes me understand, questions my heart is asking Who, opened my eyes, made me realise Love is everlasting Nobody but you, nobody but you Nobody else, could love me, like you do Nobody"
  • Nobody But You - James Taylor
    "Everybody knows that I'm just a Joe that likes to hang around, talking about my problems, bringing other people down. Well this may be so, but not long ago, I was sitting on the top of the world. Sure"
  • Nobody but you - Perry Como
    "When there's trouble on my mind I'm feelin' low I long to find some peaceful place to go Who gives me sympathy? Who's always good to me? Nobody but you! When this world has got me down I need a friend"
  • Nobody But You - Al Green
    "Darling you were meant, for me, for me, for me. Whatever you want baby, You know I got it. For you, for you,I want it for you. You make my dreams, you make my life true oh babe. You make my life, oh my"
  • Nobody But You - Kenny Loggins
    "Some day is finally come Open up your eyes to the truth You know it's a magic thing A man needs a woman like you You bring all the morning light Like a sun through the window You clear up the cloudy skies You're"
  • Nobody But You - Girls Aloud
    "You are so beautiful, yeah I need your love, I'll take it all You are so damn divine, I'd like to peel back your love and climb inside The rain goes into hiding When I see you in the crowd Cos I - I,"
  • Don’t Need Nobody - Ellie Goulding
    "I've been too numb to understand I'm just a victim of the weapon in my hand So many casualties of love But I've been bulletproof I'm staring at the sun! I was the one you took home Never a flame to burn"
  • Nobody - Amy Studt
    "Sometimes it seems that I have no place. And I don't know what to do, with myself. Night after another, I can taste the filth inside. And I need to cleanse my soul. Nobody knows, nobody cares that I"
  • Nobody - John West
    "It’s your lips, your kiss, your touch The feeling of your body Girls it’s so amazin The scent of your hair I love the way you smell, its amazin Girl you’re so amazin They’ll never understand, it almost"
  • Nobody - The Doobie Brothers
    "Evil ways of practice may surround you Callin' on your inner core of life But your father was just a complex man of business And your mother merely portioned out your fright But run the risk of a sudden"
  • Nobody - Donna Summer
    "Hey you, over there come on down out of my sky I've been a long long time waiting wonder why some people say say they say that love comes only once some people say say they say that love comes only once but"
  • Nobody - Shawn Desman
    "Oooh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Verse 1: When I think about my baby I think how lucky I am To have somebody who can love me Love me for who I am Girl for me you just are so perfect Just the way you are No"
  • Nobody - Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N)
    "Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N) No.1 Nobody Lyrics: g. gross, c. capek Music: g. gross, c. capek, g. raschke Refrain: No, nobody does it better than you Nobody makes me feel like you do Cause you are the sun"
  • Nobody - Five for Fighting
    "Take off your shoes... Take off yourself Take off your rented mental health Take off your raincoat... settle down Take off your nightmare and your frown There is a place for you to go To see another"
  • Nobody - Canibus
    "You know this rap game is a lot like high school and high school is a lot like life You see in life, you got to do things to set yourself apart from your peers you need to identify the qualities that separate"
  • Perfect - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
    "I used to ignite the fire Consuming me I fanned the flames of endless Opportunity But now I believe I have everything I need I've lost my mind just to find it Now I see That nothing is perfect Not you,"
  • Perfect - Stemm
    "What the f**k is my name There's no shame in my game I reached out to you But all you could do turn away I'm not goin away I'm goin for self so f**k everyone else Still the same I'm lookin your way You"
  • Perfect - Fairground Attraction
    "I don't want half hearted love affairs I need someone who really cares. Life is too short to play silly games I've promised myself I won't do that again. It's got to be perfect It's got to be worth it yeah. Too"

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