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NocKing on the heaven door

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NocKing on the heaven door

  • I Hear Hear You Nocking - Dave Edmunds
    "I Hear You Knocking You went away and left long time ago Now your knocking on my door I hear you knocking But you can't come in I hear you knocking Go back where you been I begged you not to go but you"
  • Girl Next Door - Girl Next Door
    "Small town homecoming queen She's a star in this scene There's no way to deny she's lovely Perfect skin, perfect hair Perfumed hearts everywhere Tell myself that inside she's ugly Maybe I'm just jealous-I"
  • The Door - Neal Morse
    "Giving up the time we've got to live the life completely Giving over to the lust that rageous in the mind The Captain fills his place with gold while all the ship is sinking Calls himself the Bishop-Prince"
  • Knocking On The Door - Hillsong United
    "We will give ourselves no rest 'Til Your kingdom comes on Earth We've positioned watchmen on the walls Now our prayers will flow like tears 'Til You've shared Your heart with us God of heaven, on our knees"
  • Knocking on the door - Hillsong
    "We will give ourselves no rest'Til Your kingdom comes on EarthWe've positioned watchmen on the wallsNow our prayers will flow like tears'Til You've shared Your heart with usGod of heaven, on our knees"
  • Heaven - Monster
    "I look at you And before my eyes it's true The girl of my dreams Is not quite what she seems Open your door Turn on the light Show me some more Tell me it's alright Heaven is inside you Heaven when I"
  • Heaven - Amy Sky
    "When the sky starts to darken The thunder starts to roll And the rain falls on me Like pebbles on my soul There's a lantern that's burning bright Like the moon shining in your eyes And it pulls me closer Until"
  • Heaven - Gotthard
    "Show me the way to your heart I am searching But Im drifting apart Everything's gone, far away Here were standing now With no words left to say Gave you power Fell on the floor Silence, never thought"
  • Heaven - Skid Row
    "Got a picture of your house, And your standing by the door, Its black and white and faded, And its looking pretty worn. See the factory that i worked, Siluheted in the back, The memories are gray"
  • Heaven - Warrant
    "Got a picture of your house And you're standing by the door It's black and white and faded And it's looking pretty worn See the factory that I worked Silhouetted in the back The memories are grey but man"
  • Door - Caroline Polachek
    "Back in the city I'm just another girl in a sweater Perpetual novice Signature on a check made out to you Took ten laps ‘round the planet To prove what I wasn't And the door slams hard behind you When"
  • Heaven - Nas
    "(If Heaven was a mile away) Would I pack up my bags and leave this world behind? (If Heaven was a mile away) Or save it all for you? (If Heaven was a mile away) Would I, fill the tank up with gas and be"
  • Door - Martha Wainwright
    "There's a door Handle's cold Made of iron & brass And this door it used to lead Into what is now my past If you were to have opened this door It would have lead you on to a floor Where my mother had played"
  • Door - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Door You don't have to wait in line But you do it all the time I'd be happy to pay the fine My decision's not a crime Get out of my face I don't care if you're not Jase If it's me you must"
  • Mirror Door - The Who
    "If you don't hear me, how can I tell you If you don't listen, why should I speak If you're indifferent, how can I reach you Just 'cos you're angry don't assume I'm weak Howling Wolf, and old Link Wray Dave"
  • Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Avalon
    "In my closet A spot is worn from hours and hours upon my knees I step inside The quiet's like a doorway to a world of peace One thing I don't worry 'bout I can't wear my welcome out I keep knock, knock Knockin'"
  • Knockin On Heaven - Avril Lavigne
    "mama,take this badge off of me i carn't use it anymore. i'ts gettin dark too dark to see i feel i'm knockin on heavens door knock,knock,knockin on heavens door knock,knock,knockin on heavens door knock,knock,knockin"
  • Heaven Hang On - Shaun Groves
    "He yells through the night~ with a face full of fight~ stepping over the ring that she wore~ she runs for the car~ but she doesn't get far~ His boot kicks her hand from the door~ and there on her back~"
  • Door to door - The Cars
    "All us angels wearing studs Yeah, plastic mouth melts in the sun Oo, running colors everyone Cause we're all in prison having fun Oh, perfect pictures hang around Well, delusions swing you up and down"
  • Door To Door - Creedence Clearwater Revival
    "Find me out a-walkin', Time the whistle starts a-callin', Maybe stoppin' early, Knockin' at your door. Take so long to answer, Lord knows, it ain't the milkman Could be stoppin' early, Sellin' door to"

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