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Nocturne Epik High

  • Nocturne - Bonnie Pink
    "Sayonara no kassai wo ukete mou ichido arukidasu Brand-new na jinsei wo kimi nashi de Suteta mono wo kakidashitemo kaeranai Nai itsumo no genki nante Natsu ga kite one step aki ga kite two steps Fuyu"
  • Nocturne - Billy Joel
    "Nocturne was released as an instrumental piece. However, there were lyrics written for it. These are those lyrics. When it rains I watch the window Golden dreams Wash down the willow Where are my Mardi"
  • Nocturne - Radigost
    "Daylight leaves this world again, the burning ball called Sun now again must go down, behind the inaccessible line. Wings of the night are low above me, night wrapped deserted fields, mist is trembling"
  • Nocturne - Ash
    "A song for the baby in your womb, A song for your body in the tomb, A song for the dreams woven in your room, Come true soon, Never let you come to any harm, Never take my future from your arms, I'll never"
  • Nocturne - The Human Abstract
    "Hollow self indulgence leading the way In the wake of intent that day At the faultline, at the faultline we were Searching for answers Filthy crimes, power play Grasping for our lessons overthrown, lessons"
  • Nocturne - Sophie B. Hawkins
    "Nightmare bring me to the dawn I must ride your body on Deep inside me I know you can hide me from harm I the secret that you bear Born of anger and despair Who will strangle me Who will untangle my hair Come"
  • Nocturne - Spongecola
    "Laid my head on a pillow Watched the night go by Watched the checkered pillowcases come alive Silence croons me slowly And i wonder how you are Are you sleeping soundly You don't quite feel as far Saw"
  • Nocturne - Red Delicious
    "Daylight fades, my love Static hums but you can't hear it where you are You're disconnected This is my only song I'll sing it soft to you tonight and hope you hear Hear me and answer If I give, will you"
  • Nocturne - Rush
    "Did I have a dream? Or did the dream have me? Set off on a night-sea journey Without memory or desire Drifting through lost latitudes With no compass and no chart Flying through hallucination Distant"
  • Nocturne - K
    "Nee, itsuka kizuku? tsumetai boku no yubi ga kami ni fureta Koto Kasuka na omoi ga mune o uchi setsunakute ugokenai Gin'iro no ito o nagasu youni toukai suru eien ni Aa anata no koe mo nioi mo mou todokanai Boku"
  • Nocturne - The Hoodies
    "Stay all night long. These walls won't talk or share our secrets, they are safer here than in an iron cage. No one will know or see the gentle glow light up the room. We'll take this to our graves. I"
  • nocturne - Kartky
    "a kiedy wszyscy już śpią to będzie szalona noc zabrałem więcej niż to co mogłem nie wezmę cię ze sobą na dno a kiedy wszyscy już śpią to będzie szalona noc zabrałem więcej niż to co mogłem nie wezmę cię"
  • Hollywood Nocturne - Brian Setzer
    "(B. Setzer, 1995) There's a place where you can go Music's hot and lights are low But there's something you should know Before the night is through 'Neath the buzzing neon sign Dressed in style so cool"
  • Hollywood Nocturne - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
    "written by B. Setzer There's a place where you can go Music's hot and lights are low But there's something you should know Before the night is through 'Neath a buzzing neon sign Dressed in style so cool"
  • Fly - Epik High
    "heemdeuljyo? (heemdeuljyo) oneuldo janeenhan sesangeun neoreul peeootgo keo-oorap'eseodo keejookgo ddo hollo sooljaneul peeoogo dont know where to go tan hanbeone sheelsooro modeungeoseul anko kogaeruel"
  • Photo Album - Epik High
    "Tablo: epikeui noonmoolnage geochin namja Mithra Jin epikeui geunama jeil jal saenggin DJ Tukutz epikeui mwo k-heh ije da aljanha Tabeulro geurigo neo yeah, ...high skool~ modooga moolotji gwayeon ooriga"
  • Harlem Nocturne - Alicia Keys
    "(piano) Drop it Yeah, yeah Come in for a minute, Welcome back It's just me and you in this room right now There's so many things that are on my mind Ah yeah, ah yeah Sometimes it's hard to say"
  • Confession Nocturne - Diam's
    "Ouais c'est qui l ? Mel, c'est Vi ouvre moi Ca va Vi ? T'as l'air bizarre. Qu'est ce qu'il y a ? Non, a va pas non. Ben dis-moi, qu'est qu'il y a ? Mel, assieds-toi faut que je te parle,"
  • Winds nocturne - Jenny Stigile
    "Wishing on a dream that seems far offHoping it will come today...Into the starlit night,Foolish dreamers turn their gaze,Waiting on a shooting star...But, what if that star is not to come?Will their dreams"
  • Seduction Nocturne - Sacrilege
    "(Music: Bergholtz, Dinsdale, Svensson) (Music: Dinsdale, Svensson) Rise, angel of night, in glamorous pride and spread thy polluted wings Destroy the fundamental conditions for our existence beneath contempt Feed"

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