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Noir despot��

  • Despot - Windir
    "Seduced by the fire of power Blessed with the gift of deception I will become the reigning master Fullfilling my desires for perfection My strength is your comfort, your shield and protection Your godly"
  • Despot - Pulse Ultra
    "Waking in this state The world seems strange to me How can something so beautiful shine on something so dreadful? Realized this too late You sell them short for what they are One day they'll show you"
  • Catholic Despot - Kreator
    "Catholic's dictator Swine without compasion No respect for others life Godsent corrupt saint Rampant, organized crime of the cross Rituals justified ways to express The oldest lie in support of the Heartless"
  • Noir - Pascal Obispo
    "Noir come les tches sur mes devoirs A chercher des chappatoires Aux pensions et leurs dortoirs Aux pensions et leurs dortoirs Noir comme une perte de mmoire Que l'on voudrais encore avoir Pour passer"
  • Noir - Minas Morgul
    "Du bist mein Stern. Komm gib mir doch Mein Herz zurck. Du bist mein Schatz. Ein kleines Stck vom Glck zurck. Oh, grausig Herz erbarm dich meiner! Mein Glck ist fort und finden will's mich Nimmermehr! Nimmermehr! Vergessen"
  • Noir - Saturnus
    "Tears to fill the despair dreams to hunt forever so fill up my cup with emptiness again and chase those blackenened dreams on more time Nevertheless I'm gone The drone of snow as i breathe every second"
  • noir - Kuban
    "Heh, posłuchaj do końca Ty Siedzę w domu i przemawia we mnie introwertyk I do ziomów nie oddzwaniam, to już chleb powszedni Kolejny powód mam do chlania, jakiś pierdolnięty No i zrozum w końcu, mała,"
  • Noir - SUNMI
    "[?] I’ve already seen it before I feel so high [?] Oh, I am glad I don’t know why [?] Bad ending Out of nowhere [?] Out of nowhere [?] you know what you’re talking too much [?] people on the creation [?] [?] I’ve"
  • Au Noir - Diesel Kass
    "(Mariusz Wach, polski bokser wagi ciężkiej wystąpił w awangardowym teledysku elektro-akustycznej grupy Diesel Kass. Obraz powstał do utworu „Au Noir” z nadchodzącego albumu zespołu zatytułowanego „Shades")"
  • I'aigle noir - Patricia Kaas
    "Un beau jour, ou peut-tre une nuit, Prs d'un lac, je m'tais endormie, Quand soudain, semblant crever le ciel, Et venant de nulle part, Surgit un aigle noir, Lentement, les ailes dployes, Lentement, je"
  • L'aigle Noir - Barbara
    "Barbara Miscellaneous L'aigle Noir Paroles et musique : Barbara (ddi Laurence) (c) 1969 ditions Marouani 1 Un beau jour ou peut-tre une nuit Prs d'un lac, je m'tais endormie Quand soudain, semblant"
  • Romance Noir - Skank
    "Fim de semana, fim de tarde Eu mexo o gelo do copo com o dedo Melhor sozinho, at porque A solido uma velha amiga As persianas clichezadas No filtram a poeira dourada Esse escritório as vezes d impresso De"
  • L'Aigle Noir - Patricia Kaas
    "Un beau jour ou peut-tre une nuit prs d'un lac, je m'tais endormie quand soudain semblant crever le ciel et venant de nulle part surgit un aigle noir. Lentement, les ailes dployes lentement, je le vis"
  • Hotel Noir - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Two glasses on a glass-top table. Lights are low, the ashtray's full. he talks of all his conquests--letters ringed with hearts and crosses. He left them in the drawer (at Hotel Noir)--unanswered, yet"
  • L'arbre Noir - Nino Ferrer
    "Ce grand arbre noir Ce ciel plein de fume Devant ma fentre Aux vitres embues Ce feu qui brle et craque Ces reflets sur ces murs Le parfum de ces fleurs Sur ces meubles obscurs Et le bruit De ces gouttes"
  • Film Noir - Carly Simon
    "(J. Webb/C.Simon) Got on in New Haven Last car on the train. Put my hat on the seat, Wipe the tears from my eyes. I watched my life go by, Like a movie in my brain. Scenes unreeling; In a sceneless chain On"
  • Film Noir - Peter Hammill
    "He casts himself as an adventurer, all foot on floor and hell for leather; she never told him what he meant to her perhaps that's for the better. She's never clearly seen dividing lines between real life"
  • Expresso Noir - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Crushed in the corridor, swimming in smoke. Broken leg, aching head - tried polite conversation in braille. Broken French. Though my friend chews his garlic, he's dead from his head to his sandles. I tear"
  • Filth Noir - Zeromancer
    "Sometimes you Just have to Risk it all to get what you want Sometimes you Just have to Risk it all to get what you want Now tell me (I just want you to know) Now tell me (I just want you to know) We're"
  • Guitar Noir - Helldorado
    "The most sensitive string in my soul was tuned so high that it menaced to break It shivered in fear of its own song, but dared not the calm to awake I thought that I had to, my premonition said don't, let"

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