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Noisy summer 91

  • Noisy Summer - The Raveonettes
    "Chewin' On A Whip Your Little Dress Is Tight Gonna Make Me Burn Gonna Make It Right Tell Your Little Stories And I'll Never Hope That I'll End Up Right Beside You When It Comes I'm Gonna Make It Good This"
  • The Summer Of '91 - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
    "Lying on the shady grass Afternoon, there's always something happening Friends go floating gently by I'm listening to a song inside my head Although the summer's past Those mythic dreams would never last Do"
  • Noisy Talking - Ganggajang
    "Sick and tired every day, they make me mad and it's always the same Yapping at me here, yapping at me there, noisy people everywhere Noisy talking, Oh Yeah they're noisy talking Every time I go to parties,"
  • Noisy Boys - Sparks
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) Whispering breeze and the sound of the rain on the awning Candlelight music, the sound of the rain in the air All of that makes me feel nervous I know it's part of your life But once"
  • Noisy Head - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
    "Shepherd says to sleep tonight He will watch us sheep tonight My big brother in the satellite Will keep us safe from harm The watchdogs all are dozin' now The polygraphs are frozen now Hush your voice"
  • Spirit 91 - Fool's Garden
    "Take a walk go downtown Move slowly and take care Look around and think about it, What they tell you everywhere Monuments of glory, Monuments of fame Shouldn't we believe in your dream A glimmering world"
  • 91 Unda - Disiz La Peste
    "9.1., trop hard, 9.1... Disiz La Peste Rputs pour la dbrouille Les mecs du 9.1 s'embrouillent et se goument ne font pas de sous en douce, ils marchent tous en crew En Essone, trop de discorde mais"
  • Freedom '91 - New Model Army
    "It's time to rebuilding Dresden, the great machines come a-rumbling in The desecration of the ruins and everything that might have been You showed me the square in the melting snow As the light was beginning"
  • Psalm 91 - Lincoln Brewster
    "I won't be afraid anymore Of the terrors by night Or the arrow that flies by day And though a thousand may fall At my side And though ten thousand may fall In Him I'll put all my trust CHORUS He who dwells"
  • Salmo 91 - Soulfly
    "Voc que abita com o amparo do altssimo,E vive sombra do onipotente, diga a jav:"meu refgio, minha fortaleza, meu deus, eu confio em ti!"Ele livrar voc do lao do caador, e da peste destruidora.Ele o cobrir"
  • Glam Slam '91 - Prince
    "Glam Slam Everybody grab a body, pump it like U want somebody {x2} CHORUS: Glam Slam Everybody grab a body, pump it like U wanna party Glam Slam Everybody grab a body, pump it like U wanna party Hey"
  • Tainted Love '91 - Soft Cell
    "Sometimes I feel I've got to run away I've got to get away From the pain you drive into the heart of me The love we share seems to go nowhere And I've lost my light For I toss and turn, I can't sleep at"
  • 3. Oktober '91 - Reinhard Mey
    "Ein ungewohnter Hauch von Feiertag liegt auf der Stadt Kein Stau, kein Lrm, die Schienen der Strassenbahn glnzen matt In der Vormittagssonne. Noch ein Sptsommeridyll! Die Lden sind geschlossen, all die"
  • Get Wise '91 - Mr. Lif
    "(Verse 1: Edan) I be the E to the D-lux, A to the N-fo All you businessmen ain't saying it again I got rhymes galore, much more than your Rap dinosaur, poor self-claimed connoisseurs Literature hurts when"
  • I'm The Man '91 - Anthrax
    "(Anthrax / John Rooney) 1991, Always on the run Seven years ago we wrote this one Like Ernest and Julio, before it's time Seven tears later and it's holding up fine Stupid mother fuckers like to slag"
  • I'm the man 91 - Anthrax
    "1991, Always on the run Seven years ago we wrote this one Like Ernest and Julio, before it's time Seven tears later and it's holding up fine Stupid mother fuckers like to slag us and dis But there was"
  • Home Sweet Home ('91 Remix) - Motley Crue
    "You know I'm a dreamer But my heart's of gold I had to run away high So I wouldn't come home low Just when things went right It doesn't mean they were always wrong Just take this song and you'll never"
  • To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts - Matt Nathanson
    "She dont lie in bed at night Staring at the ceiling She dont wait to begin She bets on long shots She wants what theyve got She skates where the ice thins On and on, we keep going Crowded like subway cars On"
  • Summer! - Nick Carter
    "Here I sit in my room And I feel like I'm doomed Cause it's snowing and cold outside Winter sports are okay But they don't make my day And I hate being stuck inside As I look at the calendar 6 more months Man"
  • Summer - Eric Burdon
    "Ridin round town with all the windows down Eight track playin all your favorite sounds The rhythm of the bongos fill the park The street musicians tryin to get a start Cause it's summer Summer time is"

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