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Nonpoint Generation idiot

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Nonpoint Generation idiot

  • Nonpoint - Believer
    "Toxic waste corrupts the air Adulteration of man's breath The sky pours forth rains of acid Waters of life now bring death Clear cuts espose the land Forest ravaged by greed Corporate lies being bought Destruction"
  • Idiot - Slick Idiot
    "Slick Idiot !! ......Speed It Up !! Every Talker Needs A Listener, Every Ship Needs The Open Sea, Every Can Needs A Prisoner, Every Day Needs You And Me. Between Euphoria And Depression, I Still Find"
  • Idiot - Duels
    "It comes at night, you know. The idiot sleeps and the idiot talks to the ether, to the cold night air. "This can't be right," he groans, "Bakunin's child, can I be both wild and defeated? What a cross"
  • Idiot - Coldplay
    "So I was an idiot I was a goddamn idiot Because I came here so violent Because I came around here so violent I said yes I was an idiot I was a goddamn idiot Because I made you think for it Because"
  • Idiot - Raggabund
    "Etwas verfolgt mich, ich wei nicht was. Irgendein Fluch, irgendein Hass Wei nicht warum, weshalb wieso lsst das hier alles zu der Herr Jesu christ Da ist ne Lady, schn wie ein Stern Coca Cola Shake Wunderbar"
  • Idiot - Lisa Marie Presley
    "Please remember me Forever believe in me As someone whose never gonna wish you well Im gonna tell you what I think about you in that unforgivable way I do Youre an idiot And I hate your guts I guess Im"
  • Idiot - One Hit Wonder
    "We all know you're freezing No covers to hold down Selling books for money your pusher's comin' round You've got missing fingers and you've got missing toes But nothing ever stops you from bringin' your"
  • Idiot Song - Idiot Flesh
    "The idiots are here and all they've brought is candy. The idiots are here and all they need is love, love, love. The idiots are here and no one can tell just what can be wrong. But no one goes around like"
  • Generation - Ziggy Marley
    "Many generation have passed away Fighting for the same cause, we fight for Today Now some people say when will it happen And that's what they say, now let us tell Them something My generation will make"
  • Generation - Air
    "Air Miscellaneous Generation ================== Air - Generation ================== How are you going to make me? How are you going to take me? If I don't want to go, If I just don't want to know. Chorus:"
  • Generation - Army Of Anyone
    "They get what they give ya you get what you get they take what they take on no matter what you said Or maybe it's just apathy Or maybe We don't question it So help us in this mess The fault of all of"
  • Generation - Anew Revolution
    "We are the voice of our lives, But no ones listening. We hang our words on the lie, But doesn't mater any way. And how long, how long, Can I fake this? And how long, how long,,, My generation, A division, Come"
  • Generation - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    ""I don't feel at home in this generation The ones without a need they ain't got a reason I've been feeling alone in this generation I've had a realization No one really listens nothing's really there I'm"
  • Generation - Simple Plan
    "(Listen!) (Ohh...whoa...) (Whoa...ohh...) I'm sick of all this waiting And people telling me what I should be What if I'm not so crazy? Maybe you're the one who's wrong, not me So what you gonna do? What"
  • Generation - Blog 27
    "Drop your education Coz things aint what they seem view the situation I know they wanna take control Sound the early warning There's something goin down Generation calling I see you coming Come on, come"
  • Generation - P.O.D.
    "Hey pretty lady, why you lookin so grey?Why are you worried about tommorrow, if living is for today?Time flies, keep passing you by.They see you going under, and they all wonder whyOh why, can you hear"
  • Generation - Raid
    "Your choose to face the world With a gun in your hand A cruel reality you just don't understand by following these trends this gangster shit is in By playing it blind you overcome your sins Generetion Unfortunately"
  • Idiot Road - The Arrogant Worms
    "All towns have a place Where decent drivers are not safe Where traffic law is touch and go Where the posted limit does not bind And half the drivers seem to blind And the other half is stupid, whoa,"
  • Idiot Twin - Rialto
    "My idiot twin Like a second skin I just can't shake him He's my stupid Siamese A terminal disease Forgive me please (CHORUS) My idiot twin He's part of me But one day I'll kill him He is my idiot twin When"
  • Idiot Savant - The Queers
    "You know he read a couple books And now he shoots me dirty looks As if he thinks he's better than me A condescending attitude Well I hate to tell you dude Can't even buy a vowel on your SAT's Some cruel"

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