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  • Nora - Blessid Union of Souls
    "I went to see my grandma today I learned the difference between Living and alive Wall to wall roaches in a two by four infested room Lying there in pain Praying for the Lord to take her Nora - I hope"
  • Nora - Cancerslug
    "nora nora send your body down its nice to see you dead again downtown thanks for comming around its nice to f**k the dead again downtown i found her dead in the alley trash downtown when i was ten if i"
  • Nora - Paweł Izdebski
    "spójrz, niewygodnie ci ze mną ze mną wstyd nie pozwala ci stać tu ze mną , mówić głośno idź jeśli chcesz to idź sama, sam nic nie pozostaje nic co może pomóc wstrzymać ogień nie wszystko skończy sie"
  • Oh Noor - Fly To The Sky
    "oh noor ha roo do nae guh shi ah nee uh jyuh han soom bboon ee jyuh nae eer ha roo do geu rur guh yae yo geu dae ma eum ahn ae deur uh gar bi mir weh joo moon eur cha gee juhn gga jin nan mae ir ee baek"
  • Noor Teab Mis Teeb - Ruja
    "Ei teised inimesed mulle korda le, mind vite vahtida, kuid mina teid ei ne. Kik siin on minu pralt, sest ma olen noor, energiat on mul tulvil iga rakk ja poor. Sa anna mulle ks tubakas, vi muidu ln! Vi"
  • Nora Marie - Tyler Hilton
    "I know, you know, that I just can't decide which way my heart will lead me But you just sit, I think Boy what should you do now Just wait until you sink me Girl I don't see nothin wrong with you and me"
  • Nora El Nora (Entering The Ark) - Orphaned Land
    "Nora El Nora, ne'ezar begvura shuvi elay malki Dodi refa, nafshi nichsefa, lebeitach malchi Nora El Nora, ne'ezar begvura Nora El Nora, ne'ezar begvura shuvi elay malki Dodi refa, nafshi nichsefa, lebeitach"
    "Unë jam mama! Sonte s'ka me flejt, ta-ta Hajde k'ce mashallah si mamba ¡Ay, caramba! ¡Ay, caramba! Heki ta me sinta se vjen Melinda Spicy, chiquita, rrinë me bandita Sexy kjo çupa, rrinë me mangupa Ju"
  • Little Swing (ft. Little Sis Nora) - AronChupa
    "Her knees, feet and elbow Work their thing into a mamba The scene starts to crumble To the sound of the drums Ow boy, there ain't no need to buy that diamond ring It ain't no big thing, just show her a"
  • Llama In My Living Room (ft. Little Sis Nora) - AronChupa
    "My neighbor’s knocking and I open carefully He looks a bit like Ron Jeremy He;s screaming at me Damn you little Albatraoz Whole he smells like chips and calavadoz He said what the hell is going on What’s"
  • Time Nor Tide - Hank Locklin
    "Time nor tide will never change its way love like mine goes on day after day True as stars that twinkle in the blue time nor tide won't change my love for you Though the changing years may gray your golden"
  • Hide Nor Hair - Ray Charles
    "Ohhhh, I was lying in the bed with fever And I was, burning up inside My baby walked, in my bedroom And I could hardly open my eyes She said that she was going to the pawnshop Just across the track She"
  • Nor-Nori-Nork - Gozategi
    "eusko jaurlaritzak dio dirurik ez dagoela baina zer kasualitate gurea falta zaiela! baina laster ikusiko dute, joder! potrotaraino gaudela, joder! potrotaraino gaude! nor-nori-nork, baldintza ta subjuntibo,"
  • Rule Nor Reason - Billy Bragg
    "The wind sways the trees and the raindrops on the leaves Tumble down, down my neck in the breeze Yes, it's true I hid out in the shadow of your doubt, And this medal that I wear is not for bravery, I'm"
  • Love Nor Money - Linda McLean
    "There's not much going round here any more these days Too many people counting the cost We got rock singers in gods' kingdom all piped in on a colour TV They move their moves, move their mouths and"
  • De Goede Nor - Jan De Wilde
    "De politie was wraakroepend bestiaal. Met gekloven lip, gebroken neus en dodelijk moe van de derde-graadsverhoren kwam ik toe in de goede nor van Leuven-centraal, waar de dokter me verzorgde als een kind, waar"
  • Nemo nisi nors - Lilith
    "Abyssus abyssum invocat Accipiat cineres terra paterna meos You were my daydream You woke me up And what has left here My dearest, my love Am I waiting for the dawn that will never come Now you are my"
  • Here nor There - Andy Stochansky
    "Did you ever want to go? Leave love to those who know Did you ever say "I'm stuck in the middle" Or the fear of being hurt The one you loved could be so curt And then you say "I'm stuck in the middle" So"
  • Nor Par (Jan Jan) - Inga and Anush
    "How can I stay? When you are away. What can I say? If you gonna tell me nothing. How can I smile? When you are alone. How can I be without me? Without me we cannot be Cant you see? We arent free, Fixed"
  • N.O.R.E - Noreaga
    "If You Latino Right Now Stand The **** Up!!! SBK...(SBK) Alive...(Alive We Comin' Up!) With Nina Sky...(Nina Sky Wassup Girls?) N.O.R.E & Tego...(N.O.R.E. , Tego) Gem Star...(Gem Star) Big Nato..(Ah Big"

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