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Not My master

  • Master! - Patryk Smolarek
    "don’t tell them I am here I am barely … I … on this world they don’t all care about me … but I can do what you want I can be what you need I can do everything for you but I can do what you want I can"
  • My Master - Christy Nockels
    "The day You heard my plea You looked right through me You saw the pit I was in, You came and pulled me out You set my feet upon a rock and put a new song in my mouth Then You called me Your own and I'm"
  • My Master Beckons - Shadow Man
    "I sleep with eyes shut completely tight I hear the call to awake and rise I know now my time has come tonight This is my life I float from my bed like a phantom does From the tomb that I adored the most But"
  • Dancing Master - John Entwistle
    "I'm gonna pull your strings And make you do things, That you really don't want to do I'm gonna spin you around, Screw you into the ground, 'Til I make a star out of you. I'm the dancing master I'm gonna"
  • Master Song - Leonard Cohen
    "I believe that you heard your master sing when I was sick in bed. I suppose that he told you everything that I keep locked away in my head. Your master took you travelling, well at least that's what"
  • Master Game - Mercenary
    "Hope Try not to hate me in the dominion deny yourself this or meet thy fall stretch your banner i'll break your kingdom do assemble forces now let the game commence disrespect yourself from all your lies father"
  • Master Control - Liege Lord
    "(Lyrics: Vinci) (Music: Truglio) When far futures calling and your needs at hand I'll be your creation, with you I'm hand in hand Since my automation I've learned to think for man Now you're not able"
  • Master Hunter - Laura Marling
    "I am a master hunter I cured my skin, now nothing gets in Nothing not as hard as it tries You want a woman because you want to be saved But I'll tell you that I got a little lot on my plate Well if you"
  • Wig Master - Xiu Xiu
    "You said, "I will build you a bed of cactus where you can sleep when the night is too sharp." I said, "I will cover you with wax and light your hair like a wick when the night is too cold." you don't think"
  • Master Builder - Absurd Minds
    "One emotion. (nie geboren, nur getrumt) grows up inside of you. (Du bist meine Projektion) What do you think, what do you feel? Are you virtual or are you real? What you think and what you do is a version, that"
  • The Master - Freddie Foxxx
    "I'm in the midst of the mike and I'mma get live and crazy cause I ain't met rapper that's yet to phase me beats are played like a horse in the third then the voice of the rapper freddie foxxx is heard (I"
  • Microphone Master - Das EFX
    "Verse 1: Dray I iggity am what I am I comes to get biz so bust the jam I might not be the man but y'all I still proceed to slam, I cram to understand why these rappers try to faze me They must be crazy"
  • Master Thesis - Canibus
    "This is the master thesis underneath the deepness Come to micclub.net where you can read this run a plot on a map hyper space 'ya From the society for scientific exploration color is vibration, vibration"
  • Drunken master - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "Yeah, now we're gonna give a shout out, knowumsayin'? Def Jam, knowumsayin'? Niggas like Method Man, Redman Say all the artists here, knowumsayin'? Bacon Lot, knowumsayin'? I don't need no introductions,"
  • Master Exploder - Tenacious D
    "Aaah! Arghhh! I do not need, (he does not need) A microphone (a microphone) My voice is fuckin, (fuckin) Powerful! Aaah! Arghhh! Sorry I did not mean, (he did not mean) To blow your mind (to blow your"
  • Master-Dik - Sonic Youth
    "One two, one two, one two titty I know every nook and cranny in New York City We're Ciccone and that's enough I'm the Royal Tuff Titty And you gotta taste my love Taste my love Yeah Come on everybody"
  • Master-Dik - Sonic Youth
    "One two, one two, one two titty I know every nook and cranny in New York City We're Ciccone and that's enough I'm the Royal Tuff Titty and you gotta taste my love Taste my love Yeah Come on everybody"
  • Station Master - Gordon Lightfoot
    "In the dawn's early light from a long and sleepless night She returned again this morning from her long and restless flight And her red hollow eyes did not show her much surprise As she lay right down"
  • 1-900 Master P - Master P
    "G ride, homicide, hoo ride 4 deep Thats how we late night creep See in Cali' fools be gettin' their serve on And at the side shows cars got it going on With that candy paint plus that ??? So many"
  • Master Master - And One
    "master master tell me why you and i fly so high master master what i see is oil for me charity master master gimme more need some war like hundered times before gimme more master master"

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