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Not a love bars and melody

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Not a love bars and melody

  • A melody - Eternal
    "Maybe I'm a fool To feel the way I do But it's clear to me,that I'm the one for you Maybe it's a dream A fairytale unseen But it feels so real When I imagine you.... I imagine lying by your side Whispering"
  • Behind Bars - Forgotten Rebels
    "Love makes the streets again. Do you remember when? You laughed and called me names. Times changed, you're not the same From inner city hell. Dead walls and smoking smells. You used to be a child. Waton"
  • 120 Bars - The Game
    "Baby this is real shit my record sell slow I'm show you my dick Hit a breakdown No 400 bars yet, I don't need that I'm gas, your whole click is ass, I mean that G-Unot cocksucker, better believe that I"
  • 75 Bars - The Roots
    "(Black's reconstruction)I'm from the land of them straight razor face beard niggasWith hammers on their waist, yeah, waste rare niggasAnd I race scared niggas, them snake head niggasThat take care of niggas"
  • Deadly Melody - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "I don't have the thought to care Its off, its my cross to bare Lost the cross i used to wear. i am cost aware Partnership with darkness, we're an awesome pair Sought position, wall facing office chair In"
  • Melody - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Goodrum) Melody Even in my life's confusion I still feel you near In my dreams Telling me your not illusion You belong to me Melody I believe in you Melody In my heart Melody I still reach for"
  • Melody - David Crosby
    "(David Crosby and Craig Doerge) Melody You are my reason for being In my life's coldest season I I keep on seeing you melody I am such a patchwork of a man Out here trying to catch Every whisper that"
  • Melody - Cher
    "Melody you're my oldest friend I can talk to you What a day it's been out there In the madden crush Another day's gone dying in the dust Melody, listen for the phone While I change my clothes He knows"
  • Melody - Audio Adrenaline
    "For so long I've been sleeping Dead Inside In so many ways, so many ways I've tried to hide But you breathed deep into me Your melody What was life before You? I don't remember I don't remember life"
  • Melody - Ray J
    "Yeah, Melody get me II just wish that I could hold youWhile you're slipping through my fingers, as Im playing the piano,What is that sound it sounds so beautifulAnd I just wanna be close to youClose enough"
  • Melody - Joy Electric
    "Soon the goodness King will hear your heart From within the castle to his warm hearth Granting Hope and Wisdom to your soul The evil spell of sadness has been broken In your heart, there's a world of"
  • Melody - No One
    ""Don't go far away" You say, but when I say "How about we go together?" ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- Well, I know that it's early And"
  • Melody - Icarus
    "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Let Your Heart Be Light. From Now On Our Troubles Will Be Out of Sight. Yeah Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Make the Yuletide Gay. From Now On Our Troubles"
  • Melody - Andy Gibb
    "(written by Andy Gibb) You took me through the night Didn't think I'd last your ride And now I'm here alive And I'm heading for the floor You were part of all my dreams And you made them come to life And"
  • 300 Bars And Runnin' - The Game
    "(INTRO) My mama took me to Sam Goody's I wanted to buy a 50 Cent CD I took that shit home That shit was wack like a muthafucka Don't fuck with Game I like 50 Cent He reminds me Spongebob And Tony Yayo"
  • 200 Bars and running - The Game
    "What the fuck is all this noise? He from Cali he can't rap He ain't better than this nigga That's my favorite artist Fuck y'all hear the breakdown No detox I'm comfortable dog Like the solo Reeboks right"
  • Bare - The Cure
    "If you've got something left to say You'd better say it now Anything but 'stay' Just say it now We know we've reached the end We just don't know how 'Well at least we'll still be friends' Yeah one last"
  • Love To See Me Fail - Bars And Melody
    "i know you love to see me fail love to se me fail fioirst you blame it on the look now you balme it on the fame but the only thing that’s changed is I’m finally getting paid I know you love to see me fail you"
  • Winter melody - Donna Summer
    "Emptiness and just a memorylove is gone with nothing left for meall those wasted feeling for something I no longer haveI never knew that love could hurt so badWinter melody, winter melody, winter melodyplay"
  • My Melody - Pen Queen
    "(Intro) Uh, it's all for you, my melody boo This lovin' is all for you, break it down, how you feel about this verse 1 Reminiscing to back in our beginning Sweet politicing in the heart of the village We"

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