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Not the one offspring

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Not the one offspring

  • Offspring - Del The Funky Homosapien
    "(Del) Aiyyo whattup El-P? (El) Yo whattup Del-phonic? (Del) Nuthin man; I was on the bus the other day man tryin to listen to my Walkman This motherf**ker all in my face Tryin to holla at me and shit I'm"
  • Offspring - Company Flow
    "(del) aiyyo whattup el-p? (el) yo whattup del-phonic? (del) nuthin man; I was on the bus the other day man Tryin to listen to my walkman This motherf**ker all in my face Tryin to holla at me and shit I'm"
  • The Quiet Offspring - Green Carnation
    "A choice were made and it came clear to me The quiet offspring fucked it up again So I was brought up on the sunny side Got into fake from day one But I knew better then the rest of them Don't count the"
  • Eviscerated Offspring - Dying Fetus
    "Immortal Gods Of Life, Cast Into Waves, Bleed For The Maker, Drowning In His Faith, No Ressurection, Crush The Lifeless Spawn, Preview Of Tomorrow, Dying Dead, Already Gone, Without Face Or Features, The"
  • Beheaded- Offspring - Polaris
    "Mommy doesn't have a head any more Keep it underneath my bed on the floor Well that's alright, that's OK She never really used her head anyway Daddy called me a silly bore Bet he won't say that any more Because"
  • Not The One - The Offspring
    "I'm not the one who made the world what it is today I'm not the one who caused the problems started long ago But now I deal with all the consequence that troubles our times I carry on and never once have"
  • Not The Only One - And One
    "Living a life of kings and queens Building a castle out of dreams You still remember all their names Before the world went up in flames And it's too late you'll find To satisfy a restless mind Time claims"
  • One Hundred Punks - The Offspring
    "They customised their gear and synchronised They flame out in the streets with flame in their eyes Guerilla operator ain't heard of cool Check out any hundred punks rule One hundred punks"
  • Not The One - The Midway State
    "so here I'm trying to climb your window, I'm trying to make it seem like I'm head over heels. It seems I've fallen after twelve feet; I'm lying on the ground. You wait in your room, but no hero will come"
  • Not The One - Zoe Girl
    "Sick of all the games This story's getting old It's time for a change I'm gonna take control I'm not an object or possession You played with the wrong girl And you don't own me anymore The game of love"
  • Not The One - Al Stewart
    "It's the kind of grey November day that washes away reflections In the eyes of hotel porters And the latticed wooden benches by the sea contain no travellers Or Irish lady authors And the girl in the raincoat"
  • Not the One - Amanda
    "You broke my heart One too many times Heartache and pain Was all I could find Boy, you're caught up in the game But I know that even though You're not the same You should know what's right Only a look"
  • (Not) The One - Bebe Rexha
    "Oh my god, here we go I drank a little too much again Now I'm stuck in your bed again Oh my god, I'm too close, oh But this feeling is so damn good Guess I'm loving it more than I should I know I should"
  • The Last One - Number One Fan
    "I know I change my mind all the time, but this one's gonna stick for awhile. You wanted everything right, I wanted everything wrong, That way I could walk away from the mess, 'Cause you don't impress"
  • Last One - Days Of The New
    "Alone with pain I thought i'd made a friend Why do you leave now Is this what you've planned Wait your turn It's a long time Before you'll breathe Stay underwater and tell me are you free I cannot complain The"
  • I'm Not The One - The Cars
    "i'm not the one that you'll be shooting for i'm not the one who's coming back for more you know why we've been through this so many times you know why it's never clear it's pantomime going round and round 'cause"
  • The Last One - The Music
    "The whole world follows them as echoes respond to sounds. one thought leads to another thought the mind is the battle ground. you are holding on To all that really matters You wonder, why All this had"
  • Not the first, not the last one - Tesco Value
    "I just hold it back sometimes I let it out when it fits the rime The volunteer will fit his Sting thats why you'11 hear the volunteer sing Stick to what belongs to you don't let them change your point"
  • The Last Last One - The Weakerthans
    "You always stole all my last words. Here's no exception then, one more for me to send. And nothing happens in the end. I'm thinking of you less, more concerned... and more is less, I guess it doesn't matter"
  • You're Not The Only One - Badlees, The
    "Badlees, The The Unfortunate Result Of Spare Time You're Not The Only One I was sad and lonely as can be When an angel appeared in front of me And she said to me "you're not the only one" And i said "darlin',"

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