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Nothing goonna change

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Nothing goonna change

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Nothing goonna change
  • I Nine Change Nothing
    "Wake up, but I haven't been asleep Wondering, did it happen just for me Change, nothing Change, nothing Bleeding, yeah, but the time won't ink it down Holding on, holding on to these places we think we've"
  • Sharon Van Etten Nothing Will Change
    "Maybe something will change Maybe something will change Remember when you saw me on the street And then you looked in my eyes? You helped me with the tire change It had been a while and I thought that"
  • Number One Fan Nothing Will Change
    "Don't go away yet. I haven't felt this dead in years. This room's full of people With drinks in their hands, And nothing but nothing to say. Don't go away yet. It seems like everyone I love is gone. I'm"
  • Daniel Merriweather Change
    "i saw a dried up withered old rich man turning on a garden hose, i see a young man picking up a gun i guess thats where the money goes (yeah), am i just as good as a bad man sleeping when the rest are"
  • Sarah Connor Change
    "I just wanna give you something you can talk about Although it's kind of controversial, betcha think about You're looking fine, it's kind of strange Sometimes you really dream of a change All the talk"
  • Carlene Carter Change
    "(Carlene Carter) Well I stayed up all night I've been doing it for years Sleep is not my friend 'cause dreams just feed my tears So I laughed my way around I've been everybody's girl I drank for forgiveness"
  • Kill Your Idols Change
    "I used to think life was just a waste, so many limitations but there's so much around to taste but change and motivation turned my life around all the time I though I lost has suddenly been found Chorus:Its"
  • Patty Griffin Change
    "Dog comes howling up behind you, sinks his teeth in your legTells you how now things are going to be a little differentAnd he takes you down a pegYou make him ashamed for you, he buys you a new dressBecause"
  • Dolly Parton Change
    "(Dolly Parton) Someday when I'm over you And when I think I'm able to Well, I might try to be Your friend again But your restless heart And rovin' eyes My jealousy, these endless fights I've got to get"
  • Incognito Change
    "What we got here Is not a fool's dream We really feel the need We've come to ground Like prisoners on the run Just minutes away from freedom Ain't no use in fooling ourselves We really feel the need Whatever"
  • T-Pain Change
    "('''Intro, Diddy''') I'll do anything for you For you I'll change the world No more wars No more poverty No more hurt No more pain You showed me how to love again For you I'll change the world Pain Sing ('''Chorus''') If"
  • Oingo Boingo Change
    "Don't you ever wonder why, nothing ever seems to change If it does it's for the worse, seems it's just a modern curse Sometimes when I take a peek outside of my little cage, Everyone looks so asleep, will"
  • IdleMiND Change
    "I walk in silence I speak only to myself alone I break from pressure To pressure again and again on my own I pierce the surface I'm weak, but that's just because I'm alone I dream of freedom But that's"
  • Justin King Change
    "I can't tell which way to turn All the voices in my head Is the choir insane? And nothing's being said The train is raging And the seams seem to want to tear (?) And it's quiet outside But we're falling"
  • Crazy Town Change
    "Now in these cynical times Sterotypical minds Got me falling from my pinnacle the minute I climb Now these subliminal thoughts got individuals blind I'm trying to look beyond the lies Just to see what"
  • CrazyTown Change
    "Now in these cynical times Sterotypical minds Got me falling from my pinnacle the minute I climb Now these subliminal thoughts got individuals blind I'm trying to look beyond the lies Just to see what"
  • Kiros Change
    "This can't go on, anymore Cause I am geting tired of asking why The way we feel what you desire Are we purified in fire? Can we make a difference now? Can we change? Nothing will make any sense Without"
  • KT Tunstall Change
    "The wind is cold tonight Or so I am told I don't really know And as I kill my light There's nothing left to show How does that blow at you? And if I change Am I denying what was said? If I remain the"
  • American Minor Change
    "Oh mama Yeah Don't hang your head Virginia You're just wasting your time We all see stormy weather Somewhere on down the line Hear people talking crazy Like there's no turning back We see the preachers"
  • Peter Cox Change
    "What's hanging you up? What's getting you down? Open your soul to me There is no part of you I don't want to see You can't be all you hope for All of the time No one can So just be yourself tonight Let"

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