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Nothing to loos

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Nothing to loos

  • Nothing To Lose - Nothing To Lose
    "I was born long ago on a ghostly grave where everybody knew how to behave I don't wanna know...I don't wanna learn how...to play! I must confess I thought I knew everything there was to know about you I"
  • Nothing - Archive
    "Always vague Talk about nothing Always made to mean nothing Always vague Talk about nothing Always made to mean nothing Always made to mean nothing Always made to mean nothing Nothing Nothing Come"
  • Nothing - Flipper
    "Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing You don't care so you say, 'Cause it's Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing Not to believe is what you believe Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing It's all a dream in the"
  • Nothing - Society 1
    "Nothing Nothing for me Nothing for you Nothing Nothing to see Nothing to do Nothing Nothing to give Nothing to prove Nothing Nothing to see Nothing to lose Nothing for me Nothing for you Nothing to see Nothing"
  • Nothing - Depeche Mode
    "Sitting target Sitting waiting Anticipating Nothing Nothing Life Is full of surprises It advertises Nothing Nothing What am I trying to do What am I trying to say I'm not trying to tell you anything You"
  • Nothing - Jebediah
    "I'm on the outside. And now there's nothing left to think about Because there's nothing going in or out And now there's nothing left to live without With so much nothing left to go around And now there's"
  • Nothing - Dwight Yoakam
    "I couldn't change your heart I couldn't change your mind So I just have to learn to live with This empty life you've left behind You didn't try to hear You didn't try to see No you just stared right through"
  • Nothing - Dusty Springfield
    "(Bob Elgin / Frank Augustus / Clarence Lewis) Baby, if a wall of stone were built around your heart Oh, don't you know, don't you know? I would tear the wall apart 'Cause nothing, nothing, nothing, I"
  • Nothing - Oomph!
    "When will I start to break my chains When will I start to take the pleading Your nothing could change me Your nothing could save me When will I stop to cut my veins When will I start to stop the"
  • Nothing - Angelo Kelly
    "Strike me first hit me down, down to the ground Have me cursed lay them cards hide undergroud Don't you thirst for some light some air a simple sound It will burst the fall will come it won't take long The"
  • Nothing - Walk in Darkness
    "'We have lost everything we could have lost and we leave again in low light, in the oblivion of the falling leaves thinking we have always been here as if we never born as if we never die' We can see ships"
  • Nothing - Norther
    "Every day the pain comes back again The grief that tightens it's grip, day by day Loneliness it haunts me, makes me cry Feels like the world has abandoned me I'm weak, I'm nothing, just a shadow of my"
  • Nothing - Edie Brickell
    "Are you in a bad mood? Don't you wanna talk about it? Did I say somethin' rude? You don't have to cry about it. Aren't you feelin' okay? Would you like a little company? Or did you have a bad day? Are"
  • Nothing - Aeon Spoke
    "If it was between us, Then I'm still amused. So let me go. I've got more damage to do, on myself. I'll just go. There's nothing left to lose. Nothing. If it was the pressure, Then I'm blowing"
  • Nothing - Holden & Thompson
    "Nothing to hold the falling So how can I survive this sinking feeling Don't you know it's gone too wrong Early warning How could it have come to this We're dyin' tryin' It's a long way down but no one"
  • Nothing - Oomph
    "When will I start to break my chainsWhen will I start to take the pleadingYour nothing could change meYour nothing could save meWhen will I stop to cut my veinsWhen will I start to stop the bleedingYour"
  • Nothing - Gary Jules
    "There is no fortune to be made here It's just a town like any other town Sure there must be good things left to say Can't think of one So I won't say Nothing Wears a pretty face and armor She's"
  • Nothing - John Newman
    "I came here tonight, I know I’ve been reborn Give you one last chance before I move on I can’t stop remembering, it’s only tearing me apart I’m suffering, I’m struggling to get this all out of my heart "
  • Nothing - Chicane
    "Of every moment I can't stop movin' on now I leavin' town so, the reason I won't give you I have no memory of everything we've done now If you don't carry me then I might fall Refrain: In your sweet"
  • Nothing - Cancerslug
    "and it dont mean nothing to kill a beautiful girl no it dont mean nothingat all - and it dont mean nothing to hold her in your arms even if her body is not warm - i want to be alone i want to see your"

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