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November Moon

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November Moon

  • November - Tom Waits
    "No shadow No stars there's no moon and No cars November It only believes In a pile of dead leaves And a moon That's the color of bone No prayers for November To linger longer Stick your spoon in the"
  • Sweet November Soundtrack - Wave
    "Time has come, what's done is done It's time to move on To another place, another space, maybe circling some other sun Don't ask why, don't ask how I still can't explain To say goodbye, goodbye for now"
  • November - Juli
    "Frag' nicht nach morgen, denn er bleibt dir verborgen. Frag' nicht was gestern war... Wir zieh'n unsre Kreise auf unserer Reise. Wo eben noch Sonne war... Wir ertrinken zu zweit in unseren Worten. Wir"
  • November - Duncan Sheik
    "The past we seek Some certainty The seasons we remember The light of May...and darkest days The month we call...November To leave behind The wasted time And every bad decision ...and harder still Some"
  • November - Prager Handgriff
    "Ein Schleier schwer wie Blei; und grau wie kalter Stahl liegt auf dunklen Feldern; auf Bumen schwarz und kahl Die Stimmen ferner Raben; Geruch von nassem Laub ein Schleier schwer wie Blei; liegt auf meinem"
  • November - Milk Inc.
    "It's Not That Bad At All It's Not That Big A Deal Everyone's Assuring Me My Fortune's 'Bout To Change But I've Been Here Before I Don't Need No One To Tell Me That Life Is What You Make Of It Believe"
  • November - Milk Inc
    "It's Not That Bad At All It's Not That Big A Deal Everyone's Assuring Me My Fortune's 'Bout To Change But I've Been Here Before I Don't Need No One To Tell Me That Life Is What You Make Of It Believe Me"
  • November - Emerson Drive
    "She was sittin' on the park bench feedin' pigeons on Beacon Hill I was takin' my dog Jack out for a run, we had little time to kill I still don't know if it was Jack or me that somehow caught her eye But"
  • November - Scapegoat
    "I've come to look down on forever For every reason that was ever contrived Forever used to mean the two of us within our bed Your side left vacant since the day that you died And it hurts to be alone when"
  • November - Laleh
    "Well you know me I've never been afraid I always jump into it With my whole heart and no shame And the thoughts that I'm left with Is making such a mess There's nothing more confusing than the loss You've"
  • November - Gemma Hayes
    "November Has taken its toll And if I know better There's more to come And the ocean is waitin' at our backdoor You know we could leave But we know in our hearts There's so much more We will find a way"
  • November - Silverstein
    "Fragile leaves hit the ground. The cold air drifts into my lungs. I see your face through the fog. Reminds me of the dreams you lost. I can see it in your eyes. You're broken down; your hands are tied. I"
  • November - Church
    "I am the first sonAnd I am the only oneI live among the bramblesWhere the black river ramblesI eat only flowersThen I retain their powersI love my belladonnaI love to lose your honourAnd I am the second"
  • November - Staubkind
    "Kaltes Licht spiegelt sich auf dem Asphalt Stck fr Stck trgts mich vorwrts ohne Halt Und ich frage mich warum sich meine Welt sich weiter dreht Warum die Farben hier verblassen und mein Traum nicht weiter"
  • November - Nocte Obducta
    "Etwas ging und etwas kam - der Schnitter lud zum Umtrunk ein In frostiger Taverne sa ein Mnch, von seinem Gott verlassen Schnee, vermengt mich Knochenmehl, fiel auf die Sanduhr von Freund Hein Und einsam"
  • November - Azure Ray
    "So I'm waiting for this test to end, so these lighter days can soon begin; I'll be alone, but maybe more carefree, Like a kite that floats so effortlessly; I was afraid to be alone, but now I'm scared"
  • November - Atomic Opera
    "...came and right away we're lost we're all alone and lost It's easy to say (so I noticed) It's better to say that you don't believe A few half lies (If you survive) The winter came with a bitter rain"
  • November - J Church
    "As the rain falls hard it fills the cracks on Mission Street, There's a hole in my shoe and it?s letting water soak my feet, I don't know why I curse the sky because it won't stop the rain, I don't know"
  • November Rains - Harry Chapin
    "When November rains it rides the cool wind you need somebody holding you tight When November rains you need somebody caring you want somebody sharing your night (CHORUS) When November rains that's when"
  • Sweet November - Case
    "you see there are 12 months in a year but the month that is so special to me that touches my soul is a november a sweet, sweet november! Case, Montell, RL, Jazz, Musiq like an angel sent to chase my"

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