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Now That We’re Dead

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Now That We’re Dead

  • Now That We're Dead - Metallica
    "When darkness falls, may it be That we should see the light When reaper calls, may it be That we walk straight and right When doubt returns, may it be That faith shall permeate our scars When we’re seduced,"
  • We're dead - Eskobar
    "Feeling so Hungry now And it grows Until dawn When we're fed By our master In the shed And he does 'Til we're dead Because he knows We got something he really needs So Tokyo Lights make you believe In"
  • Tell Everyone We're Dead - Promise Ring
    "Caught without people or drink. I don't know what else to think. but I'm going to grow wings and sing, "Amen, I'm checking out." So withdrawing within the drawing room, Drawing you. Drawing you. Remember"
  • Now That We're Men - Spongebob Squarepants And Patrick
    "(SPONGEBOB & PATRICK) Now that we're men We can do anything Now that we're men we are invincable Now that we're men We're going to Shell City Get the crown, save the town and Mr. Krabs Now that we're"
  • Now That We're Apart - Conway Deborah
    "Deborah Conway What's the point you're trying to make here I'm so tired I'm losing heart Talking round and round, your mouth is forming sounds Nonsensical now that we're apart Here we go, the words spill"
  • Now That We're Done - 112
    "Got to try my best to reach the lowest low To a place where no one goes If you let me taste your soul I'd let you taste my funky emotions And I'll cover you with me In a pool of ecstasy There's no place"
  • Now That We're Done - Metro Station
    "Everybody get down. She's just a friend, you see You always agree You know I lie but you still trust me And you believed with so much hope But i'm the one who let you go Now that we're done I'm so sorry Why"
  • Dead Dead Dead - South Park
    "Dead, Dead, Dead, someday you'll be dead Dead, Dead, Dead, someday we'll all be dead. The minute we're born, we start dying, We die a little more every day.. Young or old, rich or poor, There's nothing"
  • Dead - Therapy?
    "We, we used to be friends We used to give a shit about each other That was then This is today You, you took my love You took all of my trust You took my drugs It wasn't enough Back in the day"
  • Dead - King Diamond
    "Heaven, or Hell Heaven, or Hell Heaven, or Hell Where are we now? What is this place? Don't you remember little brother? We died, we're dead I wonder what are they going to do to me Am I going to"
  • Now We're One - Buddy Holly
    "Now we're one and I love you so hold me - tight never let me go make the feeling run up my spine you know I'm yours and you are mine now that we are married baby - we don't have to worry now we're"
  • We're Alright Now - John Hiatt
    "Done pretty good now babe Keepin' the lights on this last little while Nobody trying' to hunt us down for somethin' we done wrong Got no reason not to smile The sun come up every mornin' Even when it's"
  • Now - Negativland
    "Guns, guns, guns! Guns, guns, guns! Looks like fun, doesn't it? Well, rocking and rolling on full auto is a lot of fun. "we felt the women had been ignored" "I, I like the, the feeling of, of the machine"
  • Now I'm Dead - Exploited
    "Seen the add on my TV set Join the army, be a man Join the army, learn new skills Learn to kill and maim your friends! And now I'm dead But nobody cares It's part of the job British soldier on tour of"
  • Now I'm Dead - The Exploited
    "Seen the ad on my tv set Join the army be a man Join the army learn new skills Learn to kill and maim your friends Now i'm dead And nobody cares It's part of the job British soldier on tour of ulster"
  • Now That We're Not A Family - Brokop Lisa
    "(Phil Dillon) As a child they were the world to me I was the quiet and trusting kind She gave me love, he gave me honesty He told me he and mom couldn't get along It was time for him to leave I said,"
  • We're Mad - The Toy Dolls
    "Insanity is everywhere, It's a pity it's everywhere we go... We're mad John, Sirens are wailing everywhere, Wars underway... Down comes a bomb From the sky to the ground, The score's two one It's the"
  • We're Mad - Toy Dolls
    "Insanity is everywhere, it's a pity it's everywhere we go... we're mad John, sirens are wailing everywhere, wars underway... Down comes a bomb from the sky to the ground, the score's two one it's the enemy's"
  • We're Back - DMX
    "(feat. Eve, Jadakiss) Ruff Ryders ("They're BAAAACK!") This is what you're tellin me, okay It all comes down to this huh? Okay This is what you fuckin tellin me? That this is it? Okay (GRRRRRRRRRR) How"
  • We'll Sleep When We're Dead - Bless The Fall
    "Let the light shine in. Cause We're not alone. We're Not Alone. Let the light shine in. Cause We're not Alone. We're Not Alone (We will tear away) This awful feeling, lets start the bleeding. (We will"

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