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  • Youngblood - EMD
    "I guess I knew it, deep in my heart, But I got lost in my echo. In every minute, right from the start, This time around I gotta let you know. Ive been searching high and low and I found a way to go. Theres"
  • She's My California - EMD
    "Tinsel town memories Touches like a summer breeze Every time I think of her, I come alive Technicolor dja vu Eyes of love pacific blue Every time she looks at me, I come alive And I must admit I never"
  • We Can - EMD
    "You take a sip and say you're trying hard to tell me Then there's something 'bout a right to know Pretty eyes, pretty smile, never looked so damn low I say "I love you", now you're cryin' much harder Then"
  • You - EMD
    "It's allright with me As long as you are by my side Talk, or just say nothing I don't mind Your looks never lie I was always on the run Finding out What I was looking for and I Was always insecure Just"
  • All For Love - EMD
    "When it's love you give (I'll be a man of good faith.) Then in love you live. (I'll make a stand. I won't break.) I'll be the rock you can build on, Be there when you're old, To have and to hold."
  • Alone - EMD
    "I never really been the type to be superstitious and I wouldnt say that Im super religious But lately Ive been praying and hoping and wishing Is anyone out there willing to listen Im kind of worried about"
  • Baby Goodbye - EMD
    "You might think that I am radical but I can't go around pretending life is fine, no, no. Dont even miss when love was magical, no, so please dont bother buying me flowers when youre gone, gone, Ref.: Baby"
  • For You - EMD
    "How does it feel when youre on the edge and youre Not getting All that you oughta get? It aint no fun when youre stuck in doubt with a love Burned out Like a cigarette I took a one way ticket on a two"
  • Give Me Some Time - EMD
    "Freeze the time Stay with me Can we linger on Like the stars in the night Take it all Let me feel That you break my fall Save tonight stay forever I know- You know We must- Let go Although its true what"
  • I Lied - EMD
    "I never knew it could feel this way I never thought you would walk away When it was over you called late nights And you said, do you miss me Second thoughts haunting you at night Baby do you regret that"
  • I'm No Romeo - EMD
    "Girl IVe Got A Confession To Make, And IM Sorry If I Fail To Live Up To The Things That You Thought Of Me. I Am What I Am And ThatS All I Can Be And Jennie IM Not Everrything You Believe. IM Human After, WeRe"
  • Jennie Let Me Love You - EMD
    "Ive been waiting for my luck to turn For my heart to burn again Ive been praying But I should have known That youre not alone tonight You should know that I am head over heels for you For you Jennie let"
  • Look At You Now - EMD
    "Waiting by the window Looking like youre never been kissed That used to be you Ponytail and braces Kind of girl you easily miss That used to be you But then tonight I saw you and couldnt believe my eyes Look"
  • One Call Away - EMD
    "Yeah, I know Ive been busy Its been a while since we spoke I might come off a bit flaky But there are things that you should know So I cant always be there when you want me No Ive got other responsibilities I"
  • Run To You - EMD
    "In a perfect world Im no ones fool I would known to kept my cool But thats not the case Im not looking good Im not backing down but I know I should But Im gonna run to u Im gonna try and mend my broken"
  • Life's Longing Moments - Lesion
    "When black deep eyes keep lowered softly, And pick up a part of the world's misteries. A wild wave calls love back and the source of that love Makes it to respect. Passion means the responsibility of this"

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