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Nuty cold water

  • Cold Water - Simon Townshend
    "Cold water pure cold water Water on my face water on my skin Cleanse the soul of me dirty from sin Cold water running down the street Do you remember me? Cold water pure cold water Water on my face water"
  • Cold Water - The Jesus Lizard
    "Three people I dont know, their stairwell, my wheelcahir, their needle, the basement, 6 inches of cold water I begged them, I pleaded, don't do this, I'm not dreamin' No nightmare, nobody can hear me,"
  • Cold Water - Tom Waits
    "Well I woke up this morning With the cold water, With the cold water With the cold water Woke up this morning With the cold water With the cold water With the cold Police at the station And they don't"
  • Cold Water - Damien Rice
    "Cold, cold water surrounds me now And all I've got is your hand Lord, can you hear me now? Lord, can you hear me now? Lord, can you hear me now? Or am I lost? Love one's daughter Allow me that And I can't"
  • Cold cold water - Mirah
    "I saddled up my pony right And rode into the ghostly night It was wide, wide open, wide, wide open I left the only home I knew I stayed alive and I found you Now I take you where the water's deep And make"
  • Cold Water - Anne-Marie
    "Everybody gets high sometimes, you know What else can we do when we're feelin' low So take a deep breath and let it go You shouldn't be drowning on your own And if you feel you're sinking, I will jump"
  • Cold Water Coming - Kristin Hersh
    "That filthy stare... He's on a tear... Cold water coming for the warm water junkies... I found a friend... Lost him again... Poor sucker freaked, and couldn't swim with the monkeys... Away, gone away to"
  • Cold under water - Darkseed
    "I dive into the sea to realms of unknown blue I break the surface to drown in nothingness Calm before the storm Storms drowning everything Floods drowning all You're sinking down Water, deep, blue, cold"
  • Cold Water Symmetry - Fiction Plane
    "Love love is an angel that smokes cigarettes she's trying to kill me I can only say yes take me to your bedroom send me to my death you can't help being what you are the heavens decide the shape of the"
  • Water - Brad Paisley
    "Inflatable pool full of dad's hot air I was three years old Splashin' everywhere And so began my love affair With water On a river bank With all my friends A big old rope tied to a limb And your a big"
  • Cold War Water Sports - Guided By Voices
    "Grand filled father fake maneuver It chills the bones in most mothers But who's choosing Latter day saint's are bruising Expectations great Still they make a moon pie Nice and high like bottle rocket But"
  • Water - Mos Def
    "There's nothing more refreshing (that cool refreshing drink) Than a cool, crisp, clean glass of water On a warm summer's day (That cool refreshing drink) Try it with your friends New World Water make"
  • Water - Reffer
    "Some say water has no taste or smell But today when the storm poured Ravishing like we hadn't seen before Cold drips rebound in my body Heated up by the warmth of the day If i could only rest It would"
  • Water - Lauryn Hill
    ""Verse 1: Moving down the streams of my lifetime Pools of fascination in my sleep Cooling off the fire of my longing Warming up my cold with inner's ease Melting down the walls of inhibition Evaporating"
  • Water - Emil Bulls
    "Well, I just need you to know that there are a lot of things I like to tell you about, but I can't, because I merely got through it. And even if you're something from my deeper inner self what you don't"
    "Każdy czasem jest wysoko, wiesz Co zrobić mogę gdy jest mi źle Odpuść już sobie Oddech weź Nie wolno tonąć samemu, czyż nie? Więc jeśli wiesz, ze toniesz Skacze tuż za tobą Do tej zimnej wody po ciebie I"
  • Cold Cold Change - Midnight Oil
    "Cold cold change, we were so excited But you came and went so soon Cold cold change, we were not invited We smiled all the while we were taken in Cold cold change, bringing in the winter Freezing up the"
  • Cold Water (ft. Justin Bieber, MØ) - Major Lazer
    ""Cold Water" - taki tytuł będzie nosił pierwsza piosenka Major Lazer z albumu szykowanego na 2016 rok - ogłosił nw mediach społecznościowych Diplo. Wiadomo już, że w utworze gościnnie pojawią się Justin"
  • Bitter End - Hot Water Music - Hot Water Music
    "when the day stops do you still believe you were right on and rising when you let your hate endure more prominent than your love or your trust you let it push us away but you can't make me come down anchored"
  • Red Water - Type O Negative
    "Wake up, it's christmas mourn Those loved have long since gone The stocking are hung but who cares Preserved for those no longer there Six feet beneath me sleep Black lights hang from the tree Accents"

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