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Nuty do piosenki five night at freddys

  • Five - Daily Planet
    "By Seth Davis When I get to heaven I want to be a 5 year old forever A little closer to the ground Look at all the change I found in the grocery store I jumped off the couch today, I swear I was not"
  • At Night - Az
    "I don't give a hell what you spit Who you are, where you from... This is...this is projects I don't give a hell what you spit Who you are, where you from And who the hell you be gettin' Urban wolves Dream"
  • Radiowe nuty (Radiowe nutki) - Piosenki dla Dzieci
    "Chciała jesień jabłku grać Żeby mogło lepiej spać Ale jabłko z drzewa spadło – Wolę kupić sobie radio! Bo w radiu piosenek jest tyle Na dobre i smutne chwile Na wrzesień, listopad i luty Najlepsze radiowe"
  • Five Fathoms - Everything But The Girl
    "I walk the city late at night. Does everyone here do the same? I want to be the things I see, Give every face and place my name. I cross the street, take a right, Pick up the pace, pass a fight. Did I"
  • Victory At Five - Halfwayhome
    "Tonight is going to be a night of tragedy, the power's out the lines are risking our safety. Lap water from the stream that flows with kerosene, we'll save ourselves...we'll save the world from misery. It's"
  • Act Five - Peter Hammill
    "CHORUS Late that evening the Lady Madeline again succumbed to the power of her dark afflictions. Her brother and her friend sat by her and Montresor, although familiar with many of the gross and wonderful phenomena"
  • The Five Megamix - Five
    "Five bad boys with the power to rock you Blowing your mind so you gotta get into Five - What you waiting Four if you wanna Three - three Two - two One - let's do it! Everybody get up singing 1, 2, 3,"
  • Five Foot One - Iggy Pop
    "Yeah, I like it Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! I'm only five foot one I got a pain in my neck I'm looking up in the city What the hell what the heck I stare at the concrete The girders eye high The steel's above me There's"
  • Love At The Five & Dime - Kathy Mattea
    "Rita was 16 years Hazel eyes and chestnut hair She made the Woolworth counter shine And Eddie was a sweet romancer And a darn good dancer When they'd waltz the aisles of the five and dime Now Eddie played"
  • At Night - Tha Dogg Pound
    "At night.. (yeahhh!) At night.. (talkin bout - all that shit) At night.. (better not go to sleep nigga) At night.. (yeah! I see you nigga) (Daz) Smokin bomb, feelin loaded, forty yappin, smoke imported Servin"
  • Human (The Five Remix) - Five
    "Chorus: I'm only human Of flesh and blood, I'm made Human... born to make mistakes If 5 boys in da house say it loud If 5 boys in da house check it out (x2) Come on baby dry your eyes, wipe all your"
  • Five Minutes - Pam Tillis
    "FIVE MINUTES WRITER BETH NIELSEN CHAPMAN You look so disbelieving at my suitcase by the door My taxi's on its way I can't take it anymore Lately you've forgotten what loving me's about Well now you've"
  • Five Minutes - Lorrie Morgan
    "You look so disbelieving At my suitcase by the door My taxi's on its' way I can't take it anymore Lately you've forgotten What loving me is about Well, now you've got five minutes To figure it out CHORUS"
  • Five Days - Patrick Nuo
    "it was love at first sight on the second of july met her on the third floor four times in one night it was a little bit of magic and the time stood still she took me to another side she got the key to"
  • Five-O - Nicki Minaj
    "(feat. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda) Where my str8 jacket at... I'm a psycho Where dat white blo, y dey copy my flow If it's not young money, it's a typo Dere dem lights go, we don't talk to five-o We don't"
  • High Five - Big & Rich
    "Run, and I will run with you Faster than light can move, And as far as you want to Wings, maybe we don't have wings But we can do anything, anything Chorus: Look at me I'm dreamin' I just gave the moon"
  • Five minutes - Lil' Mo
    "YesYou have just enteredThe year 2000And they've just arrivedReady to take us outer spaceTo another planetWhere there's only one clubAnd one disco, oohAnd they wanna show us howHeh heh, they boogie, uhh"
  • Five Fingers - Aesop Rock
    "Take take, the medicine tastes great Got the key to the city and wake bake Waiting for the meteor shading at twelve begin paint The origin of a thievery leader will take place Two coke bottles adorn the"
  • Five Sisters - Dane Cook
    "When I was a little kid, I had- I shared everything I had. I had one brother alright one brother, five sisters. Dude, I had to wear a tampon just to fit in. I swear to god. Brutal. They used to dress"
  • Five Carlins - Robert Burns
    "Five Carlins (Robert Burns) There was five carlins in the South, They fell upon a scheme, To send a lad to London town, To bring them tidings hame. Not only bring them tidings hame, But do their errands"

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