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Nuty do piosenki forgive me

  • Forgive - Rj Helton
    "This pain goes on Deep inside my heart Changing all that I knew This feels so wrong I'm tired of being angry But tell me what do I do I feel betrayed and completely over come This is the hardest thing"
  • Forgive - Dogstar
    "sometimes we fly away too soon sometimes we live our lives a little out of tune sometimes in fear we don't look back we find it so hard to forgive someone for being bad everything's OK I'm staring at a"
  • Forgive - NRG
    "Because of such lies Have you given me your tears as a gift? Was it because you trusted me I'll save the words of saying sorry Because I love you so much I only want to say you're the only one I need you"
  • Forgive Me - Hank Thompson
    "FORGIVE ME Writers Milton Ager, Jack Yellen Forgive me, please forgive me I didn't mean to make you cry I love you and I need you Do anything, but don't say goodbye Let bygones just be bygones We all"
  • Forgive Me - Godsmack
    "There's nothing to me now. An empty shell unfolded. How when we learn to pray Inside our demons are laughing How long will this go on? Are we a bit much stronger? Do you think you can save me from living"
  • Forgive Me - Leona Lewis
    "Verse 1 Theres a first time for everything Its definitely one of them nights I knew when I looked in his eyes That he was gonna be trouble for me I never wanted to lie, I knew that my baby would cry If"
  • Forgive me - Infected Mushroom
    "Can you tell me the story that i dont know? Can you show me the picture that i haven't seen before? Can youu do one think for me? Just let me know Can you give me a reason why i stay behind Can you sey"
  • Forgive Me - Ellie Campbell
    "I did you wrong,i'm sorry baby So come on over and let me make it up to you Like the way that you know I can do I can see it in your eyes you're needing me Baby like the way I'm needing you I'll admit"
  • Forgive Me - Rebecca St. James
    "For all the times I've failed You, Lord Forgive me For all the ways I've fallen short Lord, forgive me now God, I'm so in need of grace I fall upon my face Forgive me You see the tears fall down my face Forgive"
  • Forgive me - Donna Summer
    "Every day I give you a reason to cry 'cause I see the hurt in your eyes but stronger yet I see the love that shines help me learn to take on the nature of you and love more than I accuse and pardon others"
  • Forgive Me - Claude Kelly
    "There's a first time for everything Its definitely one of them nights I knew when I looked in his eyes That he was gonna be trouble for me I never wanted to lie, I knew that my baby would cry If he knew"
  • Forgive Me - Dc Cooper
    "In my eyes I know I've failed her I'm not the person that everyone thinks (I am) Over my shoulder she will linger Witness my sins but she never blinks I know I don't deserve her But still she watches"
  • Forgive Me - Ida Maria
    "You read about love in a book somewhere Then you read it out loud what you found in there And you had me for days and you had me for months And I hope you've enjoyed your time of fun Oh, forgive me For"
  • Forgive Me - Cowboy Junkies
    "They tell me God forgives you for almost anything you do They tell me God forgives you for almost anything you do Well, if that's the case, that's the case I think I'm going to kill that man Then drop"
  • Forgive Me - Group 1 Crew
    "Father, I'm going through some heavy things It seems like this world ain't getting any better The more we try to get closer to You The farther we run from Your throne I've spent so many nights wonderin'"
  • Radiowe nuty (Radiowe nutki) - Piosenki dla Dzieci
    "Chciała jesień jabłku grać Żeby mogło lepiej spać Ale jabłko z drzewa spadło – Wolę kupić sobie radio! Bo w radiu piosenek jest tyle Na dobre i smutne chwile Na wrzesień, listopad i luty Najlepsze radiowe"
  • Forgive Me Now - George Jones
    "FORGIVE ME NOW (George Jones) '63 Glad Music I lost her love and started drinking trying hard to stop from thinking And I found that it was not the thing to do But I can't stop my heart from throbbin'"
  • Please Forgive Me - Student Rick
    "Ive held on for so long And theres nothing more to give Ive made my mind up Im gonna live my life again I know I still love you But theres nothing you can do The right things are always The hardest things"
  • Forgive me twice - Brian McFadden
    "I know I've lost youNow what can I doI dont have an answerWords could not erase itI could try but it's so uselessIn the end they're just excusesWho have I been foolingIt seems it's only been myselfThinking"
  • Forgive Me Father - Far From Finished
    "Forgive me father for I've sinned It's been 3 whole days since my last glass of gin The ones that I old dear say it's getting to my head If I can't have me liquor lord I might as well be dead Forgive me"

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