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Nuty na pianino Love me link you do

  • Link - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "Oboete iru kai?Osanai koro kara tsumesakitachi de todokanai tobira ga atta yo neJikan wo wasurete samayoi tsukushitaMeiro no michi wa itsumo soko ni ikiataruMuishiki ni kimi no egao wo sagasu no wa tomerarenaiNani"
  • Weakest link - Lil' Scrappy
    "As far as I can see you're a bitch to me [2x]you the weakest link goodbye [4x]as far as I can see you're a bitch to me [2x]you the weakest link goodbye [4x] They always askin me why I say yaacause I mean"
  • Missing Link - Curve
    "i had a heart but i buried it someplace i had a brain but my body won the race i dream in pictures pictures of you a figure of eight just won't do oh yeah oh yeah you picked the fruit that gave you a sweet"
  • Weakest Link - Trillville
    "(Don P Talking) (chorus) as far as I can see you're a bitch to me (2x) you the weakest link goodbye (4x) as far as I can see you're a bitch to me (2x) you the weakest link goodbye (4x) (Don P) they always"
  • Missing Link - Del The Funky Homosapien
    "Hey, I gotta start it MCs be carted, off ya soft Dinosaur Jr. will flood that's gotta warn ya what in blazes hey this, is phat weigh this I'll portray this photographs, so the last laugh is mine, you're"
  • Missing Link - The Hives
    "If you give up too easily and follow every whim Lose your mind before it could even begin Missing link, it might be what you got, so won't you give it a shot? So you do it all the same and you do it all"
  • The Link - Gojira
    "I want to protect myself from others Dream, I run to a better place hell, illusions, see This state of me unconscious cannot want to undertake to feel my soul I want to build some fire burn myself I decide"
  • Link - System Of A Down
    "Link, he come to townCome to save the Princess ZeldaGanon took her awayNow the children don't playBut they will when Link saves the dayHallelujah!Now Link, fill up your heartsSo you can shoot your sword"
  • Link - Collective Soul
    "I'm sleeping to encompass myself I wake up then distribute what's left With my anger well defused The link to love I now may choose With my heart no more abused The link of love I now may use I'm sleeping"
  • Link - Hurt
    "Są chwile gdy nie rozmawiamy Mijamy się tylko monologami Wcale się nie zgadzamy Nie wiem czy w ogóle coś razem mamy Codzienność zamienia się w czarną dziurę Giną w niej szczęścia chwile Ginie nasze życie,"
  • Link (Fullmetal Alchemist the movie) - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "Oboete iru kai Osamai koro kara Tsubasaki dochide Todokanai tobira ga atta you ne Jikan wo wazurete Zamayoi sukushita! Meiro no michi wa Itsumo soko ni iki ataru Ishiki ni kimi no egao wo Sasagu"
  • You Do Something To Me - You Do Something To Me
    "You do something to me, something deep inside I'm hanging on the wire for a love I'll never find You do something wonderful then chase it all away Mixing my emotions that throws me back again Hanging on"
  • Na na na - One Direction
    "Liam : We've got a bit of love hate You take me to the edge then you hit the brakes I say it's over one day But then I'm crawling back begging you to stay We make up then we break up all the time Liam"
  • Na na na na - Nasri
    "Yeah, sometimes you so in love but you cant find the right words to say So say this. na nanana nana nanana na nananana See my girls been number one since the day that we met And I just couldn't resist"
  • Na Na Na - Lloyd
    "Yeh Sometimes you are so in love and don't have the right words to say, say this Nanana, Nananana yeaaaaaaaaaahyooooeu Nanana, Nananana U see my girlfriend number one since the first day that we met,"
  • Do You Love Me - Visaci Zamek
    "Cas: 3:47 Kdyz teda chces tak se vrat zpatky Horoskop pootocis jen trochu dozadu Veci zustanou dal na svych mistech Ja se z pod nich uz nejak vyhrabu Ne ne ne ne Otazka zni Do you love me Pak rikas ze"
  • Ohh Na Na Na Na - Ashanti
    "ohhhh oh yeah im so horny baby so come on touch me baby ooh ooh babe * chorus ooh na na na na im so horny and i want u to f*** me im tired of masterbatin got my body shakin no orgasim fakin w/ me ooh"
  • No Missing Link - Dan Bern
    "They look for the missing link There's no missing link They'll never find the missing link There's no missing link We're not something you can figure out with an equation We are the genetic muation Aliens"
  • The Missing Link - Black Abyss
    "The Missing Link The only way you think is black or white The only steps you move are left or right Steered by instinct you dont use your brain Caught between genius and going insane Who should believe"
  • The Weakest Link - Oceans Of Sadness
    "I always try to make things easy I try to survive just by ignoring The possible signs of my redemption And I don't know why but I just fear that Every day I start all over Every day I plan a new world Every"

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