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Ny Trophy Boy

  • Trophy Boy - Ny
    "Hey! Pretty boy you know How the world turns One wrong move and You’ll get burnt I can see you need motivation Let me give it to you Yeah Come taste the fruits of my hustle Fly with me private jet fuel Consider"
  • Ny ny - Ice-T
    "The seventh baby... Chorus: I represent from LA All the way to (NY NY) And when I get down I get down here in LA All the way to (NY NY) And when I parley I parley here in LA All the way to (NY NY) Touched"
  • Ny ny - Angie Martinez
    "DJ Clue.. Desert Storm.. Angie Martinez.. Prodigy.. Live from New York nigga.. Uhh.. uhh.. yo-yo, uhh, yo They say it ain't where you from that it's where you at But where I'm from, y'all can tell, don't"
  • Trophy - Bat For Lashes
    "The trophy that I made for us In fur and gold Got into the wrong pair of hands In truth was sold They bought it for oh so much less Than it was worth And every man that touched it Found a heaven on earth Heaven"
  • Trophy - Good Riddance
    "I suppose you did it out of love I feel that pressure from above I didn't perform quite up to par I only gained another scar I'm not your trophy I will not shine for you sorry for the disappointment"
  • Trophy - Stephen Speaks
    "(TJ McCloud) Call her a trophy, say what you will Tell me it's nothing, an image to fill, her face next to mine like a cheap glass of wine that looks good but just isn't all there "I say you don't know"
  • Trophy - Geto Boys
    ""Who gives a fuck about a God damn grammy?" Yo, Flav, I give a fuck about a God damn grammy But them motherfuckin hoes won't hand me one At least you was invited by the biggots The motherfuckers told"
  • Trophy - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Headhunters, headshrinkers, and long distance runners Dust gathers on mementos -- dust gathers on proud moments Young voices grow thick and old The cheers are distant wearing thin Take it to the wall To"
  • Trophy - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) I see the face your making I hear the words you say You've got to have it your way hey hey so one by one you favor you put them on display your trophies left to decay hey, hey, hey, hey (verse"
  • NY NY - Lloyd Banks
    "Don't talk tough talk unless you walk the walk We grimy, we dirty in New York, New York Blood spill around here and don't care about court Take a pack and bring it back and don't come up short Cause any"
  • Trophy wives - The Automatic
    "Im shaking hands with a heart attackSlow twists and did a flipTreadmill on the conveyer beltCant walk, your jeans will ripWe are aiming for your eyes, for your eyesFor your eyes, trophy bullets, trophy"
  • Trophy Wife - Suburban Legends
    "Hello Madame, I'm here to be your man Take me all around you but be gentle with your kiss Can't you see there's no other, ever loved you better Come with me, and you'll see that I'm all you'll need (Chorus:) Trophy"
  • Trophy wife - The National
    "No nobody wants to beNo no one's loverNo matter what they sayLovers know they are the onesWho one day have to goTrophy wivesI know they wanderAnd find a young young manTrophy wivesI know they wanderOne"
  • Trophy Hunter - Splashdown
    "Luscious blaze East of Eden bein' indiscreet Reckless play Oh please just let me go my way Precious flame I picked the fruit of Casanova's tree Till I'm pass Another medal in the trophy case Heedless"
  • No Trophy - A Band Of Bees
    "Ask the riverman Where the river flows Ask the postman Who he knows There's the memory of mistrust Pushing at the glass makes it stop Laid down dry head to head This is what we want Sold out The figures"
  • Trophy scars - Converge
    "in pure ghost white i see what was mine drowned in jet black that haunts your shadows endless night begins this forked road now bends a forked tongue appears to lead us astray all this that i have"
  • Trophy Kill - The Agonist
    "Often misjudged are the criminals among us Guilty and their sentence is not yet served How broken and dead the reigning race would be If we all got what we deserved All sentient beings are only those that"
  • Trophy Wives - Vanna
    "Scarlet Ribbons fall away She lets down her hair So polished Lips that tear Your heart from Your chest All we are looking All we are looking for I found Young love Nursing an old soul Goddamn I'll lay"
  • Whose Trophy - Normal Like You
    "I'm sorry that I'm not what you expected (nothing ever works out) Need I ignore you now I can't live facing these regrets I won't live without them How will things turn out? You threw it all away, is"
  • King of N.Y - Fat Joe
    "An' bamba clad boy feel dem bobbin try an' test now! Is that? Cut off dem blood-clot nigga don't give a fuck! Watta feel like? Don't know how to kill? Uh-uh.. Saya, Saya!! What is it Khalid, what is"

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