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O she swiple

  • She - Il Divo
    "She forse sara' la prima che io non potr dimenticar la mia fortuna o il prezzo che dovr pagar She la canzone nata qui che ha gia cantato chissa' chi l'aria d'estate che ora c' nel primo autunno"
  • She - The Damned
    "She knows - about all the evil in this world She knows - what blackness lurks in our souls She parts her lips and gives me a literary quip Sharper and sweeter than any cat-o-nine tails whip She makes"
  • She - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Celine Dion L'olympia She Elle Avait dix-huit ans Les cheveux au vent La ligne D'un cygne Qui dpliait ses, , , She Was eighteen years old Hair in the wind The line Of a swan Who's unfolding"
  • She Wrong - Spragga Benz
    "Intro: All ah di girl dem who control dem man, An ah gal come gwaan like sey she waan cause contention, wey yuh do... Yuh tell dat fi mooove along (yuh tell har sey) No she wrong, she caan tek yuh man, Ah"
  • Elle (She) - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Miscellaneous Elle (She) Elle Avait dix-huit ans Les cheveux au vent La ligne D'un cygne Qui dpliait ses, , , She was eighteen years old Hair in the wind The line Of a swan Who's unfolding"
  • She Dominates - Blitzkid
    "Seduction places me in line, revealed to a submissive side. A crack of her whip is fine, latex rubber and blind eyes Cat o' nine tails breaks me down, her discipline is so profound Scars and cuts keep"
  • She Wolf - Shakira
    "s.o.s. she’s in disguise s.o.s. she’s in disguise there’s a she wolf in disguise coming out /3x a domesticated girl that’s all you ask of me darling, it’s no joke this is lacantrophy moon’s awake now,"
  • And She Said - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "genshoku noo dokeshi wa sora no ue te o sashi nobe iu "saa SEROFAN no hanabatake i ikimashoo" ......ochite yuku boku ni amai kaori no mukoo ni kimi o mita utsukushiku mo hageshii memai no naka iki o kirashi"
  • She Fell Away - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous She Fell Away Once she lay open like a road Carbed apart the madness that I stumbled from But she fell away She fell away Shed me like a skin She fell away Left me holding everything"
  • Where She Lies - Jump Little Children
    "Down, way down where she lies No bright evening stars, no skies No wasted away afternoons On mornings that leave so soon No mid--night and lately there's no noon Down where she lies Down where she lies Down,"
  • Blythe Was She - Robert Burns
    "Blythe Was She (Robert Burns) By Oughtertyre grows the aik, On Yarrow banks the birken shaw; But Phemie was a bonier lass Than braes o Yarrow ever saw. ch. Blythe, blythe and merry was she, Blythe was"
  • She s Hotter - T.O.K.
    "Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo!!! T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K HEY!!!! T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K T-O-K She's hot, she's blazin everybody wants her name and I got to get her"
  • All She Wrote - O-Town
    "*All She Wrote* Thats all she wrote left me alone no reason why to read between the lines when you walked out the door I realized in my heart it was all your baby thats all she wrote read between the"
  • He And She - Ray Charles
    "I was I, You were you, And now we're only we. We are one Who were two, Or we had better be. "I now pronounce you man and wife" Are magic words like "Open Sesame.'' But though they made you mine for"
  • She Wanna Go - Colby O'Donis ft. Paul Wall
    "Heyy, Yeahh Come on. Let's go (unh) Let's go, Come on, let's go Konvict Heyy She said she wanna go, go, go, go (uh oh) Back with me to the mo, mo Wanna ride on them fo's, fo's Player's get yours, girl"
  • She loves Dostoyevski - T.Love
    "Wypala fajkę za fajką po zajęciach, kawa i dymOkularnica historię swoją opowiada miW jej oczach mokry płomień mówi mi żeDziś jeszcze zrobi to z kimś, nie jest ważne gdzieA potem mówi: DostoyevskyRaskolnikow,"
  • She A Lie - Eminem
    "{Eminem] Shady, Aftermath (BTOV) {nate dogg] aye bitch, hey! There she goes shaking that ass on the floor Bumpin and grindin that pole The way she's grindin that pole I think I'm losing control hey hey"
  • Me-o-mi-o - Casual
    "The coming of the new Overlordian I, I be the boy within the man so why try I never needed comp, I never wanted comp I feels I exceeded the skills needed I'm rough with the stuff, enough puff they got But"
  • O Yeah - End Of Fashion
    "O yeah I'm raisin' she's a cow The way she's looking at me now...wo-o! When conversation comes my way I say i go to church to pray You know, almost every day That's when she walks away O yeah?! So you"
  • O, Dana - Big Star
    "I rather shoot a woman than a man, I worry whether this is my last life And girl, if you're listening I'm sorry, i can't help it. O dana O dana, come on I'm forevermore fighting with steven "

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