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O.S.T.R. - Chevy Impala

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O.S.T.R. - Chevy Impala

  • Chevy Impala - O.S.T.R.
    "mc nawijają track, że się tego nie da słuchać jakby podpieprzali teksty od Zenka Martyniuka wielu mówi, że już nie ma prawdziwego rapu teraz a jarali się jak tęcza na placu Zbawiciela każdym wersem na"
  • Impala - Jewel
    "I love girl girl love me It not all it cracked up to be Soda pop radio on Dedicate my girl a song Gone are days of simple things Got to buy baby diamond rings Keep it simple just don't brag Got to be"
  • Impala - Quindon Tarver
    "I Love Girl Girl Love MeIt Not All It Cracked Up to BeSoda Pop Radio OnDedicate My Girl a SongGone Are Days of Simple ThingsGot to Buy Baby Diamond RingsKeep It Simple Just Dont BragGot to Be High Speed"
  • Chevy - Pretty Ricky
    "26s on my chevy (my chevy) Chrome on my chevy (my chevy) Candy on my chevy (my chevy) Flakes on my chevy (oooh) Dudes on my chevy (my chevy) Girls in my chevy (my chevy) Screens in my chevy (my chevy) Shove"
  • Chevy  - Cherish
    "Treat Me Like A Chevy You Can Show Me Off You Can Let My Top Back Anytime You Want Baby Come And Try Me Hit The Gas Slow Crank Up My Egnition Take Me For A Roll Take Her To The Spot Take Her To The"
  • Chevy - Cherish
    "A-A-A-A-A. A-A-A-A-A. A-A-A-A-A. (Chorus) Treat me like ya Chevy. You can show me off. You can let my top back. Any time you want it. Baby come and shine me. Hit the gas slow. Crank up my ignition. Take"
  • Chevy Smile - Yung Joc
    "nigga pull out yours tell them what you are shorty see what i did was go and get a real niggar and show them how i am trick daddy and yung joc i like the way the grill on the my chevy slides i like"
  • Chevy Thunder - Spector
    "Not coming back but I can't stop waiting Give me a minute while my heart stops breaking Give me a minute while I fix my tie Give me a minute while I take my life Back into my own hands, There's a Chevy"
  • Chevy Nova - Ghoti Hook
    "Cruising out friday night once again In my 305 "71 A turbo hydromatic buzzing inside As I wonder what I'll do for fun It's by no means, what I'd call A souped up perfect ride But this baby's mine And the"
  • Chevy Van - Sammy Kershaw
    "I gave a girl a ride in my wagon Now she crawled in and took control She was tired as her mind was draggin And I said get some sleep-and dream of rock and roll Like a picture she was laying there And"
  • Chevy Van - Sammy Johns
    "I gave a girl a ride in my wagon Now she crawled in and took control She was tired as her mind was draggin And I said get some sleep-and dream of rock and roll Like a picture she was laying there And"
  • Chevy nights - Survivor
    "When troubles on my mind I like to reminisceIt was a simpler time, on just a night like thisWe were so new to love wed educate a guessI taught you all I knew and you filled in the rest*And I said oohThose"
  • Chevy Novacaine - Mad Caddies
    "Chevy Novacaine the less i feel is the less i know i don't mean to tell you so cause now i've gone out in my mind and my mind aches the way you do i just wanna see it through cause all i have is when"
  • Chevy Malibu - The Dingees
    "Out on the streets anew Make the connection Feel the pulse surgin' through my bones And it's like an infection I'm not the man to say that you can If you look at where it's brought you has it got you"
  • O.S.T.R - O.S.T.R.
    "Lesson twenty one... Kto pierdoli tabu narzucajśc reguły? OeSTeeR! Kto mówi co myśli nie uznajśc cenzury? OeSTeeR! Kto porusza tłumy? Kto szarpie za struny? OeSTeeR! Po to, by dalej to szło i dalej to"
  • Chevy ridin' high - Rick Ross
    "This is, This is, This is, This is...Chevy Ridin' High... (Ross)Chevy Ridin' High...Chevy, Chevy Ridin' HighChevy, Chevy, Chevy Ridin High'Today... Chevy Ridin' High boy, Chevy Ridin' High boyChevy Ridin'"
  • 64 Impala (Gangsta Shit Remix) - Lil Eazy-E
    "(feat. Eazy-E) Niggas keep screamin' that gangsta shit, So I'mma give them niggas that gangsta shit Mama I dig the way you dip & move ya hips, So come here let me whisper you some gangsta shit {It go} Pop"
  • Ridin' Da Chevy - Three 6 Mafia
    "juicy J we finally gotta warm day it's clean in january see I hopped on out my drop-top once again we rollin'chevy pearl paint quater green top's and them goldies dirty bitches shoes and I can't go I"
  • Mr. Chevy Celebrity - Less Than Jake
    "Well I thought all my friends were sane then I met this kid in the fourth grade "let's go throw rocks through the neighbor's windows" I never wanted to go but he would always make me I wanna know what"
  • Ford Vs. Chevy - Optimus Rhyme
    "Ay... Wassup, it's the Optimus. No stoppin' us. Positronic pathways...connected. Alignment...Autobeat. Lalalalala, la laa, la la la la laaaa (X2) Lalalalala Chorus: It's the same old song, digging"

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