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  • Over The Moon - The Innocence Mission
    "I'm over the moon, taller than clouds. I'm sailing along, smiling out loud. Windows, doorways, you can't hold me, branches never hold me, no. I'm over the moon. Can this be the same day of all rain when"
  • Over The Moon - Liv Kristine
    "I was on my knees Crawling through the dry sahara I was breaking down Every wall standing in my way And look what I found: The road to heaven Over the moon Through featherly-light sky I fly I'm over the"
  • Over the moon - Innocence Mission
    "Im over the moon, taller than clouds.Im sailing along, smiling out loud.Windows, doorways, you cant hold me,branches never hold me, no.Im over the moon.Can this be the same day of all rainwhen I was down"
  • Over The Moon - Cher Lloyd
    "I'm over the moon Doing my thing, doing my thing I'm over the moon, Just doing my thing, and I won't come down I'm over the moon, no silver spoon in my milky way When Simon told me I was trouble, all"
  • Over The Moon - Rent
    "Last night, I had a dream I found myself in a desert called: CyberLand It was hot, my canteen had sprung a leak and I was thirsty. Out of the abyss walked a cow, Elsie I asked if she had anything to drink She"
  • Over The Moon - Luka Bloom
    "Two of us caught out in a violent storm Suddenly thrown together in the magical sea of love So much danger coming off the island So much danger headed for the mainland I'll revel in this magic Sitting"
  • Over the Moon - Babel Fish
    "So, you're down on your elbows and knees and now you just go with the flow You used to be easy to please but that was a long time ago. But when you enter her room and when she opens her dream cocoon You'll"
  • Over The Moon - Pretty Things
    "There's a pain I cannot kill And I guess I never will Bluebird of love has knocked me down Sang her songs then left town Oh the lady sang so sweet Had the kids up on her feet Playing the town hall she"
  • Over The Moon - Original Broadway Cast
    "MIMI What's the time? Well, it's gotta be close to midnight My body's talking to me It says, 'time for danger' It says 'I wanna commit a crime Wanna be the cause of a fight Wanna put on a tight skirt and"
  • Moon Over Georgia - Shenandoah
    "He owns a big estate just south of Savannah And a high rise hotel in downtown Atlanta And half the state of Georgia to his name... She'd be set for life in his colonial manor He'd lay the world at her"
  • Moon Over Miami - Ray Charles
    "Moon over miami,Shine on my love and me,So we can stroll beside the roll,Of the rolling sea.Moon over miami,Shine on as we begin,A dream or two that may come true,When the tide comes in.Hark to the song"
  • Moon over austin - Quindon Tarver
    "Sweet Man, Sweet MysteryUnveil Yourself to MeSweet Soul, Lie So StillFlesh Cup, Gonna Get My FillLet Me Rise and FallWith the Wings of Your SheetsWhile the Moon's Full Over AustinThe City Sleeps BelowOnly"
  • Moon over madness - Gino Vanelli
    "There she lies, a vision in the darkInvader of my heartLook at me, behaving like a fool possessedDamned if I'll be doomedBy this woman 'neath the moon over madnessShall I kiss the mouth, stroke the hairUndress"
  • Moon Over Boston - Tanya Donelly
    "When I'm feeling like this I go down to the river And I stand where we stood When we stood there like that I said something, and you laughed You know I'll keep that forever There's a moon over Boston I"
  • Moon Over Austin - Jewel
    "Sweet man, sweet mystery Unveil yourself to me Sweet soul, lie so still Flesh cup, gonna get my fill Let me rise and fall With the wings of your sheets While the moon's full over austin The city sleeps"
  • Moon Over Alabama - Nina Simone
    "Kurt Weill, Bertolt Brecht Show us the way to the next whiskey bar Don't ask why For we must find the next whiskey bar Or if we don't find the next whiskey bar I tell you we must die I tell you we"
  • Moon Over Marin - Dead Kennedys
    "The crowded future stings my eyes I still find time to exercise In uniform with two white stripes Unlock my section of the sand It's fenced off to the water's edge I clamp a gasmask on my head Chorus On"
  • Moon Over Sabaoth - Draconian
    "And their sun doess never shine And their fields are bleak and bare And their ways are fill’d with thorns It is eternal winter there* Oh fathers Kinsman Yield in Glorious Bow For its springtime on Saturn See"
  • The Moon Over Tuscon - Newcomer Carrie
    "We just can't help it so we do it again We just gun the gas and let the wheels spin It's true and I've heard it said We're not so very far from the back of our heads And the moon shines high over Tucson Over"
  • Moon - Dada
    "(oohh) The night before the moon died you realized The flowers that you picked Ya kept locked away Were never to be seen by naked lovers' eyes The night before the moon died you realized The night before"

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