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Oasis Keep The Dream Alive

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Oasis Keep The Dream Alive

  • Keep The Dream Alive - Oasis
    "Four Seasons.. seconds flick and flash... I'm alone A lonely scream provides the scene It's no home Every night I hear you scream, But you don't say what you mean This was my dream, but now my dream has"
  • Oasis - Bennie K
    "Now I'm cruisin' around nukedashita buraunkanSing with me "wo..." kaze wo suikondeNarase kurakushon we ride junction my heart is burnin' upKyuujitsu no sansan to teru taiyou wo se ni"Wo..." kuruma wo hashiraseNarase"
  • Oasis - Bennie K.
    "Now I'm cruisin' around nukedashita buraunkan Sing with me "wo..." kaze wo suikonde Narase kurakushon we ride junction my heart is burnin' up Kyuujitsu no sansan to teru taiyou wo se ni "Wo..." kuruma"
  • Oasis - Petra
    "You give me water in a dry and thirsty land You satisfy my hunger Yo feed me from your hand I was a wanderer in the wildnerness Until I stumbled on your oasis And I will stay here with you Here"
    "You keep me stirring in my sleep at night We're balancing between the wrong and right You keep on saying it's not like before but we're like venus and mars We're like venus and mars We're like venus and"
  • Oasis - Kelis
    "(Unreleased track exclusively from UltimateKelis.com) When I see your face It takes me away to other places Everything just melts away You'll never have to cry when I'm with you Because you are my solitude"
  • Oasis - Enchant
    "My destination is unknown And i've lost my way But I still have water With my rations running low I am so fatigued Can I go much further? Lost and all alone In the blazing heat And it just gets hotter Sweat"
  • Keep the dream alive - Matt Bianco
    "I see you there and think of what we had there's something missing in your eyes I never thought I'd ever make you sad was I too blind to realise don't wanna make you promises I know that I couldn't keep"
  • The Oasis' Heart - Akashic
    "Walking miles on the hot ground While the heat kills the last tears Living a roughness life Losing the faith Where is the stream to save me now? All I can see All I ca live All I can see is my fate I"
  • Keep Love Alive - Modern Talking
    "Bitter sweet, you wasted years Lonely dream about souvenirs Baby, touch an hand and make a friend, tonight Bitter sweet love has no pride Try again time is on your side Oh, strange are the ways of love Come"
  • Oasis - Shabazz The Disciple
    "(Chorus: Repeat 2X) We came a long way up from fighting court cases Running the streets dirty with guns on our waists Tryna be a man feed a fam and build a basis Treaded the sandhills, hip hop is my oasis (Verse"
  • Oasis - A Great Big World
    "Don't cry You're mine For forever For forever I need You now More than ever More than ever Head full of lies Sun in my eyes You make it easy Don't look away These are the days You gotta believe me When"
  • Oasis - Peter Hammill
    "Beside the pool of clear water, fed by a secret spring, your lips are sealed, but in your body language angels sing. I swear on the Bible, swear on the sacred and profane I think I'm drowning in the vortex your"
  • Oasis - Hyde
    "This desert road's forever winding It saps your strength - it has no exit The drying wind The burning sun I'm tossing the burnt out engine aside Nanimo nai sekai de Doko e ikeba ii no ka? Tsuyoi memai Hebi"
  • Oasis - Puya
    "Despues de haber andado por todo el desierto Buscando, buscando, buscando lo que aun no encuentro Ahora lo que yo siento es una sed que mi me quema por dentro; yo le se Aqui esta lo que busco, lo que yo"
  • Oasis - Amanda Palmer
    "when i got to the party they gave me a forty and i must have been thirsty 'cause i drank it so quickly when i got to the bedroom there was somebody waiting and it isn't my fault that the barbarian raped"
  • Oasis - Blondie
    "How many times have you heard How many times did you say I think I'm going crazy You're driving me out of my mind We know it's just an expression A silly little phrase Not the doorbell Not a bird call"
  • Oasis - Afrob
    "'''Chorus''' We came a long way up, from fighting court cases Running the streets dirty, with guns on our waists Trying to be a man, feed a fam and build a basis Treaded the sandhills, Hip Hop is my oasis Es"
  • Oasis - Ugly Duckling
    "Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah(4x) Come on a trip to the centre of the nebulous placeI'm your host (Space Ghost!) on this cosmos chaseIt's a pattern around Saturn, so watch the ringsThen follow the flight plan"
  • Oasis - DBSK
    "Uyoni norul mana na sarang-e pajoso To darun shigan, wimi opso nol manasunika Honjaso nunul tunun meire achimi Dalajosumul nukyo niga ne gyote isuni Momchuji ana nan sumgilsu opso Onuri jinanun goto"

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