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Oasis Slide Away

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Oasis Slide Away

  • Slide Away - Oasis
    "Slide away - and give it all you've got My today - fell in from the top I dream of you - and all the things you say I wonder where you are now? Hold me down - all the world's asleep I need you now -"
  • Oasis - A Great Big World
    "Don't cry You're mine For forever For forever I need You now More than ever More than ever Head full of lies Sun in my eyes You make it easy Don't look away These are the days You gotta believe me When"
  • Oasis - Kelis
    "(Unreleased track exclusively from UltimateKelis.com) When I see your face It takes me away to other places Everything just melts away You'll never have to cry when I'm with you Because you are my solitude"
  • Oasis - Hyde
    "This desert road's forever winding It saps your strength - it has no exit The drying wind The burning sun I'm tossing the burnt out engine aside Nanimo nai sekai de Doko e ikeba ii no ka? Tsuyoi memai Hebi"
  • Oasis - Enchant
    "My destination is unknown And i've lost my way But I still have water With my rations running low I am so fatigued Can I go much further? Lost and all alone In the blazing heat And it just gets hotter Sweat"
  • Slide - Goo Goo Dolls
    "Could you whisper in my earThe things you wanna feelI'd give ya anythin'To feel it comin'Do you wake up on your own?And wonder where you areYou live with all your faultsI wanna wake up where you areI won't"
  • Slide - Tyler Hilton
    "You said I'd slide, into myself, You said I'd slide, destroy myself, Cause when I'd wake, (when I'd wake) Inside myself, (inside myself) I know I'd take, (I'd take) Away from you Chorus: So see, If I"
  • Slide - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "Could you whisper in my ear The things you wanna feel I'll give you anything To feel it comin' Do you wake up on your own And wonder where you are You live with all your faults I wanna wake up where you"
  • Slide - Lunik
    "there's this black knot inside of me it can't be cried away it will stay forever part of me I accepted it one day it can't be beaten out I'm not its master not it's friend sometimes I think that it has"
  • Slide - Rosi Golan
    "I love our silences more, more than the things we say Might have our differences but, deep down were one and the same But Ive been burned so bad cant help it if I pull away When the worlds on fire you"
  • Slide - Bronson Arroyo
    "(by Goo Goo Dolls) Could you whisper in my ear The things you want to feel I'll give you anything To feel it comin' Do you wake up on your own And wonder where you are You live with all your faults Chorus: I"
  • Slide - Drugstore
    "So, goodbye I hope the place you're going to, is fine Every effort we'll put in to our lives That every single thing we do is right Something came over you Yeah, something came over me too Yeah, something"
  • Slide - The Dresden Dolls
    "A late April day and it's sunny outside And a red little girl's at the top of a slide And an an orange old man at the bottom Wants to take her for a ride As she slips and she tumbles the orange man"
  • Slide - Lisa Germano
    "If you saw me Like i see you Should I tell you? What if I do? I know it lives and does 'Cause I felt so yesterday But as I live and breathe It always Goes away If I saw you Like I see me Have to warn"
  • Slide - Dresden Dolls
    "A late april day and it's sunny outsideAnd a red little girl's at the top of a slideAnd an an orange old man at the bottomWants to take her for a rideAs she slips and she tumbles the orange man mumblesPennies"
  • Slide Away - Miley Cyrus
    "once upon a time it was paradise once upon a time I was paralyzed think I am gonna miss these harbor lights but it’s time to let it go once upon a time it was made for us woke up one day it had turned"
  • Slide Away - The Verve
    "So take your time I wonder if you're here just to use my mind Don't take it slow You know I've got a place to go You always do that Something I'm not sure of But just for today Let go and slide away I"
  • Born To Slide Away - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "We had our hippest time when it was unhip to be hip we've quit things when it was expensive to quit we did the right things when the time and place were wrong we've written a nice one but never released"
  • Slide Show - T.I.
    "Verse 1 (T.I.) Ey , when I think about all my time and all my struggle Through all my grindin' and all my troubles When I came up from nothin' , all I had was a hustle With a blindfold tryin' to find"
  • The Masterplan (Oasis) - Arid
    "Take the time to make some sense Of what you want to say And cast your words away upon the waves Sail them home with Acquiesce On a ship of hope today And as they land upon the shore Tell them not to"

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