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Obelyskkh - Mount Nysa

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Obelyskkh - Mount Nysa

  • MOUNT EVEREST - Dudek P56
    "ja chcę się poczuć jak na MOUNT EVEREScie i oddychać czystym co tam ja chcę się poczuć jak na MOUNT EVEREScie znowu nad tym wszystkim latam ja chcę się poczuć jak na MOUNT EVEREScie i oddychać czystym"
  • Mount Normal - Blues Traveler
    "I propose to climb Mount Normal My expedition needs supply And fortune smiles upon the fool Who gives at least a try And in the quest to take Mount Normal I've no Sherpa for a guide It's the kind of trek"
  • Temple Mount - Robert Grenier
    "Tie my shoelace And take me to the Temple Mount We'll pray for the world We'll pray for those we care about God said to man A Messiah I will send After some years had passed Jesus came up around the bend So"
  • Mount Washington - Beth Orton
    "Watching the sun coming up over Mount WashingtonForever testing your intentionWatching the sun going down over some distant townAnd why you sing you never could sayHate causes any question To do it to"
  • Mount Everest - Teenage Fanclub
    "In the highest mountain In the only fountain In the Russian river With you Heard a million singing For a new bell ringing Set a world in motion With you There's a new generation They've been sleeping"
  • Mount Marilyn - Tiamat
    "the threne my love that opens now in cattle blood of aery brow con that life's a dream not to affy as embodied matter love will die you twinkle still in argentine when i palmy dout the rapid din to force"
  • Holy Mount - Dub Incorporation
    "Appelle du renfort, la dub inc toutes cultures incorpore de l'est du sud au nord coute ce qu'on labore c'est la merde dehors pour ceux qui n'ont pas de passeport et c'est pour tous ces freres que je reviens"
  • From Mount Chorus - Joy Electric
    "How your end fate tells a story Like the ones we have lived out so poorly In a light of an unclear existense I've been swept to the side and been dismissed Fainting and friendless From Mount Chorus"
  • Moneyearnin' Mount Vernon - Heavy D & The Boyz
    "(Funky) --> James Brown (Money, money, money) --> The O'Jays (Funky) (Funky) (Money, money, money) (Funky) Get up, party people, listen to this rap Cause I'm about to go down and put my town on the"
  • Mount Shrink Wrap - Fifteen
    "I used to sell a lot of things CD's Records Tshirts and Magazines I used to sell a lot of things, patches and sticker So I could buy guitar strings I used to buy a lot of things Cigarettes, and coffee"
  • Eagle Mount Drive - Valencia
    "You think that you are so predictable I've got some news for you These words don't seem to leave my mind As easily as yours do Well I've go something inside that wont let me give up again So get up and"
  • The Temple Mount - Ester Drang
    "You're missin' the point of all I'm givin' You're missin' out on life worth livin' And I can't be shaken I'm still standing in the strong wind I'm pickin' up the pieces I'm fallin' down Get up so you"
  • Climbing Up Mount Everest - Cliff Richard
    "Out of time Out of luck Thought I was just dreamin Then I woke up You said it was over The end of the line I'm telling everybody I'm fine But I'm just Climbing up mount everest I swear it's like Crawling"
  • Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) - Beirut
    "And I know when time will pass by slow without my heart what can I do you're in the halls the bell gives way to a larger swell without my heart what can I do, oh wroclai and we grow fat on the charms"
  • To Mount And Rove - Borknagar
    "I came from the utter fields Carving shame on the tender shields On my path I wandered high Acknowledged beneath the sky The hate I carried, recalling why! I walked towards the rising Autumn And cursed"
  • Mount Vernon And Fairway-theme - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Miscellaneous Mount Vernon And Fairway-theme There was a mansion on a hill But deep in a secret kingdom Where a young prince lived He had four sisters and four brothers The prince had a special"
  • Mount Vernon And Fairway - Theme - The Beach Boys
    "There was a mansion on a hill But deep in a secret kingdom Where a young prince lived He had four sisters and four brothers The prince had a special bedroom on the ground floor With a window that looked"
  • See The Conqu'ror Mount In Triumph - Hymns
    "See the Conqu'ror mount in triumph,See the King in royal stateRiding on the clouds His chariotTo His heav'nly palace gate;Hark! The choirs of angel voicesJoyful hallelujahs sing,And the portals high are"
  • Stars (From The Mount Wilson Observatory) - David Crowder Band
    "You should see the stars tonight How they shimmer shine so bright Against the black they look so white Coming down from such a height To reach me now You reach me now You should see the moon in flight Cutting"
  • Nobody Knows Me (Mount Sims Old School Mix) - Madonna
    "No ones telling you how to live your life But it's a set up, until you're fed up Nobody knows me Nobody knows me Nobody knows me Like you know me Nobody knows me Nobody knows me Nobody knows me Like you"

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