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Oceana - Official Song Teaser Euro 2012 EPK

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Oceana - Official Song Teaser Euro 2012 EPK

  • Hymn Euro 2012 Ukraine - Euro 2012
  • Teaser - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "Know your place in life is where you want to be Don't let them tell you that you owe it all to me Keep on looking forward; no use in looking 'round Hold your head above the ground and they won't bring"
  • Winning Ground (The Official Song of UEFA Women's Euro 2013) - Eric Saade
    "Wanna stand on the edge Wanna feel that I'm here right now Yeah yeah Wanna scream from the top of my lungs Wanna show no doubt Yeah yeah I've been down for the count, I've been tasting the dirt too long Yeah"
  • Endless Summer - Oceana
    "Oceana - Endless Summer - Official Euro 2012 Song Endless summer, oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Endless summer, oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Movin' up Movin' down keep"
  • Oceana - The 3rd And The Mortal
    "Oceana in my heart Oceana carry with her all the lost dreams as a treasure hidden underneath her wings I went away to the outer hills where no trees can grow and no man live With my head held high I"
  • Oceana - April Wine
    "April Wine April Wine Oceana Written by: david henman Better take it slow Feel the shadows flow You've been watchin' her for oh so long And it shows Better take it slow Feel the shadows flow You've been"
  • Euro Trash - Dropkick Murphys
    "This Song Goes Out To All The Trendy, Spoiled Bastards Who Listen To Shitty Music! Euro Trash, go away, so so trendy, your pathetic. Euro Scumbag, champagne and caviar, techno bullshit, blarin from"
  • The Fields of Athenry (hymn irlandzkich kibiców na Euro 2012) - Pete St. John
    "By a lonely prison wall, I heard a young girl calling "Michael, they have taken you away, For you stole Trevelyan's corn, So the young might see the morn. Now a prison ship lies waiting in the bay." Low"
  • Teaser - Motley Crue
    "That woman's got a smile Puts you in a trance And just one look at her Makes you want to dance Those dark an rosy lips Only passify With just a hint of ruthlessness Sparkling in her eye She's a teaser,"
  • Teaser - Sacred Rite
    "She's got a lot on her mind, she's not wastin' time, she knows what she's gotta have Well, I can feel the fire in her desire, she knows I'm her kind of man So look out, baby, 'cause here we go, there ain't"
  • Teaser - Tommy Bolin
    "That woman's got a smile, puts you in a trance. And just one look at her, makes you wanna dance. Those dark and those red ruby lips, only a fool would pass them by. With just a hint of ruthlessness, sparklin'"
  • Mobscene The Official Song - Marilyn Manson
    ""mOBSCENE" "ladies and gentlemen" we are the things of shape to come your freedoms not free and dumb this depression is great the deformation age, they know my name waltzing to scum and base and married"
  • The Official Ironmen Rally Song - Guided By Voices
    "Bitter fish in crude oil sea You don't have to bother me You just have to join in on this song Crawling people on your knees Don't take this so seriously You just have to hum it all day long To dine alone To"
  • Boom (World Cup Official Song) - Anastacia
    "Complicated Understanding what you can achieve Under-rated The one to win One who believes If I go away Would you follow me To that special place of tranquility Where the.. River flows And the fields"
  • 2012 - Sunspot
    "The fault lies not within our stars, This is the whimper, that sounds the end. The fault lies not within our stars, This is the death rattle, of the condemned. I spent my life high on the notion, that"
  • 2012 - Ill Nino
    "We're coming back again This time to let you know I don't care where you've been 'Cause I'm all ears Ponte en mi lugar Tanto que tapar Dejame que estoy De tan mal umor You keep rushing the days To find"
  • 2012 - Burnt By The Sun
    ""...(the weapon was) a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame As bright as the thousand suns rose in all it's splendor... An iron thunderbolt, A"
    "ja nie patrze którą stroną spada moneta liczę banknot anie liczę ze mi spadnie sam idę se do banku a ty z rana na etat milion chwil, trochę dni, parę lat Ja licze euro Quarto, cinco… Odkąd już nie setki To"
  • Euro - Kabe
    "zarabiam po to żeby mordo wydawać sos zawijam to co przegrałeś tu przez cała noc jointy, mikrofon Alko z lodówki i euro ** niebieskich wciąż ** niebieskich wciąż zarabiam po to żeby mordo wydawać sos zawijam"
  • Official - Mafia K'1 Fry
    "REFRAIN (Lara) Mafia K'1 Fry official, official, official Mafia K'1 Fry official, official, official Un instinct de survie J'ai forc le destin Pas besoin Envie d'exister, envie d'exister Ton destin MC"

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