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Oceana brace

  • Oceana - The 3rd And The Mortal
    "Oceana in my heart Oceana carry with her all the lost dreams as a treasure hidden underneath her wings I went away to the outer hills where no trees can grow and no man live With my head held high I"
  • Oceana - April Wine
    "April Wine April Wine Oceana Written by: david henman Better take it slow Feel the shadows flow You've been watchin' her for oh so long And it shows Better take it slow Feel the shadows flow You've been"
  • Brace - Augustana
    "I could sit and cry I am never mad I am burning up I am broken up Brace yourself Brace yourself Come on play again Don't just stand and stare I keep calling you You keep taking in Brace yourself Brace"
  • Brace - Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti
    "Anime fiammeggianti attonite Squarciato il velo della cecit A mezzo cielo in vuoto Denso d'inganno figurativo Tra ci che hanno distrutto E ci che non gli toccher Appare la bellezza mai assillante n oziosa Languida"
  • Brace Yourself - Brides Of Destruction
    "You want love You fake love You take it for granted It slips through your fingers You're frightened and scared of Commitment resentment be honest it's alright It's right here for your eyes It goes fast"
  • Brace Yourself - Howie Day
    "so you think you can hold the world up by a string with all that you have and i would hold every part of you i could...hold - and i'm on... and i'm on again brace yourself with all that you have"
  • Brace Yourself - Dropping Daylight
    "Feels like my head is waking up, releasing from the bonds that locked me out. I didn't realize that compromise would leave me in a rut. It doesn't matter who's to blame when all of the victims lose their"
  • Brace Yourself - Les Savy Fav
    "Before I was a war, I was a sword. Before I was a tree, I was a seed. Before I was a cliff, I was a canyon. Before I was a feast, I was a famine. Before I was a day, I was a dawn. Before I was a prince,"
  • Brace Legs - Born Of Osiris
    "So distinct and out of reach Now we're laying awake We can't stop it now Don't beg for mercy Fight, we never stop March onto your death and bring your glory back Your blood will be shed Love we're"
  • While Oceana Sleeps - Sparta
    "It wakes me up and shakes my bones It makes me miss my friends You wasted days, I hung my head I wore these blinders So I'll hide from you You can hear the sound When walls break down You wasted my days Building"
  • Brace Your Face - Aloha
    "Who lives in a pinecone tangled in steel? Who talks to a pinecone alone? Hey hey hey hey Love letters and cell phones Filled up with dead codes to old homes Connect you to no one A message for no one Scroll"
  • King Of The Brace Face - Greg Cooper
    "Came the phone call from the optimist "I'll be just fine" But then the sickness, executioner Stle her life Not it's a halfway hours where loneliness And anger reside Butt he fairness counter tally Mounts"
  • Intro/Live & Direct/Brace 4 Impak - Da Beatminerz
    "(feat. Lord Tariq, Royce the 5-9) Dad-da Dad-da da-da Ma-ma Ma-ma-ma Ma-ma Ma-ma Word up, yaknowhaImsayin It's about to happen, Evil Dee in the area Said it's about to happen, said it's"
  • Everybody - Oceana
    "My girl Oceana Check out! Good times must to stay Bad times fade away That's the only way Smiles still's remedy That's good energy Put on the play That's no escape It's stake in my head Melody is jumping No"
  • Endless Summer - Oceana
    "Oceana - Endless Summer - Official Euro 2012 Song Endless summer, oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Endless summer, oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Movin' up Movin' down keep"
  • Cry Cry - Oceana
    "When she was a young girl She used to play with me I was her best friend We were inseparately We loved to ride our bikes Playin hide and seek Sneeking all the night Dancing in the street I look back at"
  • Say Sorry - Oceana
    "You don't change But that's just how you are You stay the same I should be used to it by now You say you want another try So I agreed to meet you You let me down so many times I'm stupid to believe ya So"
  • Pussycat On A Leash - Oceana
    "I wasn't gonna fake it Relationships are overrated I just wanna shake it Can any of you really take it Well you only have the goods The question ain't if I should Take a little Break a little Shake a"
  • Sunshine Every Day - Oceana
    "Babe, babe, babe Diamond days stay the __ No more trouble in your brains Lay on the ground Feeling free, living __ Endless summer Up on night, in the hit Making swim on the beach Take the swims, stepping"
  • Put Your Gun Down - Oceana
    "Standin' here, face to face feel the fear in this place too much blood has been shed we can't forgive,we can't forget why do we hurt each other? life could be so much better too hearts, one love many faces"

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