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Oh I wonder

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Oh I wonder

  • Wonder - Oval Opus
    "I kind of wonder, Every now and then. What you were doing, And how have you been? It's been so long, Oh so long. I kind of wonder, Just where we went wrong? I've almost forgotten, Your body next to"
  • Wonder - Nine Days
    "Hidden thoughts that lie within the apathy of my own goal and dreams I cry myself to sleep with all the insecurities of love and life itself This big old rock Has fallen smack in the middle of this road"
  • Wonder - Delirious?
    "Is it any wonder that my heart is on the line Is it any wonder that my words are out of time Is it any wonder that I miss you like your mine Oh sweet heart you've broken this sweet heart Oh sweet heart"
  • Wonder - Hillsong United
    "I should have been the guilty one But You took the blame for everything I should have been in exile But You became the door to freedom. I used to live in the darkness, Searching for a way of escape. Then"
  • Wonder - Superchic(k)
    "Dear diary I saw this guy at the show He was singing to me At least I think so All the world around me stopped when he said Hi He's the perfect guy His hair, his eyes, oh, I love his smile When he opened"
  • I Wonder - The Ronettes
    "Mama said before I'm grown I'll find somebody I can call my own So when the stars are shining bright I dream about the boy who's gonna hold me tight And I wonder, wonder who he'll be Oh I wonder, wonder"
  • I Wonder - Chris Isaak
    "When I was younger I believed, that dreams came true. Now I wonder. Cause' I've seen much more dark skies, than blue. Now I wonder. I keep on praying for a blue sky, I keep on searching through the rain. I"
  • I Wonder - Gotthard
    "I'm running out of love I'm loosing ground There's emptiness inside I'm on my way down And here I walk alone With no destination, or places to go You're always on my mind No wonder why We had the best"
  • I Wonder - Robert Cray
    "Am I long way from your heart, I wonder, Is this where love is, heartache starts, I wonder, I wonder if you ever think about me, And how good our old loving used to be, Sometimes, Sometimes I"
  • I wonder - Humble Pie
    "Sometimes I sit here in this chair And I wonder I said I wonder oh where can you be This dark and lonely night I wonder if you're holdin' I wonder if you're holdin' someone tight now I said I wonder Wanna"
  • I wonder - Vandross Luther
    "I stood in line at the corner storeAnd I heard these guys talk about this girlHey, who gives them love anytime they want ...huhThen they said your name and how you carry onYour chain of fools is so longI"
  • I Wonder - Luther Vandross
    "I Wonder Luther Vandross and Nat Adderley, Jr (album: ANY LOVE - 1988) I stood in line at the corner store And I heard these guys talk about this girl Hey, who gives them love anytime they want ...huh Then"
  • I Wonder - Silk
    "Ooo heya heya heya ooo (repeat4x) Sneaking in and out Every day, any place Getting it on Sometimes we're even bold enought To do it in your own home Now what the hell am I thinking 'bout I know damn well"
  • I Wonder - Jimmy Nail
    "Since youv'e been gone I've lived my life In dreams of used to be And I wonder if I'll ever love again? I don't know I'm gonna lock my heart today And throw away the key And I wonder if I'll ever love"
  • I wonder - Bobby Valentino
    "Sometimes I Wonder Is She Tha Girl For Me Shes Always Open There In My Time Of Need But I Wonder Does She Think Of Me Deep Down I Love Her And I Hope She Feels Tha Same For Me..For Me..For Me..For Me Sometimes"
  • I Wonder - Venke Knutson
    "There were times we used to share There were times we used to walk around All the joy that life would bring We could laught at anything But now I'm all alone... I wonder where you are I wonder how you"
  • I Wonder - Abba
    "This park and these houses, old streets I have walked Everything dear, will it be here One day when I am returning? My friends will get married, have children and homes It sounds so nice, well-planned"
  • I Wonder - Kellie Pickler
    "Sometimes I think about you Wonder if you're out there somewhere thinkin' 'bout me And would you even recognize the woman that your little girl has grown up to be Cause I look in the mirror and all I see"
  • I wonder - Blind Melon
    "All alone in the broadening skiesUnder the every night I will lieScratching claw and grip the railsEvery day my living hell"Oh God you know I've triedI know how hard I triedand oh I tried......Uh...."Hey"
  • I Wonder - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "Cruisin' downtown in your Camaro, REO Speedwagon on the stereo. It's kind of catchy, Kind of a virus, Cutting your hair like Billy Ray Cyrus. You're probably bummed, You probably cried, You're probably"

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