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Oh Marie, Oh Marie

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Oh Marie, Oh Marie

  • Oh Marie - Dean Martin
    "We` Marie, we` Marie Quanto sonno agiu perso per te Famme` durmi, una notte abbraciata cu te We` Marie, we` Marie Quanto sonno agiu perse per te Famme` durmi, we` Marie, we` Marie We` Marie, we` Marie"
  • Oh Marie - Louis Prima
    "Oh Marie! (Oh Marie)Oh Marie! (Oh Marie)In your arms I'm longin' to be (I'm longin' to be)Uhm, baby (Baby)Tell me you love me (Tell me you love me)Kiss me onceWhile the stars shine above me (Shine above"
  • Oh Marie - Jerry Vale
    "Here while the day is fading, Dear you I'm serenading, My love you've been evading, No wonder I am blue... Oh listen to my pleading, Your nearness I am needing, It's time that you were heeding, My offering"
  • Oh Marie - Sheryl Crow
    "Here she comes, she's all dressed up in daises Half the time, you'd swear that she is crazy Flowered drinks and low-cut dress That's the way I know her best She says she's lonely, how could she be? Every"
  • Oh Marie - Perry Como
    "Devo guardare fuori dalla finestra. Fammi affacciare, Maria che stai in mezzo alla strada ed tutto da vedere. Non trovo neanche u ora di pace, di notte faccio giorno e passo tutto il giorno sperando di"
  • Marie - Graham Bonney
    "Marie was soll ich tun ohne Marie mein Leben ist leer ohne Marie wenn sie nicht da wr dann wei ich ich mte sie finden oh Marie ich brauche ihr Lachen oh Marie ich brauche ihr Weinen oh Marie dein"
  • Marie - Johnny Hallyday
    "(Grald De Palmas) Oh Marie si tu savais Tout le mal que l'on me fais Oh Marie si je pouvais Dans tes bras nus me reposer vanouie mon innocence Tu tais pour moi ma dernire chance Peu peu tu disparais Malgr"
  • Marie - Ellegarden
    "Seventeen nights away she's leaving,'cause everything she found was fake.Oh, tell me why,I don't know why,Why does she have to leave?No one has told me she's ended up thereAll I can do, is to keep being"
  • Marie - Hosh
    "Laying awake tonight With silence next to me A matches glowing light Throwing a shadow I see Less than a second a noise And I know she's here I know I'll let her in 'Cause Marie said so... REFRAIN: Marie She's"
  • Marie - Charlie Landsborough
    "You brought me happiness When I had none Made me believe that I Could be someone Just like the sun you always shine for me What am I gonna do Now that I dont have you Marie You over looked the fuss that"
  • Marie - Bruce Springsteen
    "Marie, she comes to me in the twilight When the wind blows down across the river So cold, the fishermen cry She rapes me in a rage of rainbow violence Till my bare nerves, they sing Like the strings of"
  • Marie-Marie - Marlene Dietrich
    "Im Frhling sagt man, werd' ich frei sein, Marie, ich glaub fast nicht daran. Doch mal wird all mein Leid vorbei sein, oh, wie glcklich wr' ich dann. Ich denke oft an unseren Garten, mit all den Blumen"
  • Oh Maria - Mudcrutch
    "Oh Maria Hey Maria with your kind eyes, laugh through the day time. Night comes, she cries. I am just a rider on this rough road, driving some smoke up from old Mexico. Oh Maria, whiskey and rye."
  • Marie - Relax
    "Ja mei ja mei ja mei yeah - gestern steig i ins Auto nei und wia i grad so drin sitz kumm' die Polizei - oh oh des derf do net sei. Er fragt mi er fragt mi er fragt mi yeah sofort nach mei'm Fhrerschein. I"
  • Oh Maria - Sister Act
    "Hail holy Queen enthroned above, Oh Maria, Hail mother of Mercy and of Love, Oh Maria, Triumph all ye cherubim! Sing with us ye seraphim! Heaven and Earth, resound the hymn! Salve (salve), salve, salve"
  • Oh Maria - Fake Problems
    "I missed you, I barely hit you, but you could have gone to heaven today. When you fell down on that gravel, your father came rushing to your aid, and he said... Oh maria, oh maria. Are you okay? Is it"
  • Oh Maria - Sam Roberts
    "You could never compromise I could never satisfy you at all Always thought you had gentle eyes Then you've had me institutionalized (twice before) Before I was a young man Now look at me, I'm just younger"
  • Marie se Marie - Nana Mouskouri
    "Viens au pays, viens la noce Viens au mariage de Marie Les cloches volent Les oiseaux carillonnent Comme c'est en paradis Viens au pays, viens la noce Pour Marie c'est le plus beau jour L'tre rayonne"
  • Maria - Modern Talking
    "Oh Maria, oh Maria, oh Marie, oh, ah Oh when she speaks, this spanish words It's like a fire in my soul, and it hurts And when she moves, I cannot sleep I think I'm strong, but I know I'm so weak When"
  • Maria - Men At Work
    "Maria was born in the country She loved her homeland Maria was from a poor family For their girl they had greater plans Across the sea not yet twenty Sailed our Maria, a man to see Perhaps marry dreams"

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