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Okey fro.

  • Okey - Kudai
    "Okey, Aqui no te queda nada mas que hacer Lo s, ya no quieres perder tu tiempo Escóndete en el silencio, porque aqu no podrs volver Okey, ni con el viento lo intentes hacer Muy bien, solo pierdete en el"
  • Okey - Big Brovaz
    "Okey flawless: (HAHA) wrists - ok? car outside the bar - ok! Big bro blowing up!!! (HAHA) parties on tonight y'all OK now let me tell you what this song is all about Party people let me hear you scream"
  • To Fro - Mattafix
    "I had a thought of you Insolitude without rescue. Your Thoughts are in the pouring rain, And you feel the way ou did before i met you. Now I see the pain forcing you the blame, The only man that"
  • To Fro - Blues Traveler
    "Music & lyrics: john popper Don't give up, don't allow disaster Don't give up, don't you let her win Talking about a forever after Don't give up, don't you dare give in Don't give up, don't you dare give"
  • Yeah, okey - Sophie Zelmani
    "Darkness, if Im gonna spend All my time with you Youve got to be my friend If I wanna be all alone with you Ive got to feel your hand And whenever we see light outside Weve got to let it in And we must"
  • To & Fro - Catatonia
    "If you swing to and fro let your inhibitions go They're crippling and useless I'll be your enemy if that's what you want me to be Yeah that'll do nicely I know this world's got the measure of me And I"
  • Okey Cokey - Slade
    "We're gonna do some rock 'n' rollin' okey cokey You put your right arm in, your right arm out, In out, in out, shake it all about You do the okey cokey an' you turn around, that's what it's all about,"
  • Okey papa - The Kelly Family
    "Okey kids, its your world now I believe in you, so dont let me down Never doubt your powers, no not you She told me to do a super job So give us all you have Okey Papa, its our world now We believe"
  • Okey papa - Kelly Family
    "Okey kids, it's your world nowI believe in you, so don't let me downNever doubt your powers, no not youShe told me to do a super jobSo give us all you haveOkey Papa, it's our world nowWe believe in you,"
  • It's okey - The Game
    "Dre, I see dead people Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood-Blood-Blood The Yo, Dre Thought I was Dead West coast One blood Game I'm the Doctor's Advocate, nigga dre shot ya It Brought me back from the dead,"

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