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Ol of me jon legend

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Ol of me jon legend

  • Legend - House Of Pain
    "I walk through the valley of death 600 deep,waking up dead from the sleep Just like a diamond watch me shine,bright like the sun,make you want to pull a gun and buck 2 shots for the Peckerwood rockin'"
  • Legend - Tamyra Gray
    "I gotta say, I must admit never thought there would ever be someone to open my eyes When you feelThe taste of it swept me away Like a drug Intoxicating, captivating forces put me under a spell And I don't"
  • Legend - G-Eazy & Kehlani
    "Yeah I'm back drinking whiskey OZ on the beat, yeah (Aight, aight) Needed a reason to go off I think I found one (I think I found one!) Don't know what legend is until you been around one (been around"
  • Legend - Secret Sphere
    "Candlelight shades dance upon her glance, stands in loneliness, her mind to hope...forever, an angel without wings that's her destiny, she feels the emptyness killing her soul Rain, blood, storm and"
  • Legend - The Backstrokes
    "Verse These lights don't hold their endless call anymore, These nights don't feel so alone anymore, 'cause I'm here, eyes wide open at the end of a my'stery, Here, looking over, things I left in the"
  • Who's Jon - Now It S Overhead
    "Your god damned uncle changed you some when you were five more than once. Your near-sighted family toasting healthy alive. Nothing Else. Your burning southern shelter pushed you north to arrive"
  • Jon Doe - Nine
    "I make it on the humble, it's marvelous sippin fine wine and Champagne Smokin cannibis, poor folks don't understand this Helicopter rides, first class airline flights 50 pairs of Nike's, two gold mics a"
  • Jon - Miguel Bose
    "Jons en la ballena, no No puede ver el da De clamo y de pena, oh! Nutra su dolor Qu me cautiva? Qu me ahoga, amor? No quiero ser otro, no Ni prisoniero de engao Tiemblo y temblar no es vivir Si por amarte"
  • Legend (Extended Mix) - House Of Pain
    "I walk through the valley of death, 600 deep Waking up dead from the sleep Just like a diamond Watch me shine Bright like the sun Make you wanna pull a gun And buck 2 shots For the peckerwood rockin' Put"
  • The Legend Of The Rent - School Of Rock
    "*It starts off...a dark stage and then a beam of light, and you can see me and my guitar* In the end of time There was a man who knew the road And the writing, was written on the stone *And then a thin"
  • Ol' Dirty's Back - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "Intro: Ol Dirty Bastard Sup? Let's go. (Yo Snoop Dogg! Yo Dre! Yo Too $hort! E-40, and the motherfucking Click!) Nuff respect to the West coast. (Duhhn duhhn duhhn) Yo, Ol Dirty Bastard coming through Know"
  • Same Ol? - Mudvayne
    "Always just the same ol' thing Always just the same ol' thing Always just the same ol' thing I don't mind going hungry, it's the shit that you feed I don't mind being broken, lost my will to believe I"
  • Good Ol' - Jojo
    "Oh Posted in the front seat of my maybach No where to go Ready to do whatever's clever Put on a show Don't really matter, we can chop chop chop it up We can get it poppin even thump in the parkin lot Whatever"
  • Ol' lonesome - Danni Leigh
    "CHORUS Ol' lonesome ain't so lonesome anymore, Kicked ol' heartache, tears, and trouble cross the floor. Phones are ringin', lovebirds singin', Guys are beatin' down the door; Ol' lonesome ain't so lonesome"
  • Dirty Ol' Me - Shel Silverstein
    "Well I was sittin' up in my crane leftin' boulders in the rain Can't get promoted no matter what I do Ah when the forman he comes around and he yells up from the ground He says hold that load up there"
  • Ol' red - Blake Shelton
    "Well I caught my wife with another man And it cost me ninety nine On a prison farm in Georgia Close to the Florida line Well I'd been here for two long years I finally made the warden my friend And so"
  • Ol' English - The Game
    "(Chorus) Ol' English (la-lala-la-la-la-la) Ridin' by gettin' high Smokin' on that chronic drinkin' Ol' English Rags tied gangs signs Letters on my hat in Ol' English (la-lala-la-la-la-la) Drive by homicide R.I.P."
  • Ol' Lady - Plies
    "Ay man I heard a couple of niggas around here Who said they don't like me man And I got a couple niggas around here brah Who owe me a lil paper Niggas aint answering they phone no mo Imma tell you how"
  • Tell Ol - Bob Dylan
    "The river whispers in my ear I've hardly a penny to my name The heavens have never seemed so near All of my body glows with flame The tempest struggles in the air And to myself alone I sing It could sink"
  • Ol' Keeper - Anthony Hamilton
    "Talk Intro: I I can't just keep watching you all the time and everything, I mean hey. If you're were mine, maaan...you'd change your ways. Wouldn't be all that going out staying all night long, not letting"

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