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Old end young

  • Young Man, Old Man - The Black Crowes
    "Chorus: Young man crazy Old man wise Some folks real Some just jive Young man crazy Old man wise Sun stars earth Moon sky tides It's been tough, livin rough But you're here to stay Six feet under the"
  • As Old As You're Young - Gentle Giant
    "Look at the mirror over there, what do you see? Tell yourself a lie Are you as old as you seem? Feel something that you have to Being open, an innocent, wise only when. Age can mellow the haste New hopes,"
  • Gettin' Kinda Old(Being Young At Heart) - John Eddie
    "annette's doing time in baby jail she's flirting on line sending dirty e-mail her youth got wasted on tramps like us now what replaces kissing on the bus her band went gold mine fell apart it's getting"
  • Young Grow Old - Creed
    "He said he's falling to pieces Fighting the boy and the man Over his shoulder there was freedom But consciousness has tied his hands Embodied youth was his distinction Now inhibition's in demand So driven"
  • Young Son - Brand Nubian
    "young young son, yea, dont let me down young son, uh huh, am trusting you young son, uh, dont let me down young son, uh huh, am trusting you young son, young son, dont let be down young son, uh huh, am"
  • Young Conservatives - The Kinks
    "Have you heard the word? The revolution's over. Now the anger's disappeared And the rebels are much older. And the schools and universities Are turning out a brand new breed of young conservatives."
  • Forever Young - Tyketto
    "No sleeping She waits tables late Trying to stay tough Never ending However long she waits It's just not enough! He's sleeping late No work around Broken dreams come tumbling down He's been down"
  • Young Cleopatra - XTC
    "I see them offering you gum I hear the swarming schoolkids' hum A tribe of polyester warriors spellbound They bring you offerings to please Like cigarettes or new lp's You'll have them on their knees and"
  • Young World - Ricky Nelson
    "Well, I thought I was over you & that my heart was free I felt like those old memories had finally let me be So I picked up the phone to call a girl that I once knew But when she said hi, well girl, you"
  • Young - Lil Fizz
    "CHORUS-(Sean Kingston) There she go Sliding down a pole Got a young Ni**a lookin' like "Whoa" I lied about my age and I hope she doesn't know Cuz I'm luvin the way she roll And I wanna take her home But"
  • Young - Melanie Garside
    "i'm sure your mouth never looked like that when we were there monotone syllables dancing through the air i talk but no one hears my voice i know how it feels i have no choice please please free my mind"
  • Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) - Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
    "This old highway's getting longer Seems there ain't no end in sight To sleep would be best, but I just can't afford to rest I've got to ride in Pitsburg tomorrow night And the white line's getting"
  • Much Too Young (Too Feel This Damn Old) - Garth Brooks
    "This ol' highway's getting longer Seems there ain't no end in sight To sleep would be best but I just can't afford to rest I've got to ride in Denver tomorrow night I called the house but no one answered"
  • Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll; Too Young To Die - Jethro Tull
    "The old Rocker wore his hair too long, wore his trouser cuffs too tight. Unfashionable to the end --- drank his ale too light. Death's head belt buckle --- yesterday's dreams --- the transport caf' prophet"
  • Brittle End - Moe.
    "Seasons creeping sun growing cold feeling brittle and old White bark trees bending over in the snow It's natural I'm told When the thaw comes they stand straight and tall and their leaves die in the"
  • Losing end - Neil Young
    "I went into town to see youyesterdaybut you were not home.So I talked to some old friendsfor a whilebefore I wandered off alone.It's so hard for me nowBut I'll make it somehow,Though I know I'll never"
  • The Young & The Old - Madness
    "Whoa oh Staggering home everybody sings All the old songs the cockney routines All the old women, all the young men Try changing places then back again Old man in the morning, Young man at night Breakfast"
  • Dead End - Insane Clown Posse
    "(feat. Ice-T) The underworld watches in horror As this marks the day that 3 of America's most notorious outlaws Will be executed for their crimes Together the states of Michigan and California Will conduct"
  • Young Man, Old Soul - Spiritual Beggars
    "You've been down this road before Heard this story a thousand times or more With a cynical bitter stare You watch your life go bybye, bye A young man With an old soul Open your mind Don't close that"
  • Old and the young - Capleton
    "Chorus: I see the old and the young have to come Come forth come seeketh Jah Jah kingdom Watch the old and the young have to come Behold the knowledge and gain the wisdom Granny say she old but she no"

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