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  • Foals Neptune
    "now it’s time to go from the white wards of England where the crows line the rivers and roads I wanna walk where I know through the olive groves he sky that knows my name it gave me away the magnolia"
  • Trillium Shards
    "I tried moving with grace At the pinnacle of our failure But you were only saving face And after all of our mistakes And all the changes I'm still the same I thank God for all my strenght And now I'm"
  • Pet Shop Boys Thursday (ft. Example)
    "Would you love me Olive? I hear a dream Don’t say it’s over over over Come on, don’t fight it The time’s for the truth Don’t say it’s over over over I miss the meaning, Express the feeling It’s not over"
  • Karmin Acapella
    "Used to be a baby, used to be a lady Thought you were the perfect lover All the harmony went falling out of key, so Now you gotta find another Now you’re talking crazy saying that you made me Like I was"
  • Art Of Dying Dog is My Copilot
    "You could offer me patients or violence You could offer me blood or peace In a letter let me know when it's over Just keep it far away from me You could end him, you could let him go He's just a criminal"
  • Celine Dion It's For Living
    "Celine Dion C'est Pour Toi It's For Living C'est pour vivre Que le monde chante Dans la douleur ou dans la joie C'est pour vivre Que le monde invente Des chansons chaque pas It's for living That people"
  • Adelleda Double Base
    "Products of lust through incidental reproduction A group of kids stuffed, primed and fated for self-destruction Four or five years will get the job done Sometimes advancement comes with two or even none But"
  • A Girl A Gun A Ghost Pangolin Dreams
    "Staring through glasses with no lenses At a tree climbing the sky. Our father seems to have lost his senses As he stands before our burning home With an olive branch in one hand, the other holding circumstance; Evidence,"
  • Alice Donut Diet Cola Syringe
    "Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive Diet Cola Syringe Doctor please - Rolling up my sleeves. I got to got to Make it fit. Push it through my frontal lobe. A frozen smile - It's what i need. Diet cola syringe. Diet"
  • Alice Donut Diet Cola Syringe (1'59)
    "Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive Diet Cola Syringe (1'59) Doctor Please - rolling up my sleeves. I got to got to make it fit. Push it through my frontal lobe. A frozen smile - it's what I need. Diet Cola"
  • Al Jarreau Gloria In Excelsis
    "O blessed town Of Bethlehem Within thy gray Green shade Ringed round With Terraced vineyard And depth Of olive glade There on thy high Green pastures The shepherds Watch their sheep The low large moon Shines"
  • Wu-Tang Clan The Legacy
    "The Legacy, get your minds ready, get your rhymes ready And held a breath of life, resurrect the death of Christ What you got to sacrifice, I'm on some other shit Takeover the mothership, brothers get"
  • The Nightwatchman Lazarus on Down
    "I've been tearing And I've been torn The temple steps Are smooth and warm What Juda's been doing There ain't no knowing On the olive vines Something different is growing Lazarus on down Lazarus on down C'mon,"
  • System Of A Down Pizza Pie
    "The ball game's in the refridgerator, Doors close, Light's are out, Butter's getting hard! Want a splendid pie, Pizza-pizza pie, Every minute, every second, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. Want a splendid pie, Pizza-pizza"
  • Iron Wine Carousel
    "Almost home When I missed the bottom stair You were braiding your gray hair It had grown so long Since I'd been gone And the perfect girls, By the pool, they would protest The cross around their necks, But"
  • Kronos Until The End Of Time
    "My native land is now far away Over the seas and mountains Beyond the temples and olive groves In Persia, east of the Hellenic world There, where Zeus is no longer revered There, where men called me Griffin My"
  • Rise Against Gethsamane
    "It was the perfect night then you had to go and ruin it with a kiss now I'm trapped inside here the innocence we held once so carelessly has been suffocated in this breathless moment Believe in me and"
  • System Of A Down Chic'n'Stu
    "This ballgame's in the refrigerator, The door is closed, The lights are out, eggs are coolin', And the butter's getting hard. What a splendid pie, Pizza- pizza pie, Every minute, every second, Buy, buy,"
  • Halford Rob Handing out bullets
    "Cowards are unholy Parasites that hide Detonate the human bomb Hands are all awash in blood Carnage from the scriptures Slaughter of the lamb Break the neck of the white dove Run down by the tracks"
  • Sinik Rue des berg?res
    "1. Souviens-toi de cette poque l'amiti, la cour dcole, Abandonn au fond d'une classe se faire une place coup d'paule, Jeune et insouciant agit je l'ai niqu l'cole du parc, la conseillre, les conseils"

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