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Olivia - kiss me tłumacz

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Olivia - kiss me tłumacz

  • Olivia - Olivia Newton John
    "Why do I have to kill for you,When I should have known to stay away,Why was I there for you,I don't know how I lost my touch,I'll never believe that I could ever want somebodies love so much.Time can shake"
  • Olivia - One Direction
    "Remember the day when were giving up When you told me I didn't give you enough And all of your friends were saying I'd be leaving ya She's lying in bed with my t-shirt on Just thinking how I went about"
  • Olivia - Edie Brickell
    "Lights on the river bridge roll to the water's edge Filling the harbor with halos The night was cold and black when they were walking back He held her hand in the shadows My favorite There is so much"
  • Princess Olivia - Al Stewart
    "I never was one for talk I keep things to myself Let everyone ramble on When people get to reminiscing I'll always be the one to listen But now I need to find those missing words. I love Princess Olivia Can't"
  • Olivia oblivion - Kim Lian
    "Once upon a timea girl that used to hide insidecomic books and make believetook a rideit hasn't been the samesince lightning struck that planenow she's becomeolivia oblivionEvery day's a little more insanenow"
  • Olivia Debut Single - The Game
    "(50 cent and Olivia being interviewed) There's definitely gonna be a comparison To? Ashanti Olivia have you ever met Ashanti? No New York, Olivia walked in here so cocky cocky cocky (R&B singer) Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,"
  • Olivia i'm listening - Rockapella
    "Olivia, come over hereSomething's wrong, at least that much is clearDidn't we say we'd be honest with each other?I feel for you, but I can't read your mindYou say you don't want to talkYou just sip your"
  • Magic (Olivia Newton-John) - Olivia Newton-John
    "Come take my hand, you should know me, I've always been in your mind You know I will be kind, I'll be guiding you Building your dream has to start now, there's no other road to take You won't make a mistake,"
  • Winter Angel-Olivia Newton John - Olivia Newton-John
    "Melted into one by summer's heat Caught inside the eye, the storm was sweet We were lost in a sun dream, giving in to the warmth Falling back to earth with autumn's breeze Winter Angel, you're a gift"
  • Soul Kiss - Olivia Newton-John
    "Soul Kiss Olivia Newton-John (Mark Goldenberg) Soul kiss You left me dreaming Now I wonder are things just what they seem Well, I get down on my knees (and beg you, baby) Get down on my knees Soul"
  • Suspended In Time (Olivia Newton-John) - Olivia Newton-John
    "A child and a fool in one, so sure I could need no one My heart always on the run to nowhere Now as you're holding me, my heart is reminding me That now I could never be without you Chorus: But how can"
  • What Will I Do(Olivia Special - Olivia Newton-John
    "Meet you by surprise, didn't realize Let my love could change forever Saw you standing there I didn't know I can't There is something special in the end. Dreams are my reality The only kind of real fantasy In"
  • Soul kiss - Olivia Newton John
    "Soul kiss, you left me dreamin', now I want the things you Will I get down on my knees (and beg you baby), get down on my kneesSoul kiss, some night you get me wonderin', is this the way, this is a hungerWill"
  • Dancin' (Duet: Olivia Newton-John With The Tubes) - Olivia Newton-John
    "(Big Band:) Anybody blue, anybody needin' someone too Anyone feelin' cold, no one there, you can hold Don't wait to get old and gray, I'm gonna blow all the clouds away 'Cos there is nothing I would rather"
  • Suddenly (Duet: Olivia Newton-John With Cliff Richard) - Olivia Newton-John
    "She walks in, and I'm suddenly a hero, I'm taken in, my hopes begin to rise Look at me, can't you tell I'd be so thrilled to see the message in your eyes You make it seem I'm so close to my dream and then"
  • Kiss Kiss Kiss - Yoko Ono
    "Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me, love, Just one kiss, kiss will do. Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me, love, Just one kiss, kiss will do. Why death? Why life? Warm hearts? Cold darts? Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me, love, I'm"
  • Kiss Kiss Kiss - John Lennon & Yoko Ono
    "Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me love Just one kiss, kiss will do Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me love Just one kiss, kiss will do Why death? Why life? Warm hearts Cold darts Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me love I'm bleeding"
  • Kiss Kiss Kiss - John Lennon
    "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss me love, Just one kiss, kiss will do, Kiss, kiss kiss, kiss me love, Just one kiss, kiss will do, Why death, Why Life, Warm hearts, Cold darts, Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me love, I'm"
  • Kiss, kiss, kiss - Chumbawamba
    "Sometimes when I'm feeling lonely I just want some arms around me It doesn't matter how he walks It doesn't matter how he talks It doesn't matter if he's pretty It doesn't matter if he's ugly I just want"
  • Kiss - Kitade Nana
    "Mabuta wo tojite Iki wo totonoete Shiawase ni fureru Shunkan wo matsu no Yasashii kaze ni Tsutsumi komaretara Naki sou na sora mo Iro wo kaeru kara Hanareteite mo Itsumo Kanjitai Kokoro komete Anata ni"

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