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Olly Murs - Army Of Two

  • Army Of Two - Olly Murs
    "Yeah! Ah! I came. I saw. Tore down these walls. Blocked one way. I found another. You know you’ll always be discovered. If it's me, You choose. I can’t lose. I’m in love with you if you love me too. Yeah! Don’t"
  • Army Of Two - Dum Dums
    "Look into these eyes of mine and take away my pain Fall into my arms, tonight, let the world around us fade The rain will fall, our hearts will break But still I will be here beside you, right beside you... When"
  • Murs Day - Murs
    "(Intro) Whattup though? Murs, 9th Wonder Murray's Revenge! Y'all know what time it is Shut your fat.. nah Watch your mouth and lower your tone and keep your hand on that cell phone We back (Murs) Now"
  • Two Tone Army - Toasters
    "There's a new bug that's goin' around, Gonna blast shockwaves over your town Take your own system and knock it down, With a nineties beat on a fifties sound They're wearing bomber flights Combat boots, Skater"
  • Army Of Hardcore - Scooter
    "Start the war Cause we are on the floor It's never seen before Army of hardcore Start the war Cause we are on the floor It's never seen before Army of hardcore (Hardcore!) Start the war (Hey! Hey!) On"
  • Army Of Love - Jake
    "Oh--- VERSE ONE: Nothing to say, so far away Talking to you You say I can never understand What you've been through, oh--- (You can't go on) You can't go on like this anymore (That's what love is for)"
  • Army - Ellie Goulding
    "I know that I mess up But you never let me give up All the nights and the fights and the blood and all the break ups You're always there to call up I'm in pain, I'm a child, I'm afraid But, you understand Like"
  • Army - Ben Folds
    "Well I thought about the army Dad said, son you're fucking high And I thought, yeah there's a first for everything So I took my old man's advice Three sad semesters It was only fifteeen grand spent in"
  • Army - Ben Folds Five
    "Well i thought about the army dad said, son you're fucking high and i thought, yeah there's a first for everything so i took my old man's advice three sad semesters it was only fifteen grand spent in bed"
  • The Two - Murs & Slug
    "(Slug) I'm not a player I throw up a lot - "I know" The wicked walk amongst us and you don't know me that well Prolly shouldn't trust the story I tell I'm gonna speak it how I saw it because I call you"
  • Two-Tone Army - Bullgooseloony
    "hey boy looks like you found your new home subbin' your gun for a saxophone you see everything in black and white and it doesnt really matter whats wrong or whats right just get out your brass and play"
  • Army Of The Universe - Celesty
    "Viviathans: With the power and might We must fight till we die Protecting the man with the stones in his hand. The power of stones is your one chance to win. If they get them, then all will be lost. Amardon: I"
  • One Man Army - Spiritual Beggars
    "There is darkness all around me Or is it all within me? Plastic faces, they are melting They couldn't stand my heat One man army... (Out of control...) Phase two could be fatal No time for fear, next"
  • Murs - Iam
    "Je ne t'offre pas mon regard, t'es ma meilleure garantie C'est pas que je ne t'aime pas Dehors il y en a trop qui m'aiment pas Je t'ai pris bras droit, on m'a dit bats-toi C'est ce que j'ai fait dans ce"
  • Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida) - Olly Murs
    "You’re a Troublemaker You’re a Troublemaker You aint nothing but a You’re a troublemaker girl You had me hooked again From the minute you sat down The way you bite your lip Got my head spinnin’ around After"
  • Oh My Goodness - Olly Murs
    "Oh, my goodness, I can't hide it You just smiled when you walked by me Oh my goodness Warning signs that no one showed me Lost control, but please don't hold me back Gonna go for it, I hope you're ready"
  • Years & Years - Olly Murs
    "When I'm alone, in the dark And paint a picture inside my mind Of other things that I want But I never thought I would find And it blows my mind Because there you are by my side Maybe you know, maybe you"
  • Up (ft. Demi Lovato) - Olly Murs
    "I drew a broken heart Right on your window pane Waited for your reply Here in the pouring rain Just breathe against the glass Leave me some kind of sign I know the hurt won't pass Just tell me it's not"
  • Grow Up - Olly Murs
    "I thought about you the other day What the hell happened with you and me? Cause, I, I ain't no lovin' no more You ain't as cool as you used to be Closer to the mirror than you are to me I said, had to"
  • Right Place Right Time - Olly Murs
    "We got our eyes wide open and feeling like we are almost there. Words unspoken disappearing in the air And all I see is you and I You’re the only lifeline that I need tonight I’m letting go. So this is"

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