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Olly Murs- Years

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Olly Murs- Years

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Olly Murs- Years
  • Olly Murs Years & Years
    "When I'm alone, in the dark And paint a picture inside my mind Of other things that I want But I never thought I would find And it blows my mind Because there you are by my side Maybe you know, maybe you"
  • Iam Murs
    "Je ne t'offre pas mon regard, t'es ma meilleure garantie C'est pas que je ne t'aime pas Dehors il y en a trop qui m'aiment pas Je t'ai pris bras droit, on m'a dit bats-toi C'est ce que j'ai fait dans ce"
  • Murs Murs Day
    "(Intro) Whattup though? Murs, 9th Wonder Murray's Revenge! Y'all know what time it is Shut your fat.. nah Watch your mouth and lower your tone and keep your hand on that cell phone We back (Murs) Now"
  • Olly Murs Dance with Me Tonight
    "Ladies and Gentlemen we’ve got a special treat for tonight, I’m gonna call my friend Olly up here to sing to you ladies, Olly! Yeah! Let’s go man… My name is Olly nice to meet you can I tell you baby, Look"
  • Molodoi Cassons Les Murs
    "Le mur de Berlin est tomb Et on va pas le regretter Un mur d'argent l'a remplac Et il faudra bien le casser Car pour les jeunes de ta cit Y'a vraiment rien qui a chang Y'en a qui brlent de tout brler Dans"
  • Francis Cabrel Les Murs De Poussi?re
    "Il rvait d'une ville trangre Une ville de filles et de jeux Il voulait vivre d'autres manires Dans un autre milieu Il rvait sur son chemin de pierres "Je partirai demain, si je veux J'ai la force qu'il"
  • Barbara Mandrell Years
    "faded photographs the feelings all come back even now sometimes you feel so near and I still see your face like it was yeasterday it's strange how the days turned into years years of hanging on to"
  • And One Years
    "The sight of burnt out ruins makes me depressed fumes at the skyline I'm so impressed we can't avoid it all it's the place where nothing happends casualities of the evolution we're living in delusion we"
  • Nonpoint Years
    "Funny feeling my guts intuition doesn't know No bravery could convince you To more or less say no Your explanation hasn't gone over yet But I'll give you one more chance To open up and just let go"
  • Europe Years
    "are there years between us? have you seen me when I didn't see you? its so good to know that someone can love me as much as I think you do... do I love you? your a fool if you don't know or maybe i'm"
  • Murs Trevor An' Them
    "Now there's one in hood off Picko or some shit Through the years its been the center for alotta dumb shit Lemme tell you about this one trip to the store Where the early mornin' tints sometime 'round four I"
  • Murs Ease Back
    "(Murs) Aight... I'm the sickest with this microphone, nigga better learn it All them bitch industry niggaz you know I ain't concerned with See I move thousands hand to hand, even got an increasin # of"
  • Murs Dreamchasers
    "(Murs) I'm only 9, on the block Bailin to the liquor store with 2 dollars in my socks Say "cuz" when I talk, pants sag when I walk Bumpin KDAY, just discovered hip-hop I play Pop Warner and I love Transformers But"
  • Murs Got Damned?
    "{*vocal sample*} So many... so many, so many questions So many... so many, so many questions (Verse 1: MURS) One of a kind so there's nobody like me And I guess thats the reason that nobody likes me Or"
  • Murs Silly Girl
    "(Intro) You know what? Yeah the lil' lil' lil' stuff between your legs ain't gon' keep me And neither is you callin me every 5 minutes like you need to know what what I be doin I'm at where I'm at, and"
  • Murs Live My Life
    "(33 second intro) {*Troutman-esque sample says "Liiiiiive my liiife"*} (Murs) Born March '78, Feco and Carmone the Mid-City L.A. Okay Liquor was on the corner Basically raised on rap, found ways to adapt to"
  • Murs Morocco Mike
    "(Murs) Ay it's like, me and this nigga Eclipse been workin on this shit hella hard for hella days Y'know, knahmsayin? Been since like '95, both graduated and shit Shit changed a grip for me this year '95"
  • Murs And This Is For...
    "Damn time's done changed these thugs do what they like Some of them be your friends to try and find a new wife And still hit the block and slang rocks at night But you could be dead wrong with your pockets"
  • Murs The Saint
    "(unknown pop record scratched in to open) "Ready to BREAK, THE, ICE Feels like time is standing still..." {*gradually slows to a stop*} (Murs) Now this fool been on my ass for the past couple years Jumped"
  • Murs 8th Samurai
    "M.U.R.S a nigga known to rip a microphone Leave you enthrasted in the zone Much to advanced to clone Master of this urban rhyme science Combined my legendary alliance 9th wonder of the world right after"

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