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  • Only tears - Omd
    "Only tears are meant to fall only once and that is all and when you start to lose the fight and nothing else will make it right only hearts are meant to break and when you make that last mistake and everything"
  • All That Glitters - Omd
    "All that glitters Is not gold So don't believe What you've been told And take a chance of being strong Because they'll destroy you If you're wrong Only lovers act this way You see Only lovers are so cruel All"
  • Dreaming - Omd
    "If you were born in heaven girl I'd understand so well But ever since I've met you child You've made my life such hell With every day that passes I fall nearer to the ground It seems that I've been looking"
  • Silent Running - Omd
    "God only knows This isn't heaven The promises made He never kept them We're walking on air We're taking our time But God only knows His isn't reason or rhyme I've had this feeling I don't believe"
  • Silent Runnng - Omd
    "God only knows This isn't heaven The promises made He never kept them We're walking on air We're taking our time But God only knows His isn't reason or rhyme I've had this feeling I don't believe it It's"
  • Can i believe you - Omd
    "Into the night there's no more fightHe knows the difference between wrong and rightThis time was wrong now he's strongBecause the war went on so very longPush them asideShow them who's the manSo open wideAs"
  • Maria Gallante - Omd
    "Maria Gallante, is a dream come true, shs the only little girl that's stuck on you, Maria Gallante, a passion for sense, a fatal combination passed from hand to hand. Luxury and ecstasy, in harmony for"
  • The Romance Of The Telescope - Omd
    "See these arms that were broken How they held you so Never once did they fail you They won't let you go We're just waiting looking skyward As the days come down Someone promised there'd be answers If"
  • Romance Of The Telescope - Omd
    "See these arms that were broken, how they held you so. Never once did they fail you, they won't let you go. We're just waiting looking skyward as the days come down. Someone promised there'd be answers,"
  • 2nd Thought - Omd
    "And all the order in our lives Left some time ago Along the way We are the ones who never cry Like we don't care Today Me at home and you out there And on your way It's gone so far and now it seems It's"
  • All wrapped up - Omd
    "Stop going around With the girl that I love Shs already taken Shs all wrapped up It'll only end in tears Shll only break your heart If my fist doesn't get you Before she tears you apart Stop going places"
  • Electricity - Omd
    "Our one source of energy The ultimate discovery Electric blue for me Never more to be free Electricity Nuclear and HEP Carbon fuels from the sea Wasted electricity Our one source of energy Electricity"
  • The gospel of st jude - Omd
    "I have walked down this road you call love It is hard and its shallow stony ground I have built with these hands some great fortune But my heart still beats a hollow sound Oh yea, still now my tears remain"
  • Locomotion - Omd
    "Across every oceanFor the sake of locomotionBut I owuldn't have a notionHow to save my soulI walk down the sidewalkRun down the boardwalkStop and make small talkBut I can't say no to youI can't say no"
  • The More I See You - Omd
    "the more I see you the more I want you somehow this feeling just grows and grows with every sigh I become more mad about you more lost without you and so it goes can you imagine how much I love you the"
  • Almost - Omd
    "I'd travel oh so far To be where you are I'd travel there by car To be where you are But if I get there I'd find That I'd change my mind It happens all the time To a friend of mine Always making statements And"
  • Genetic Engineering - Omd
    "Efficiant, logical, effective, and practical. Using all resorces to the best of our ability. Changing, designing, adapting our mentalities. Improving our abilities for a better way of life. CHORUS: Babies."
  • Pandora's Box (It's A Long, Long Way) - Omd
    "Born in Kansas on an ordinary plain Ran to New York but ran away from fame Only seventeen when all your dreams come true But all you wanted was someone to undress you And all the stars you kissed could"
  • Promise - Omd
    "A change of mind has moved around Takes me back to when we met Forever moved a promise kept This all implies I don't believe how this would be for To be with you Watching your eyes I can see it in your"
  • Shame - Omd
    "If there's one thing I know Things are gonna change There's gonna be a different ending Though I'm not one to complain But there's never been a right time And we've never been too far But you're the only"

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