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Omen prodigy

  • Omen - Prodigy
    "It's an Omen Now! Now! The writing's on a wall It won't go away It's an Omen It's an Omen It's an Omen Now! The writing's on a wall It won't go away It's an Omen You just run out of automation Now! Now! Now! The"
  • Omen - The Prodigy
    "Its an OmenNow!Now!The writings on the wallIt wont go awayIts an OmenIts an OmenIts an OmenNow!The writings on the wallIt wont go awayIts an OmenYou just run on automationNow! Now!Now!The writings on the"
  • Prodigy - Burning The Masses
    "No specific schedule, Unexpected visit Taken out of your normal environment Rendered passive you cannot resist Taken aboard! Error in the interpretation of perceptions Stripped down and probed with no"
  • Omen - Kasia Lins
    "Tekst piosenki 'Omen' z albumu 'Omen' od Kasia Lins (premiera 27 października 2023r.)."
  • Omen - Nightrage
    "Every day, every hour, every moment. Why don't you say something? The surface politeness, these are the faults that can't be remedied. Is it joy or sorrow? Human beings are made to destroy each other. "
  • Omen - Lead Weight
    "Red Slayer think he slays Or the Slain think he's slain They know well the subtle ways I keep and pass...... Strong Gods pine for me Pine in vain the sacred Seven But thou, lover of good Find me and"
  • Omen - Bullet For My Valentine
    "Its in your head Its in your bones Its in your heart Its in your soul Pushing the limits possessed by the spirits You’re losing control of yourself Feel the resistance forget your existence In time you’ll"
  • Omen - Kaja Czulewicz
    "You can watch me stack mine all the way to the ceiling/ I don’t always get it legally, but I don’t ever get it stealing/ That’s for the government and the corporate criminal/ They see ya getting paper"
  • Omen - Norther
    "Remember you used to stand by my side But since you've been gone I've been lost inside I feel I've lost the light of my life It feels so empty and cold inside And tonight my head is filled with memories Broken"
  • Omen - Atrocity
    ""... When the divine portion began to fade away, and became diluted too often and too much with the mortal admixture, and the human nature got the upper hand, they then, being unable to bear their fortune,"
  • Omen - Negatyw
    "Czy znasz te wszystkie ciemne gry Którymi karmi nas świat? Nie muszę w tym wszystkim być Doceniam to co mam Niech inni robią to co muszą Ja robię to co chcę Czy wiesz na pewno dokąd iść? Czy serce bije"
  • Omen - Veason
    "za dużo myśli w głowie wszystkie w diament ubiorę siedzę w mroku na bombie zapisując alegorie czekam na znaku moment niech nam wskaże droge podążam twoim tropem z gwiazd zaplatając koronę czekam na"
  • Prodigy Lover - Weezer
    "something is different, something has changed you brought me your letters, theyre not the same Prodigy lover, play the keyboards drowning that music from me uncomprehending, Im stupefied cause I wrote"
  • Internal prodigy - Blink 182
    "Ignoring my mother,Dissing my father,Killing my brother,Fucking my sister,Ahh!(musical intermission)Ignoring my mother,Dissing my father,Killing my brother,Fucking my sister,Ignoring my mother,Dissing"
  • International prodigy - Blink 182
    "Ignoring my mother, Dissing my father, Killing my brother, Fucking my sister, Ahh! (musical intermission) Ignoring my mother, Dissing my father, Killing my brother, Fucking my sister, Ignoring"
  • Death Of The Prodigy Dancers - The Prodigy
    "Well this is where I kill the dancer Watch the MC kill the dancer Death of the Prodigy dancer Come on, come on Gonna take you with me Gonna kill you, gonna rock you Gonna move you, gonna groove you"
  • Omen Sore - Era
    "Are ameo Are omen sore Are doriu sore Legane diato Peru sero Legone dia mise Ameno diu soliva Ameu devono rera Devo carime Ario Peru sero Domi santo lione Ameno diu soliva Ameu devono rera Devo carime"
  • Amen Omen - Ben Harper
    "What started as a whisper, Slowly turned in to a scream. Searching for an answer Where the question is unseen. I don't know where you came from And I dont know where you've gone. Old friends become old"
  • Das Omen - Mysterious Art
    "You get eternity Tremendous extasy That's what you get from me You will call me when you fear It's just a simple deal That you won't even feel With blood you seal this easy and simple deal"
  • Das Omen - E Nomine
    "nigrae legiones, ferus imperator, sinus occultus, fatum terminatum, Das Omen imperio - imperio - impera fortuna crudelitas Du drehst Dich im schwarzen Licht Dein Schatten explodiert wie ein Vulkan Du bist"

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